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The PDRCast
Our inaugural attempt at a podcast series, here Mike is joined by a special guest each episode and the two each speak about a piece of media or culture that they find interesting in some way.

  • Episode One (2019-05-27): PDR talks about the Wire and Mike talks about Rage 2. For related reading, here is an article about Game of Thrones that we touch upon.
  • Episode Two (2019-09-22): PDR talks about Marge Simpson in Playboy and Mike talks about Beat Saber. For related reading, here is the article from which PDR learned about his topic.
  • Episode Three (2019-10-19): Mike talks about the video games Marvel’s Spider-Man and Control and PDR talks about the comics character Nelvanna of the Northern Lights.
  • Episode Four (2019-11-19): It’s an all video-game episode as Mike talks about the video games Control again and PDR talks about Quest for Glory.
  • Episode Five (2020-01-12): Mike does a Top Five Games Thing for 2019 and PDR muses on the song The Weight by the band The Band.

PDR Might Not Make It Through This One
This is a mini-podcast of PDR, alone, rambling about his mortality for an unfairly short amount of time.