Super Sunday: Fyurgh and Jo Melville


Fyurgh is the kind of demon that just likes to have sacrifices done in his name. If you call him up and show him that you’re willing to kill someone for him, he’ll help you out in whatever way he can (usually by killing someone else). He may not be good at possessing people, or undermining society, or even much of anything at all, but he’s a hard worker and that counts for something.

I’m going back to the Floaty Round Monster well pretty soon after the Tonguecatcher, but only because they’re really, really very easy to draw. This one is less of a Cacodemon/Beholder and more of an evil Slimer, though. Fyurgh looks to me like a demon Adventure Dennis would have slaughtered in about two seconds, but obviously he’d be a tougher fight for basically anyone else.

Jo Melville

Jo Melville is an ordinary person. She’s not a champion of justice or a fighter of evil, and she doesn’t want to conquer the world or anything. She’d be happy just going about her day like anyone else. But that plan is consistently ruined by a strange mystical power she has: namely, when Jo Melville sleeps, she opens a portal to mental realms through which all manner of spirits and demons can pass, allowing them to take a physical form on Earth.

This makes Jo a hazard in the eyes of people who want to prevent those beings from coming to Earth, it makes her a would-be tool for those who are actively trying to come here, and it makes her the Chosen One to at least one group of ancient wizards who are curious to know if it is possible for physical beings to go through in reverse, heading into the dimension of thought. Jo’s just wants the complication removed from her life, and as time goes on she may try more increasingly desperate ways to accomplish that.

The impetus for this sketch was just browsing through my character sketch folder and noticing a pointed dearth of people who wear normal-people clothes.

I just told a girl named Kara “That’s Superman’s sister’s name.” She must think I’m an idiot. Kara is his cousin.

Super Sunday: Twinklyn and Hatwearer


Uncertainty. Is a particle in one place or another? Both at the same time? There’s no way to know. Reality is a trickster. As with most concepts, there is a Space God to embody Uncertainty. Twinklyn is the trickster of the Astrolympians. He has a thing for preventing people from knowing things hat could help them, usually with the intention of causing chaos on a broader scale. He only tends to associate with his Space God family when there’s a chance for some mischief.

I kinda threw this one together to prove to myself that I can still expand on specific elements from the Superhero/villain years. Twinklyn here is the Astrolympian equivalent to chaos gods like Eris, but filtered through the omnipotent alien type, like Mxyzptlk or the Great Gazoo. Unlike those guys, though, I envision Twinklyn being extremely dour, taking his job extremely seriously. I just want to be different, I guess.


Sometimes, when someone is alone at night, they might see a figure off in the distance. In the darkness, it is impossible to make out any features, except for the hat. The figure is always described as wearing a hat. Often the experience lasts for hours, in some cases it has even happened over recurring nights, but it always ends the same way: The person who saw the Hatwearer is found eviscerated.

It seems likely that the Hatwearer has been active for centuries, but it is only in recent times, with the advances in technology like texting, that has allowed the victims to get the word out about what they see.

Hatwearer is my attempt at creating a monster in the style of the Internet horror stories that are, regretably, called Creepypasta. He’s a pretty generic monster (which is actually quite appropriate for the genre), but I could find a use for him someday.