Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles, Chapter Eleven

Adam was in the shower. Dante smirked. Gladys asked “Is the Master of Trepanning really in Port Nadine?” “I dunno. Could be.” “So no matter which escapee he picked, you would have said we go there.” “Look, there’s definitely bad superhumans there. Something is up. Adam wants to make up for mistakes by doing good, […]

Dating Tip: Mention volcano rabbits early and mention volcano rabbits often. If possible, do not let the topic drift away from volcano rabbits.

I rarely eat because I am hungry, but often eat because I am sad. Ergo, I must remain sad or risk starving to death.

Warning: If I ever get to name a mountain, it’s gonna be Mount Buttfartbooger, so DON’T LET ME NAME A MOUNTAIN.