Super Sunday: Doviderans


The planet Bo Dovi Exxus is home to a species that call themselves the Doviderans. These people have evolved to live in an environment of dense plant-life that we would liken to a thorn bush. Doviderans have four limbs, all of which can be used for locomotion or for manipulation. They are also have a vertical symmetricity that allows them to change their orientation while climbing without ever being “upside down.”

In their youth, every Dovideran is given a pet, a creature called a Mome Doriinty that resembles a cross between a pig and a squirrel. The young Dovideran is meant to care for this pet and thus learn all they need to know about life. Nik Po Tori learned early about death. When his pet died, Nik Po became shamed. Even though the death was no fault of his own, the superstitions of the world have people convinced that one whose Mome Doriinty dies will never be able to adjust to the pressures of life. In spite of this stigma, and motivated by the death of the beloved animal, Nik Po has dedicated his life to preventing death where possible. Fighting against the opinions of others, Nik Po has studied the medical arts and is trying to become the worlds most proficient designer of new and useful medical techniques.

Eab Mo Bofix is a judge. It is his job to investigate crimes, locate the criminals, and dole out judgement. With a team of about a dozen assistants, Eab Mo holds his offices in one of the largest populated areas in the northern hemisphere. During his career, he has solved robberies, caught murderers, and exposed swindlers. He has recently been on the trail of a serial arsonist, and he is going to be disappointed to learn that the culprit is, in fact, one of his own assistants.

In spite of their ease at climbing, most Doviderans make their homes on the ground in dug-out holes covered with slabs of stone. Maug Ep Arb is an exception, living in a hanging structure high above a river. Maug Ep works as a water desalination plant, an esteemed occupation on this world, and has been so successful that her certain eccentricities have been accepted. Still, people talk behind her back about how crazy she is, though Maug Ep likes being thought of as a “weirdo” and cultivates the image.

A Fact About Doviderans: The spoken language of the Doviderans is extremely complex and spoken very quickly. As a result, the part of their brain that deals with aural language is extremely advanced. They can concoct codes and ciphers nearly on a whim, and many play code games as a pastime. Poetry is another popular entertainment for them. All the languages that arose on the world in the olden days have now blended together into a single tongue that contains all of them. For Doviderans, picking up other languages is extremely easy. Though they have not yet ventured off their homeworld, they have detected life on other planets and begun communicating with them. They have also developed extreme xenophobic hatred of a couple of species they have learned have no spoken language at all. Again, it’s a good thing they haven’t left the planet.

Universe: Brown

Super Sunday: The Laogrup

The Laogrup

The planet Shekko Laotance is a world packed with extremely tall tree-like plants, their canopy covering almost the entire landmass, very little light makes it to the ground beneath them. But life thrives even there in the darkness, including the Laogrup, a bipedal species with four hands and a shell on their heads. The Laogrup do have small photosensory organs on their hands, they have no other eyes and do not rely on sight almost at all, instead perceiving the world largely through sound and smell. In human measurements, they stand roughly a metre tall. A large part of their diet is made up of meals cooked out of various forms of a moss-like growth abundant at the bottoms of the large trees. Laogrup tribes, generally democratic in nature, dot the dark surface of the world. In some places they live in rocky caves, but mostly they build homes out of stone.

Muppley Treg is a member of a tribe that is in near-constant warfare with another tribe. The territories of the two groups are separated by the downed remains of a few of the massive trees that fell many generations ago. Muppley Treg is a scent-marker, a job that entails rubbing spit onto various landmarks so that those who pass by can tell what tribe owns them. This is dangerous work, it keeps Muppley Treg on the outskirts of the tribe’s territory, but it also gives them high status in the community.

Gibit Gri is a prisoner in the planet’s largest prison, known by a name that would translate as “The Place of Unheard Shouting”. This prison, which is jointly used by several tribes, could be described as an oubliette city, with its one entry point highly guarded and no other means of escape. Gibit Gri and all other prisoners are their for life, and the only way for them to survive is to form tribes and act as though civilized. Gibit Gri’s role in this is to examine newly arrived prisoners to see if they seem mentally stable. If not, they must be killed.

Kednar Gets lives with a tribe on an isolated peninsula. Theirs is one of the few places on the planet where a view of the sky would be possible along the horizon, if they had the means to see it. The tribe, being near the sea, has access to sand, which other tribes do not. They like to ritualistically bury things, and Kednar Gets in particular buries tools for later use, with the superstitious belief that they will be more effective.

A Fact About the Laogrup: The Laogrup expel their waste through a sphincter on the top of their heads. To do so, they lean over so that they are almost upside down, then fire the liquid waste several feet away from their bodies. Usually, they will try to aim for a river or stream that has been designated for such a purpose. It is considered a source of some humor to talk of spraying waste on enemies instead.

Universe: Indigo

Super Sunday: Ixkruns


The Ixkruns are a small lizardlike species native to the planet Szunkring. While the technologically advanced Szunkruns would be seen as the dominant species of that world, communication between the Szunkruns and the Ixkruns makes it clear that they are each intelligent beings. The Ixkruns are content to coexist with their planetary brethren, but the Szunkruns don’t care enough to even think about it. If something makes a profit, that’s what the Szunkruns value. Unfortunately, that means that the jungle homes of the Ixkrun have been invaded by Szunkruns seeking resources for short-term gains. Mux is an Ixkrun.

Vep lives a peaceful life in the dense jungle of one of the planet’s remotest islands. This is the ideal existence that all Ixkruns wish they could have. Vep has no sense of the troubles that other Ixkruns over the world are facing, and no idea that they could eventually reach even that little island paradise.

Har lost his home when the jungle he was born in was demolished by a Szunkrun rich person who wanted more warehouse space. Now Har is an “Urban Ixkrun”, trying to eke out a living in the unnatural environment. Often, those in this situation have to resort to stealing, and Har is no exception, having to live one step ahead of the security robots just to survive.

Dop could be called a traitor. While most Ixkruns are happy to spend their days in the wilderness, Dop wants power, and gets it by working with the Szunkrun Council of Bosses. Nobody thinks anything about an Ixkrun wandering around in the jungle, so Ixkrun is able to get close to the secret bases of the outlaw hero Montoroloxi and report what he finds back to the corporate masters.

A Fact About Ixkruns: All Ixkruns are biologically male until mating season, during which some will take on female traits if they are the dominant part of a mating pair. After mating season or gestation ends, they return to male form.

Universe: Orange

Super Sunday: The Flartian Commandos

The Flartian Commandos

The Flartians are probably the worst jerks in the universe. Certainly they are the most numerous. Their empire spans multiple galaxies and there are more individual Flartians than any other species in their universe. The Flartian Empire is ruled by an immortal giant floating face called Flarzom, and they are hungry for conquest. This led to a war against the Space Army that was unlike anything seen before. Though a peace has been achieved, the Flartians are just biding their time until they feel confident enough to try again. In the meantime, there are teams of commandos that still do covert operations that advance the Flartian cause. Here is one such team:

Soldier Mep

A veteran of the war, Mep is a loyal soldier and would not have stopped fighting no matter what peace was brokered. As long as the enemy species still existed, they had to be fought. Rather than let an unstable Flartian risk political incidents, Flarzom rewarded this loyalty by placing Mep in charge of a commando unit.

Exploder Ko

At some point in history, the Flartians tried to start a rumor that they were the universe’s best chefs. That’s untrue by a long shot, but they thought it would make them look good to all the lesser species. To this day, Flartians still try to become good chefs to back up their claim, and that’s what Ko was attempting to do, but accidentally learned how to make explosives. Ko is the team’s demolitions expert. Ko is too young to have fought in the war, and was depressed about that until the chance to do war in secret came up.

Fighter Jayt

Jayt is trained in martial arts and unarmed combat. The truth is that the war was rough on the Flartian Empire. Resources within the Empire are low, and what they do have is best used rebuilding their armies. With a lack of weapons and ammunition, unarmed troops like Jayt are being used (many of the Commando’s missions actually involve stealing weapons).

Office Dek

Office Dek is the Flartian assigned to unit as their office worker. Dek’s job is to write up reports about their missions and expenditures and send them back to Flarzom. Though trained in combat, Dek doesn’t get to carry weapons or wear a traditional war helmet, because those would eat into the budget, so Dek prefers to stay out of the fight and stick to the office on their spaceship.

Super Sunday: Grats


Grats are a small rodent-like species with a single antenna on their foreheads. They possess a number of senses not relateable to the human experience and are deceptively intelligent. They have a homeworld somewhere, but since the advent of space travel, they have spread to millions of worlds and forgotten their place of origin, with no regrets. Grats adapt to other languages with ease, and have adapted for life alongside various other species. Essentially, once you’ve entered into the greater pan-galactic community, you’re going to have Grats on your planet.

No members of the Space Army cast were Grats, but I drew them in the background of a couple scenes, especially when I wanted to convey a seedy atmosphere. (I drew a lot of pictures of Bars Full Of Aliens as a kid.)

Visky lives on a space station that was once an important strategic location during the war against the Flartians, but is now a rarely used backwater location primarily used by intergalactic criminals. Though Grats are known to be involved with many illegal activities in the galaxy, Visky actually works alongside the station’s law enforcement, spying on smugglers informing on them.

Geruv, meanwhile, is actively involved in criminal enterprises. Living on planet important to the Space Government, Geruv is employed by crooked politicians as a spy, picking up bits of information used in blackmailing. Geruv plays all the sides against each other and is only loyal to those who pay the best.

Sveppo is a rarity, the captain of a spaceship. It’s a single-person spaceship designed for a different diminutive species, but Sveppo has learned to use it and is now free to wander wherever the winds of interest blow. This level of freedom is not common among Grats, nor is it commonly desired by them.

A Fact About Grats: There are species that consider Grats to be vermin and will quarantine spaceships that contain them. Once a planet makes this an official policy, they attract the notice of the Grat League, a veritable army of Grats who use underhanded methods to punish those who have offended them. The Grat League are brutal murderers and will stop at nothing once their ire has been roused.

Universe: Bronze