If we don’t soon send more astronauts to the moon, the moon will forget that we own it.

Super Sunday: Yorgok and the Verman


Yorgok is a traveller from another dimension. A ten foot tall, monster-lookin’ guy, he wandered onto Earth one day through some kind of swirly portal that appeared in the air. Though his mission is purely one of exploration, he does not consider the living things on Earth to be his equal, so he treats us as we would treat ants. Armed with a super-powerful raygun, Yorgok goes about all manner of scientific surveys of the planet, happy to kill any humans who come too close.

I fully admit that the primary creative factor of this character is that I noticed that I hadn’t done a Super Sunday character that started with the letter Y. At the time of sketching, I didn’t feel like just making someone who was called “The Yellow Werewolf” or something easy like that, but apparently I was fine making up a gibberish name. Also, I am a fan of rayguns, so I threw one of those into the mix.

Seems like a cold-blooded alien scientist might be a good villain for a robot with a personality, like the Robotomaton.

The Verman

The Verman is a humanoid rat guy with a penchant for murder. As one might expect, he spends a lot of time hiding in sewers and other dark areas, only coming out to strike. The Verman seems to be of human-level intelligence, but makes no effort to communicate with humanity, so his origins and desires remain a mystery. He wears armor and uses weapons, but how he got them is unclear. The only thing anyone knows for sure about the Verman is this: he is dangerous.

The superhero Club Man was an exterminator in Ogretropolis, so he is perhaps the ideal opponent for this humanoid rat guy. A tough, but kinda dumb human versus tough, and unusually intelligent vermin.

Red sky at night, there’s trilobites.
Red sky at morning, there’s no trilobites.

The Story of the Class I Dropped

Okay, so I’m back in school again. I haven’t had all my new classes, but yesterday I had one that I signed up for without knowing exactly what it was. Then I fled. I mean, it looked like a really interesting class, mostly about adapting stories from one medium to another I guess, but it looked really hard. I could probably have enjoyed it if it were the only class I was taking in a year, but as it stands, I chickened out and ran away. I did enjoy the one day of the class I took. Were I rich enough to sit in on classes without having to worry about the whole workload, I’d be all over it, but I ain’t. Even the professor seemed really cool, so much so that I actually feel bad about dropping his class, but I didn’t go back to school to challenge myself. I want easy classes and plenty of ‘em.

I replaced it with a class about the history of pirates that, is probably not going to be super-duper-easy, but it will probably be easier than that class.


Dead kittens are fun.
You need not ever feed them
and you can kick them.

In other news, I had a dream last night. It was like this: It was your general post-apocalyptic zombie-style setup, but instead of zombies, it was a world where statues had come to life and started attacking people. Since, I assume, there are fewer statues on Earth than there would be human corpses, getting attacked wasn’t too frequent, but when they came they were tough to fight because statues are harder to smash than zombie skulls. As is frequent with dreams, I don’t remember too much, but there was an ostrich statue among the horde.

Also, there was this other side-plot about a girl who lived in a high-tech pod thing. She had no idea what the pod was about, and seemed pretty unaware of the statuepocalypse in general. She was discovered by some survivor boy and they were hanging out. He tried to call someone on a cell-phone and it seemed like that person got hit by a space laser. The girl was intrigued and actually tried calling herself on the phone (a stupid idea), but before the space laser came down to kill them, some big thing in space (spaceship? moon? I don’t know?) moved itself in front of it to take the hit. I never found out what the deal was with this and how it connected to the comparatively more sensible statue attack plot.

Anyway, that’s it for now.