Planet Gurx: The Strondovarian Body Plan (pt 2)

Picking up where we left off last time, let’s take a look at (simplified PDR-style drawings of) what it looks like inside Nibnassin, our Strondovarian volunteer.

The Strondovarian Body Plan, Inner Workings

Strondovarians don’t have skeletons. Their bodies are supported purely by a system of sinew and muscle. The gravity of planet Gurx is less than that or Earth, so they can support a denser mass of muscle than Earth-bound beings. Their legs are an especially complex system, but I’ll have to give them their own post sometime.

Here we see the three-sectioned Strondo brain, as well as their eyes. Note that the sclera of the eyes is usually darker than this, but it’s been lightened so that we can make out the pupils.

The breathhole on the back of the Strondo head is connected to two lungs, one on each side of the Strondo’s brain. Around the entry of the breathhole is a sense organ the main purpose of which is to test the temperature of the air, but which also does pick up a bit of audio input (Strondo hearing is not as strong as human hearing). There are four hearts to pump blood through the Strondo body, two of which are directly connected to the lungs. The reproductive organ is positioned between the legs and can expand through an orifice to exchange genetic information with a partner, or it can take in genetic information from a partner and use it to create new life, which is gestated inside for a time before being born live, though significantly smaller than a human newborn.

The top of this group of organs is one which we can call a tongue, but which is actually much more complex than that. It, like the legs mentioned above, will merit its own post, but in brief it is involved in eating, hearing, speaking, and smelling. Below the tongue, right behind the mouth opening, is a cavity in which food is kept and picked apart by the tongue, to be dropped into the stomach, which is that acidic organ below the mouth cavity. The stomach essentially works like that of humans, and leads into a short digestive track that pumps the good stuff back into the body via the lower hearts and pumps the bad stuff out through the tube in the rear.

Here we see as many of those organs as we’ve covered thus far. There are other small organs in there as well, but this is getting long again, so we’ll not worry about them right now.

But before we wrap up for today, we should note that even without a skeleton, the Strondos do have some hardened plates held in place by their musculature that have developed to protect the vital organs from the front. From behind, these organs are already protected by the dense musculature. None of these plates are as strong as the human skull, but combined with the leathery skin of a Strondo, they do alright.

Planet Gurx: The Strondovarian Body Plan (pt 1)

A few years back I did a couple years of “Alien Sundays” where I would introduce ideas for alien species. Eventually those posts had to wind down, but just because I haven’t posted about them in a long time doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped thinking about my aliens. I do an awful lot of worldbuilding that I don’t tend to put on my site because I hope to use it in stories, but then I never get around to writing those stories.

Over the past few months Youtube has been suggesting an increasing number of speculative biology videos to me. I love that sort of thing, so the algorithm is correct to suggest them to me, but more importantly, it occurs to me that if there are so many videos on the topic, there may be some audience out there who may have a hunger for the kinds of ideas I’ve been working on. The problem is that those videos are done by smart people who have done actual scientifically valid calculations and thoughts of how their imagined lifeforms would evolve. I didn’t do that.

For example, my Strondovarians: I had the species name in some notes for a story idea. I also had a sketch of an alien with weird legs and four arms that I doodled once. When I felt like working on it, I decided that that alien sketch could be a Strondovarian. It was only then I started fleshing out their world. I did it utterly backwards compared to the speculative biology folks I enjoy so much. But y’know what? That’s fine. My universe is already one in which magic and monsters exist, so it was never scientifically accurate. I can just have my fun.

So I’ve decided I’m going to first go public with my notes relating to the planet Gurx, home of the aforementioned Strondovarians (Strondos for short). I figure I have enough in my notes to do a weekly post for a year, so it’ll be just like old times, only moreso!

The Strondovarian Body Plan

This is Nibnassin, a fairly typical Strondovarian. In the hopes of making it into medical history books, Nibnassin has volunteered to be scanned by various medical devices for the benefit of students. Thankfully this means I can teach you some of the basics of the Strondovarian body plan (bearing in mind that PDR’s drawing style is oversimplified and cartoony).

Here we have Nibnassin without their clothing and tattoo. Don’t feel embarrassed for our volunteer Strondo, though, because the Gurxian monoculture holds no taboos about nudity. This allows us to see the main bits of a Strondo. Two eyes and a mouth in a layout that humans would be familiar with, and an orifice between the legs involved in reproduction, again in a place that humans would recognize. Light fuzz on the top and back that can occasionally grow long. It is, of course, worth noticing that the Strondos have four arms in addition to their two legs.

Here we have Nibnassin from behind. On his head there is his breathhole. The Strondo mouth is not connected to the respiratory system, all oxygen is taken in through this orifice. Down in what humans would call the butt region we have what looks like a little tail, but is actually a tube with a hole that is the end of the Strondo digestive system. They expel their waste through there.

Well, I’d hoped I could be getting into the inside parts of a Strondo in this post, but it’s already much too long, so we can do that next week.

Super Sunday: A Random Assortment of Aliens

Hey, we’re nearing the end of this year, and I think we can finally stop doing new alien species every week. So today I’ll throw everything I have left at the Super Sunday. It’s some new species, some revisited old species, and even some Superfluous Sunday expansion of detail for existing characters. I’m just going to burn through the remaining alien character sketches that I haven’t used and that will be that.

A Random Assortment of Aliens


Nuffn is a Hk’Lennsr, from a strange dimension of different physical characteristics. Nuffin’s progenitors were killed in an accident and now Nuffn devotes all their time to preventing other such accidents from occurring. It’s a noble cause, but Nuffn’s friends are getting sick of hearing about it.
Universe: N/A


Glpbb is a Pllvm who was once insulted by Little Choy. After that incident, he did not have the nerve to go back to school and instead got a job at an advertising company on a colony world. Maybe his life is better? It’s different at least.
Universe: Green

Planet Sleck

Sleck is and entire planet. Or, at least, the primordial ooze that has come to live on this world, which has gained intelligence and a strong hive-mind capability. So while it may just be slime or gunk, it covers the entire surface of its planet with one mind. It knows how to manipulate its weather to take in sunlight when it needs it, and obscure it when it doesn’t. It has yet to encounter any life beyond itself, but it is smart and might be able to find a way to communicate if it ever did.
Universe: Grey


Perritayn is a Strondovarian who works on the species’s most enormous undertaking, the creation of a new planet. Perritayn’s job is somewhere between security guard and exterminator, being to prevent the spread of unwanted lifeforms on the artificial world.
Universe: Blue


Lartopo is the sidekick of the Universe Wizard called Goolo. Lartopo doesn’t have any magical powers, but is pretty good at dealing with people, which is helpful in the quest to repair the damage done by evil Universe Wizards, since a lot of planets are now very untrustworthy of magic in general. Lartopo considers Goolo a good friend, but apart from that is along for the quest just for the fun of it.
Universe: Brown

Thul General

Given no name as we would understand it, the Thul General is merely a general in the Thul army. The Thul army is that which serves the powerful cosmic entity known as Thul’Hamaya (the same being the Efmon family worships as Thalamaya). As is typical of such beings, the Thul General hates any beings that don’t worship Thul’Hamaya and wants their complete destruction. Leading an army of thousands, the General prepares from the next war, in whichever universe that may take place.
Universe: Beyond Local Multiverse


The cosmically-powered tyrant called Oppressar is the powerful ruler of the Bronze Zone and cares about little else than making sure those beneath him suffer tremendously. He has vast armies serving his every whim (including the human Dr. Zarkad), but he is not unopposed in his rule, however. His former servant Bludgeonak leads a resistance force. Oppressar doesn’t mind the opposition, though, as it gives him an excuse to engage in ever more cruel methods of oppression.
Universe: The Bronze Zone


Buttsy is a member of a species whose name we can’t pronounce because it requires two mouths. Buttsy works for the Space Alliance of Piano Repairers, but is actually a double agent trying to bring them down from the inside.
Universe: Bronze

And I think that’s enough for today. Expanding my fictional multiverse by exploring alien species has been fun for me, but I think now that I’ve got so much breadth to work in, it is time to start filling things in. Aliens will turn up again, of course, but from now on, let us check out some smaller-scale ideas.

Super Sunday: The Cosmic Monster Hunters

What could be more appropriate for the Halloween season than a team of monster hunters? Well, here’s one of those:

The Cosmic Monster Hunters

Monsters and ghosts are not confined to the planet Earth by any means. Luckily, there is a team of aliens working together to fend them off:


A member of the species known as the Rootfolk, Windwatcher is the leader of this team of monster hunters. Windwatcher was given their name after claiming to see spirits as a youth. While nobody ever believed Windwatcher’s claims, Windwatcher continued to see invisible things, but kept it a secret. After serving in the war against the Strondovarians and the Omnivoroids, Windwatcher noted an increase in the amount of angry ghosts causing problems for the living. After trying to convince the other Rootfolk of the problem, and again not being believed, Windwatcher went off alone into the cosmos to form a team that could do something about supernatural threats.


Being a Strondovarian, Kartiss would normally be an enemy of Rootfolk, but Kartiss has no loyalty to any species’s petty politics. Kartiss is only concerned with the destruction of monsters. Born and raised on a space station near the construction site of the artificial planet New Gurx, Kartiss was the sole survivor of an invasion of monstrous beings from beyond reality. Kartiss would have died when the space station self-destructed, but was saved by Windwatcher, who had arrived to investigate the mystical energies present. The two are now loyal friends devoted to supernatural investigation.


Josgann is a mysterious being, the origin of which even its teammates do not know. What is known is that Josgann is extremely capable of detecting the supernatural. It is said that Josgann can detect a ghost manifesting on a planet light years away. The team suspects that Josgann may be a demonic entity similar to many of the monsters they fight, but aligned to their cause of destroying the bad ones. Josgann has offered nothing contrary to this, simply stating that it is here because it is needed.


Dooori is the member of the team who facilitates communication between the species that make up the team, being able to communicate with any of the individual members, and relay messages to others. Dooori is also the team’s exorcist, capable of drawing on some higher power to expel evil spirits from the physical plane. Dooori’s also preaches a system of religious beliefs that none of the others are all that interested in, but they can’t deny the results.

Roger Lincoln

A member of a family of Earthlings that are hunted by demons and monsters and therefore have devoted themselves to the hunting of demons and monsters as a survival tactic, Roger was banished from his homeworld by a sorcerer. It was mostly dumb luck that helped Roger meet with this crew of monster hunters, but it has worked out well for all involved. Though Roger does think of returning to Earth, there’s no rush, because he’s doing good work hunting for monsters out in space and making monsters fear the Lincoln family on entirely new worlds.

(Roger is related to Natalie and Claire, and his brother Reg was killed in a SecGov storyline.)

Super Sunday: Supernatural Aliens

After I did Superhero Sundays and Supervillain Sundays, I did Supernatural Sundays, so here I have three aliens that have supernatural powers:

Wise Chargan

Planet Gurx is a world where knowledge is highly valued and collected, but sometimes forbidden knowledge has escaped the records and now only exists in the minds of those who call themselves “The Wise”. Chargan is one of the wisest Strondovarians in this sense, full of occult knowledge that is too dangerous to be made public. Chargan employs a small army of loyal subjects who infiltrate all sections of Strondovarian society and keep Chargan informed if any important “secret” information should be discovered. When that happens, everything in Chargan’s vast power is done to make sure that information is lost anew.

The project to create a New Gurx, a giant replacement planet for the tiny homeworld, is secretly being financed and led by the Wise. They have had their secret employees filling the interior of the planet with occult runes with meanings unknown even to those employees.
Universe: Blue

Dark Victor

Centuries ago, the planet Jinnar was ravaged by wizards who wanted to wrest control of the planet from the technology-based governments that had ruled for so long there. A long war resulted, which left that planet in ruins, but at least the wizards were wiped out. That is, save one. A single one of those wizard found terrible secret ways to cheat death. So now, as the only remaining survivor on either side, that one wizard can safely declare himself the Dark Victor of the war. But even having survived, the Dark Victor did have to leave Jinnar to find a better place to recover. The Victor now roams from planet to planet, haunting the cosmos as a magical alien ghost monster, occasionally attempting to take over some other nice species. It’s a good gig, but it also makes him a prime candidate to be hunted by Konwaag the Magic Hunter.
Universe: White


There was a time when otherworldly beings were present on the planet Dellwell and they were worshipped as gods. Though those beings seem to have left the world, their traces remain, but none more strong than Haphaff, who claims to be descended from those very beings. Essentially this makes Haphaff a demi-god, and his strength and durability seem to agree with that assessment. Though boisterous, Haphaff has not drawn too much attention to himself over the years, but there are elements working on the planet who would like to get their hands on him.

I didn’t mention it when I did the Dellwellians’ profile, but this is a species that was one I found among my notes from back in my youth. It was just two pages, one with a few Delwellian “superheroes”, and the other with the Dellwellian religion. Haphaff was the thing combining the two. I maybe thought it was clever that the species is hunched over normally, but this example of a more “bestial” Dellwellian stands upright, a reverse of how that might go with humans.
Universe: Orange