Super Sunday: Rudyums


Rudyums are a small species with six limbs, a tail, and two sense organs that grow on stalks from their heads. Their home planet is a ringed world that is frequently in the shadow of five gas giants that come between it and the system’s star. Though the thick atmosphere does retain heat, during the periods of darkness the planet does cool enough that there are multiple miniature winters during the course of a year.

Though the species has not yet made any kind of travel into space, one of their member, Dr. Yelon, has somehow found their way onto the League of Space Doctors.

Yaza lives in a valley around the planet’s largest volcano, with the geothermal activity there keeping it one of the warmest places on the planet. The relative ease of life there makes it the most advanced culture of the planet, and Yaza is happy to be there, serving as a storyteller preserving the culture’s oral history.

Trimuc is on the colder continent to the south of Yaza’s, where combat for the scarce resources is more common. Trimuc fights for food and shelter, providing for their family by taking from others. On too many occasions there has not been enough food and family members have died, leaving Trimuc increasingly desperate.

Gidio is a philosopher and teacher who wanders from location to location spreading ideas about how working together the species could accomplish great things. The reaction is almost always that it goes against Rudyum nature to care for anyone beyond immediate family, but Gidio just tries to convince those who say it to see the whole planet as their family.

A Fact About Rudyums: Rudyams are able to put half of their body asleep at a time, keeping the other half awake to be on guard against threats. The only time a Rudyum will go to a full-bodied sleep is when surrounded by family members who are keeping on guard.

Universe: White

Super Sunday: The Strongnecked

The Strongnecked

Members of the species that calls themselves the Strongnecked have, unsurprisingly, a big strong neck. They have no arms, but three of their six feet have little fingers that they can do things with. They are quite tall, standing almost three metres.

A spacefaring race that decided to remain neutral during the war against the Flartians, the Strongnecked now have a bit of conflict with their neighbours who fought so hard. Many of the other worlds think that the Strongnecked are cowards, or don’t deserve to participate in a community they didn’t sacrifice for, but the Strongnecked are trying their hand at diplomacy to make a place for themselves in the galaxy. Their world’s gravity is lighter than that of many nearby species, so when they visit neighbouring planets, they will often need supports for their legs. Their necks, however, do just fine.

Samnomic Ribi is a neckfighter. Neckfighters bash at each other (like giraffes do) as a competitive sport. Samnomic is not a world-class neckfighter by any means, but makes a living and gets to travel. Is it worth the permanent damage that will show up with age? Let’s hope so.

Luxymove Repul is addicted to ice. For some reason, when Strongnecked places ice in their mouth and melt it with their body heat, it triggers some pleasant effects on the brain. The planet is so warm that ice can only occur by technological means, so ice addiction is rare. Luxymove is rich enough to get access to ice, but the addiction has ruined relationships with family members.

Krenish Gucklenn is a mentor whose job is to take on proteges and teach them the ways of the world. This is the most common form of education in Strongnecked culture. A mentor is supposed to only have one protege at a time, so they get the most attention that can be provided, but since mentors aren’t paid nearly enough, Krenish has been had three proteges going on at once! It has been a lot of work, and madcap business about hiding one protege around a corner from the other, but hopefully when it is all done Krenish will have the money save the family home.

A Fact About the Strongnecked: The Strongnecked are carnivores, and they love to take an animal carcass and cram their faces into its gut and root around picking out whatever the best organs are. It is pretty grisly by the standards of many other species, when they come up with their faces covered in viscera and blood streaming down their neck. At least, in this modern era, they know about hygene. Years ago, before first contact was made, they walked around with blood-stained faces most of the time.

Universe: Bronze

Super Sunday: Rezzaniaks


The Rezzaniaks are a five-legged, two-armed species with single large compound eyes. Perhaps their most distinctive features are the protective shells growing on their sides, which are leftover from the oyster-like form that is the first part of their life cycle. They have large ears that they can move about to focus on sounds, but no sense organ that gives them anything like our sense of smell.

Rezzaniak culture is made up of small communities, often isolated from one another by geographical boundries. When communities do grow to large and near one another, violent territorial spat can occur. Mostly, though, Rezzaniaks are peaceful.

Thootis lives in a desert region in the planet’s northern stretches. Life is hard in that region, but the community there has adapted by living in tunnels and caves and digging wells for water. Thootis is a bit of a kleptomaniac, stealing from others in the community, but always feels guilty afterward. To prevent being discovered, Thootis usually throws the stolen goods down the wells.

Tramak could boast of being the first Rezzaniak to climb the planet’s highest peak. Living in a community near the largest mountain range, Tramak had seen the mountain in question for years and talked about wanting to see the world from that high. Finally, when the rest of the community tired of the topic and said “just go then,” Tramak did. Neither Tramak nor any of the others realize that Tramak was the first. There are fictional legends about people who climbed the mountain long ago, but that never happened. And most other Rezzaniaks just didn’t care about the mountain to think about whether or not anyone had been up there. Tramak could boast, if they knew. As it stands, the achievement will be forgotten. Tramak did enjoy the view, though.

Phordy is a collector of old furniture. Rezzaniaks like to sit on things that are similar to our beanbag chairs and their tables are almost exactly like ours. Phordy’s favorite pieces come from an era a few generations back when it was trendy to attach little colorful tassels to the furniture. They don’t do that on modern furniture and Phordy thinks that’s a shame.

A Fact About Rezzaniaks: Rezzaniaks consider singing to be somewhat taboo. It is something that should only be done, they say, between close groups. Only perverts would sing in public, and singing with someone you don’t know well is a sign of loose morals. Non-vocal forms of music do not yet exist for them.

Universe: Indigo

Canada Can (Try To) Keep Peace

This one is simple enough. To remind viewers that Canada was involved in the creation of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force, they show the force saving some hostages in the Congo.

This piece has something I always want to see in action movies, but very rarely do. The heroes take the bad guy alive. It feels like Hollywood can’t fathom an outcome that doesn’t involve death, but I think it is a good idea to tie the UN Peacekeepers’ reputation to a mindset where maybe killing isn’t always the answer. Also, Dextraze comes across as pretty cool. The fact he isn’t using a gun draws a comparison to Sam Steele, but of course Dextraze has two guys with big guns standing next to him, so the comparison isn’t perfect. It’s still cool, though.

Anyway, this commercial is fine. Maybe if it had been on when I was young some of the hostage-taker’s lines would be burned into my head, but as it stands, I have no sentimental attachment. I can give it Three out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake.

Super Sunday: Deglaens


On a small planet full of swamps and jungles, the Deglaens have arisen as a dominant life form. They spend most of their time flying through the planet’s thick atmosphere almost as if they were swimming, but do land and crawl around at night. Their diet is made up primarily of the planet’s worms, which they have only recently learned to cook. Deglaen technology is still pretty primitive, they have begun to build things out of stone and make rubber from the plants.

Mymi Coots is an obsessive collector of plants. Having claimed a tract of land for personal use, Coots has gathered and dozens of different kinds of plants from all over the region. It isn’t easy to keep them alive, though, as some of the plants have bad reactions to the others, and some just don’t thrive in that kind of environment, but Coots is learning. In time, the things Coots learn may help the Deglaens to tame the plants and develop a stronger agricultural skills.

Slond Peyo is an insecure individual who cares very strongly about appearing powerful in the eyes of others. The obsession has taken over Peyo’s life and now most others in the community consider Peyo to be an idiot because of the effort put into trying to look big an important person.

Raglor Swend is frightened all the time. The world seems to be full of danger, so it seems to Swend that frightened is the appropriate state to be in. I mean, there is a war brewing in the Arnasta Valley, the Speckled Death Plague is spreading like never before, and giant jag-toothed Venesters lurk in the night and can capture even a full-grown Deglaen. Who wouldn’t be frightened?

A Fact About Deglaens: The Deglaean’s eyesight is not such that it can perceive the existence of the stars, but if a human were on their homeworld they would be able to make out the galaxy that is home to the Pejjits.

Universe: Narsidon