Super Sunday: Zurgbos


The Zurgbos are a species native to a world they call Zurgbotopia. They would probably meet our qualifications to be known as both Insectoids and as Reptilian, though the insect traits are more obvious to human eyes. They have eight limbs and wings (though they can’t fly after reaching adulthood) and two antennae that give them powers we would consider fantastic, such as telepathy, generating light, picking up radio waves, and remembering where they put small objects (pens and keys and cetera). Their primary means of communication comes as forms of dance, though they are capable of hearing and making aural speech (they can pick up languages pretty quickly thanks to that telepathy they have).

One of the Zurgbos, named Algo, is on the planet Earth acting as a member of the New Superhero Team. Most Zurgbos don’t like humans (I mean, why would they) and humans are so desperate to get Algo to fit in that they even make him wear clothes. Most Zurgbos wouldn’t put up with it, but Algo is either so good-hearted or so lacking self confidence that he grins and takes it.

Verdok is a veteran of the wars against the Flartians, having served in the Space Army. Verdok was a ground troop, which was a hard job in a war against an enemy that has spaceships. Verdok’s squad, a unit called the Zonky Warguys, was the Space Army’s presence on planet Gurlopp during the infamous Battle of Gurlopp. When the Flartians tries to take Gurlopp, Verdok was just a young soldier, but he after seeing hundreds of his colleagues die, and taking the lives of dozens of enemy soldiers, Verdok felt very old and tired. But he lived, and his unit held the planet until reinforcements could arrive. And after all that, he returned home and lost his eye by using a can-opener incorrectly.

Wuggu is the originator of the phrase “You need to make a meal before you can throw it out the window” and is incredibly famous for it. That phrase, which Wuggu wisely patented, has become extremely famous all over the galaxy, now appearing in songs, poetry, and space movies. Every time it is used, Wuggu gets paid royalties. Hes so rich that he never needs to work again.

Lijit is a translator working at the Zurgbo Embassy on Space Government Planet IX. His exeriences there have made him extremely racist against all kinds of alien species. He doesn’t like how they look different, or how they eat different things, or how their stupid voices sound all kinds of stupid ways. But Lijit is a professional, though, so he keeps all his hatred to himself, only muttering terrible things beneath his breath. His favorite color is one that humans can’t even see.

A Fact About Zurgbos: Zurgbos hibernate for the cold season of their planet’s yearly cycle. Those living on other worlds may not need to hibernate if they aren’t somewhere cold, but there seem to be health issues that arise from not doing so. Also, exposure to cold can make them sleepy.

Universe: Bronze

Super Sunday: Vreddites


This species has arisen on a planet called Vredd. At the moment, the species is at a turning point. Their intellect has only recently (in evolutionary terms) separated them from similar species, and brought the into a fertile tropical valley. At this time, there are only about 20,000 Vreddites on the planet, most living in tribes.

Vreddites’ locomotion is performed by a large “foot” that makes up the large bottom of their body. This foot allows them to hop around, while two appendages on their back, the kickers, can propel them at higher speeds than the hopping alone. The kickers are also useful for delivering a powerful blow, assuming your target is behind you.

One Vreddite, named Wyeenk, was once mocked by Little Choy. Once, I was planning on doing a comic about the Vreddites before I got going on the Secret Government Robots instead.

Uzzer is the leader of a tribe that has been driven into the mountains by stronger tribes. Life is hard for the mountain-dwelling Vreddites, having to deal with temperatures much colder than their species is used to, and food is scarce. Uzzer wants the best for the tribe, but if they can’t get back into the valleys, they may starve. But the valleys are full of other tribes who don’t want to share. Some drastic action needs to be taken, and it is going to end poorly for someone.

Edowa is the tubemaker of her tribe. The making of air tubes is one of the most advanced technologies on the planet at this time, mostly used by combining naturally growing bamboo-like plants with squeezable bulbs that blast pressure through the tubes. Most tribes are complacent to use these to propel rocks as weapons when hunting, but Edowa’s tribe has taken to experimenting with other uses, such as propelling water through long distances for crops or for fighting lightning fires.

Nyllyn is from a tribe that lives near a large waterfall. Though they like the waterfall, it has been a cause of death for several tribe members, which causes problems. It is a Vreddite tradition for survivors to eat their dead, so that they will be forever a part of the tribe. But when a Vreddite dies in a manner such as falling off a waterfall and being swept away, as Nyllin’s sibling did, there is no body to be eaten. To this day, Nyllin is terrified that her sibling’s corpse will return in some dark night and force its rotting remains into Nyllin’s mouth.

A Fact About Vreddites: Vredd is a very cloudy world, so its sun is not seen with great frequency. This is one major reason why Vreddites have yet to realize they are seeing the same sun every time. By their current thought, it is imagined that suns are large, bright objects that happen to pass by occasionally.

Universe: Bronze

Super Sunday: The Bessaji

The Bessaji

The Bessaji are a species of humanoids native to a planet orbiting a binary star system. They have developed a high level of technology and now use hyperrocketships to travel to other worlds where they create cities under glass domes. While there is no one dominant government or culture or religion among the Bessaji, they still identify as a strongly united species and do not often mingle with other lifeforms they have encountered. They are generally not violent to other species, but prefer to avoid them altogether. They have set up traps around star systems they have claimed which can depower unauthorized spacecraft, leaving the occupants to die in powerless ships if they try to come to Bessaji space.

The Space Plunderer, opponent of Gus Comet, is a member of the Bessaji race, but he has been exiled and would never be allowed to return to the Bessaji homeworld.

Lucyd Den is a worker on a transport ship working in the star system where the Bessaji homeworld is located. Because it would be unsafe to use hyperrockets within the limits of the system, transport ships travel between the planets at relatively slow speeds, taking months per trip. With so much time spent on their ships, the crews of these ships have basically become cultures of their own. The population of Lucyd Den’s ship is over a thousand. Because populations can increase, the ships feature modular compartments that can be added as needed. Lucyd Den is not liked on the ship and has been strongly considering locating to some other ship, but has to wait months before the option is even possible.

Redish is a Bessaji cyborg. The Bessaji have the technology to combine their computers with biological entities, though many of their cultures prefer not to do it. The colony on the planet Geraasish, however, have found it very helpful to modify their brains. Geraasishians are also, Redish included, more likely to see the value of cooperating with other species, and it is one of the few places where trade with aliens takes place, though it is all kept on the down low.

Besno M’Nwenz is a sort of monk in a religious order that worships the dual stars of the home system, though he lives in a colony on a planet in a single star system. He makes occasional pilgrimages to the home system to see the stars in person, but must always return to his colony to do good works. There, he prays for nothing more than a new star to come mate with the lonely one there.

A Fact About the Bessaji: In their ancient past, before they reached out into the stars, the Bessaji had tails. This feature evolved away during the recorded history of the species, which spans nearly a million years by our reckoning. Ancient depictions of species, even though they are direct ancestors, now seem like a wholly different species.

Universe: Green

Super Sunday: Exkibos


The Exkibos live on a planet called Uksteron, a world with an orbit that causes long periods of winter between very hot summers. The Exkibos live in the hottest regions of the planet, and hibernate during the winters. The planet has no satellites, and the only other planets in the system are so distant that the Exkibos have not yet noticed them.

Exkibos are three-legged creatures with a flexible appendage growing from their foreheads. On average, an Exkibo’s height would be about half of that of a human. Exkibo society is one of strict hierarchy, with the ruling class claiming to be descended from legendary heroes, and the vast multitude living in poor conditions to serve the royalty. The heroes of legend may not even have ever existed, but the tales shape modern Exkibo society in many ways.

Edhoo is from a royal family that claim to be descended from a great world-travelling hero who sired many children. Edhoo tries to live by the example of that ancient hero, travelling to other nations and interfering with their affairs in the name of “saving the world” all while trying to mate with whoever is willing. Edhoo is something of a jerk, to be honest.

Ipowwa is from a different royal family, which claims to be descended from the brother of Edhoo’s family. In stories told by Edhoo’s people, that brother was a traitor, but the stories told Ipowwa’s people say that the ancestor’s actions were justified to keep the kingdom safe. In Ipowwa’s time, the kingdom is recovering from a destructive war that wiped out over seventy percent of the population there. Ipowwa is gathering forces to rebuild the kingdom’s fortresses and protect from those who would try to raid the weakened state.

Evlow is one of the lowly non-royal citizens of Uksteron. Living a simple, “small” life in a village by a river. Evlow works hard keeping the land fertile and reaping the various plant-like foods that are grown there. In the nights, Evlow gathers around the fires with friends and family and tells stories and dances. It may not have the intrigue of the “royals”, but Evlow is not unhappy.

A Fact About Exkibos: Exkibos keep pets, including one species of flying creature, called Dsworfs, which they have trained to help them with various tasks, such as carrying things or hunting. Some Dswofs are simply kept as pampered pets with no assigned tasks, but that is mostly among the royals

Universe: Indigo

Super Sunday: Efmon Space Commandos

Efmon Space Commandos

The Efmons are a massive family of magically-enhanced world conquerors who were exiled from their home dimension. Trying to establish a new base of operations, they conquered the planet Zezwek. Using this world as a beachhead into the new universe in which they find themselves, the family have begun magically travelling to other planets and, when they find intelligent life, conquering. Their resources are limited, though, so when possible they have been recruiting the conquered alien species to their cause. This is a special forces team they have created with the intent of going into enemy lines for missions.

Phillin Efmon

Phillin is a young Efmon, born after the family’s defeat in their home dimension. He was trained at a time when the family was pushing its hardest to return to power, and had to start young, and saw combat even before his ceremony that gave him his mystical powers, something which never would have been allowed on the homeworld. Phillin showed such skill as a warrior that it was decided he would be the perfect Efmon to keep the alien commando unit in line.

Exxo Palavo

Exxo Palavo has committed wholeheartedly to the worship of the Efmon’s god, Thalamaya. Having fought the Efmons when they first began their conquest of Zezwek, Exxo saw such miracles as could not be explained but by magic. Any force that could make such things happen was beyond the scope of Exxo’s imagination. During a battle Exxo surrendered and was put in a prison. There, introduced to the teachings of the Efmon, Exxo never doubted the new faith and was rewarded with a chance to serve Thalamaya’s mission.

Nevek Sang

Nevek Sang comes from the nearest inhabited planet to Zezwek, and the species could hardly be more different than the Zezwek People. Voracious carnivores that prefer to live solitary lives, Nevek’s people actually had knowledge of certain mystical practices before the Efmons arrival, which only allowed them to sense the power of the invasion force. It only made sense to ally with such a powerful army, and they opened up their world to the otherdimensional family. Nevek is a particularly bloodthirsty example of the species, often going out of the way to make an enemy’s death more painful than it need be.


Comtor represents a species that is intelligent in the ways that we, as humans, consider important, but was not the dominant species on their world. Apart from some mild tool use, the species had not advanced technologically, and their small population was beset by the dangers of predatory species and inclement weather. The small predatory species would hunt game, running faster than cheetahs, but were often driven outperformed by flying animals. When the Efmon forces arrived on that world, Comtor was one of the first beings inquisitive enough to investigate, and that is how the Efmons discovered their intelligence. The species has now been introduced to advanced technology and suddenly finds itself living at the top of the food chain in what seems like a magical paradise.

Cot Rondar

Cot Rondar is the team’s tank. A large snail-like creature, Cot’s regenerative cellular structure makes it almost impervious to most damage, and its strength makes it ideal for carrying heavy weapons and supplies. Cot actually has no technical loyalty to the Efmons in general, but is from a species whose hierarchy is designated by shows of dominance. The Efmon’s invasion of Cot’s planet proved that they are the alphas in that galaxy.