Super Sunday: Supernatural Aliens

After I did Superhero Sundays and Supervillain Sundays, I did Supernatural Sundays, so here I have three aliens that have supernatural powers:

Wise Chargan

Planet Gurx is a world where knowledge is highly valued and collected, but sometimes forbidden knowledge has escaped the records and now only exists in the minds of those who call themselves “The Wise”. Chargan is one of the wisest Strondovarians in this sense, full of occult knowledge that is too dangerous to be made public. Chargan employs a small army of loyal subjects who infiltrate all sections of Strondovarian society and keep Chargan informed if any important “secret” information should be discovered. When that happens, everything in Chargan’s vast power is done to make sure that information is lost anew.

The project to create a New Gurx, a giant replacement planet for the tiny homeworld, is secretly being financed and led by the Wise. They have had their secret employees filling the interior of the planet with occult runes with meanings unknown even to those employees.
Universe: Blue

Dark Victor

Centuries ago, the planet Jinnar was ravaged by wizards who wanted to wrest control of the planet from the technology-based governments that had ruled for so long there. A long war resulted, which left that planet in ruins, but at least the wizards were wiped out. That is, save one. A single one of those wizard found terrible secret ways to cheat death. So now, as the only remaining survivor on either side, that one wizard can safely declare himself the Dark Victor of the war. But even having survived, the Dark Victor did have to leave Jinnar to find a better place to recover. The Victor now roams from planet to planet, haunting the cosmos as a magical alien ghost monster, occasionally attempting to take over some other nice species. It’s a good gig, but it also makes him a prime candidate to be hunted by Konwaag the Magic Hunter.
Universe: White


There was a time when otherworldly beings were present on the planet Dellwell and they were worshipped as gods. Though those beings seem to have left the world, their traces remain, but none more strong than Haphaff, who claims to be descended from those very beings. Essentially this makes Haphaff a demi-god, and his strength and durability seem to agree with that assessment. Though boisterous, Haphaff has not drawn too much attention to himself over the years, but there are elements working on the planet who would like to get their hands on him.

I didn’t mention it when I did the Dellwellians’ profile, but this is a species that was one I found among my notes from back in my youth. It was just two pages, one with a few Delwellian “superheroes”, and the other with the Dellwellian religion. Haphaff was the thing combining the two. I maybe thought it was clever that the species is hunched over normally, but this example of a more “bestial” Dellwellian stands upright, a reverse of how that might go with humans.
Universe: Orange

Super Sunday: Smoldor and Evil Toe


Smoldor is a magical creature made from a mass of burning coal. Created by an evil pollution-loving corporation to fight CommandOak and the Forest Force. Smoldor is a strong, but dim-witted guy, but his burning touch is a formidable threat (especially to enemies made of wood) so he can’t be written off entirely. Still, most of the time he just makes stupid remarks and gets belittled by his superiors. It’s possible Smoldor might not actually be such a bad guy, he may actually just not know any better.

Good old Smoldor is just me continuing to grow the Forest Force’s resemblance to the 1980s cartoon franchises I liked as a kid. Every good villain in those days had at least one idiotic henchman. I have not actually designed any of the evil corporate people that Smoldor works for yet, but we do know that occasionally he would work alongside Mr. Slime. Also worth noting: The Forest Force are living tree people. It is my (admittedly limited) understanding that coal can be made from wood. How did the evil corporation create a living coal person? The answer may be very dark.

Evil Toe

The wizard Mak Skyruiner was a terrorist known all over the world. He and his forces sowed chaos with numerous bombing attacks on the capital city of the island kingdom Islopia. The superhuman law enforcers of Islopia (including the Beam) tracked Mak down and, in a violent climactic showdown, seemingly destroyed the wizard once and for all.

But the wizard was not entirely destroyed. A single toe remained, and was not noticed by the good guys. Having transferred enough of his essence into that solitary digit to remain conscious, the wizard used what magic power he had remaining to develop a small mechanical body to keep himself mobile. While he may now be much, much less powerful than he was, he is still alive, and where there is life, there is the opportunity for this Evil Toe to rebuild himself. And, perhaps more importantly, to cause whatever mischief he can to make things harder for the good guys.

Super Sunday: Skask and Clettox


The underground kingdom of King Mederex tries for a medieval aesthetic, but they do have access to modern technology, especially the higher ups. The lizard people in the kingdom are rarely higher ups, but Skask was an exception, because his of his technological skills. Using his computer prowess, he helped to guide the forces of Mederex during the conflict now known as the Secret Factions War. But that war was not won by Mederex’s kingdom. When the Secret Government finally fought their way into the tunnels and Mederex himself prepared to surrender, several members of the king’s court took their own lives. None of that for Skask, though. Instead, he uploaded his consciousness into the powerful computer system he had spent years developing. When they found his body, they assumed he was dead, but he lives on as a sort of electro-ghost. With the right technology, he can project himself into the world as a hologram, but often he will remain hidden in the form of information. No longer loyal to the king he sees as a coward, Skask is out for his own desires. What those are, remains to be seen.

Holographic Lizard Man Ghost Hacker. I dunno.


The demon Clettox was left trapped on the Earth after some wizard summoned it her via a ritual, but was disappointed with the tiny demon he caught. Since then, Clettox has lived in the oceans, usually submerged, resting near the bottom, but when it gets hungry it will bob up to the surface and hunt down a meal, generally a human being. Moving quickly by skimming along the surface, Clettox can chase down a powerboat and devour those within in a matter of minutes.

I basically doodled this guy on the corner of a page to fill up space. I had no idea what to do with it, so it just sat there. Months later I had a dream in which someone had created 3-D computer models of some of my characters, including this guy, and he was depicted skimming across a water surface. Dreams are good enough for me.

Super Sunday: Wallfixers 6


Last week I finished up with the Efmon Family, so why not go back to the other buffer I was doing this year for this week? You can’t stop me. These are the Order of Wallfixers are the good guy space wizards.


There is an awful lot of freedom for those alien wizards in the Wallfixers. Once a being with suitable power is trained in the use of their power and they swear to use them to protect the multiverse, they’re free to go (To date nobody has sworn that oath and then gone on to break it by acting in their own self interests. After all, their training shows them pretty clearly what goes wrong when multiversal forces are monkeyed with, and it isn’t pretty). Some Wallfixers settle down somewhere they think they can do good works, others travel the multiverse looking for any trouble that may crop up. JuAb is more into preventative measures. Rather than patching up dimensional tears after they’ve happened, JuAb investigates evil types who have the technological knowhow to pierce universal barriers and, if it seems like they’re up to know good, JuAb will make its presence known. And JuAb isn’t diplomatic about it either. JuAb doesn’t offer warnings, JuAb hits them like a one-reptilebirdthing SWAT Team.


Nyrveek is one of the elder generation of Wallfixers. She is very powerful and has located and, in her long years of service trained many younger members. But even an old alien wizard like she does not know the secrets of the founding of the Order of Wallfixers. As she gets older (several centuries old by human standards), she sees the multiverse around her in generally good shape (and her students are keeping an eye on it), so she has decided to look into the questions of the origins of her group. She now spends most of her time visiting the oldest alien laboratories and libraries looking for any clue to where the group originated.

Super Sunday: Efmons 6


And now for my final look into the Efmon family, the bad guy clan I’ve crafted over Supernatural Sunday year. They’re monsterpeople who like their dark master Thalamaya and don’t like anybody who doesn’t like their dark master.

Kriduh Efmon

Kriduh’s skill as a fighter got her through the War alive. Now she teaches the younger generations to also become skilled fighters, so that they might hopefully survive the battles yet to come. This is not an easy task. The nature of the family’s Mutation Ritual means that every child who comes of age will receive a unique form with abilities different from everyone else’s. That means that if some kid winds up in the form of an electric tentacle man, she needs to be able to tell him the best way to utilize that. Still, it needs to be done, so Kriduh keeps up with her own studies, often learning what she needs to know from the libraries of those worlds conquered by her kin.

Bernuck Efmon

Bernuck is the Efmon family’s dopey idiot. Out of all his siblings and cousins and other relations, Bernuck has the dubious honor of being the stupidest. He tries to fit in with his mystical warrior brethren, but he’d honestly rather not bother. If other planets in other universes don’t want to worship Thalamaya, why should he care? It’d be a treasonous thought if anyone bothered to listen to it. But they don’t. Instead, the Efmons try to make use of their big idiot by having him man an satellite outpost orbiting one of their conquered worlds. There, he is supposed to be monitoring lest enemies show up. Instead he sleeps a lot and watches movies. Nobody knows it, but this is the weakest point in the entire Efmon family’s operation multi-dimensional operation.