Super Sunday: The League of Space Doctors

The League of Space Doctors

“The Mutant’s Curse”, “Malevolent Entity Disorder”, “Space Horror Disease”. These are all names for an apparently intelligent and definitely evil virus-like lifeform that has been spreading to various alien species trying to reach all the corners of the universe. The League of Space Doctors is an organization made up of representatives of many alien species that have banded together to put an end to the virus’s spread.

Dr. Vedzax was a Space Doctor who was covered during Superhero Sunday year. Now we shall meet some of his allies:

Dr. Ardakkus

Ardakkus is a close friend of Dr. Vedzax, both of them having been in the Space Doctor Academy at the same time. Sadly, Ardakkus is one of the last few survivors of the Urvarkan species, their homeworld having been ravaged by the virus that the Space Doctors came together to fight. After witnessing the destruction there, Ardakkus joined the Academy and became one of the League’s most talented surgeons.

Dr. Lykstam

A member of an aquatic species that must use a special backpack that keeps her moisturized, as well as allowing her to fly around, Lykstam specializes in battlefield medicine. The virus has been known to use wars as a means of entry into various species, so the Space Doctors try to help out when possible. There is some division among the League about how much time should be spent working on health issues apart from the virus, but Lykstam is a proponent of helping wherever needed, whether the virus is present or not.

Dr. Gartok

All of the Space Doctors have been through trying times, but Gartok was in charge of clearing the virus out of the Hezzitar System, but failed. Millions of beings died because of that failure, a fact that weighs heavily on Gartok. Other Space Doctors are worried that the stress may cause Gartok to make more mistakes in the future, or spin into depression and even become suicidal, but Gartok refuses to stop working. Still, even Gartok can’t help but notice the quiver in their tentacles that were not there before.

Dr. Bampo

Bampo is a magnificent genius. Though Bampo is a Fleddian, a species that does not possess hands that would make medical work more easy, Bampo has a brilliant mind capable of recognizing symptoms and making diagnoses at lightning speed, as well as charting the potential infection path of the virus. Bampo also takes on interns as assistants, helping them to learn enough to become the next generation of Space Doctors.

Dr. Yelon

Dr. Yelon is from a species that has not yet made contact with other alien races and Yelon intends to keep it that way. Yelon happily works as a Space Doctor, with special sense organs that essentially let Yelon see inside of patients, but is always concerned about the possibility of the virus making its way back to their homeworld. As a result, Yelon is very secretive, even among the other Space Doctors.

Super Sunday: Hurchans


Living on planet Hurch there is a species of fuzzy, peaceful beings we can call the Hurchans. They seem simple to our sensibilities, but they’re actually very technologically advanced. If they wanted, they could easily spread across the galaxy in a matter of months, but they don’t want that. The Hurchans are content to live on their happy planet and keep to themselves, and since it is a paradise by almost any standard, why wouldn’t they?

The Hurchans are a little bit shorter than humans on average, but otherwise are somewhat similar, with traits that would seem commonplace in a mammalian species, such as giving live birth and bodily production of food for their young.

Little Choy once dropped in on the planet Hurch to do his job of flinging insults.

Joplozzer likes to dance. Long ago in Hurchan culture, dancing had a significant role in mating rituals and dominance displays. In the present, however, it is purely a recreational act, and that’s the way Joplozzer likes it, because Joplozzer is actually a very nervous sort who doesn’t want to show any kind of dominance, but just wants to have fun.

Frank Zud spends a lot of time in the planet’s Technocaves, which is a vast and complex series of tunnels and caves that are full of wires and machinery that travel all over the sub-surface of the planet. Once these tunnels were a vital part of the planet’s techno-scene, but as technology advanced beyond the need for them, the tunnels became a haven for hobbyists and tinkerers who like the “retro” appeal. Frank Zud has portioned off a system of the caves and is designing a giant amusement park-style set of rides and mazes for others to enjoy.

Cleebin is an old Hurchan who has been through a lot: war, disease, loss. But now, as an elder, Cleebin has become of a religious sort. Though there is no longer any single majority religion on Hurch, and most Hurchans don’t tend to think about spiritual matters, Cleebin spends time perusing ancient texts about beliefs of Hurchan cultures that are long lost. Cleebin feels that there may be forgotten truths in these old beliefs that could be of use in these modern times.

A Fact About Hurchans: It might seem like Hurch would be a good candidate for alien invasion. In fact, in the last two thousand Earth years, the Hurchans have handily repelled seventeen different threats from outer space. Hurch has earned a reputation for being utterly unconquerable.

Universe: Red

Super Sunday: Thrensans


Thrensans are a bipedal, three-eyes species that have adapted to running around on the plains of the planet Thrensa.

Gujjer is a Thrensan, and it is worth noting that that profile also determined that dead have started to rise on Thrensa and eat the living. That’s gonna pretty important factor on their world, I’d say. This is not going to be a typical zombie situation. Though they like to eat flesh, these arisen dead are not mindless or rotting. It is not the result of a virus or anything, but of a curse put upon those tribes who have offended their ancestors. Living Thrensans are grazing animals, these flesh-eating dead ones are now their most deadly predators. If the cursed dead have a weakness that will put them back to rest, it has not yet been discovered.

Ubdill is a member of a tribe that is besieged constantly by the undead. They’ve had to stray far from their ancestral migration grounds to keep ahead of their pursuers and they are now in unknown regions where they don’t know the secrets of the land. In addition to the uncertainty, this also brings them into conflict with the native tribes on whose grounds they trespass for survival. Ubdill worries that this break from tradition could be enough to offend their ancestors, and so lives in fear that they will wind up just like their enemies once they can run no more.

Aldak‘s tribe has encountered the undead, but only occasionally as the dead who rise in that region tend to leave to join larger groups elsewhere. Aldak, the leader of her tribe, has tried to investigate the cause of the rising dead and, if possible, find a solution. This has meant actively seeking out the enemy, a strategy that has resulted in the deaths or more than one tribe member. Because of that, Aldak’s position as leader has been questioned by some of the others, adding another complication for Aldak in these desperate times.

Vinndy lives in a large island region surrounded by natural borders that keep the risen dead from entering. They have heard the stories about the problems of the rest of the world is facing, but they aren’t yet sure of the truth. Vinndy still gets to live the kind of life that Thrensans used to enjoy. Sure, there are natural predators, but the Thrensans are still the smartest lifeforms on the planet, evolved specifically to escape.

A Fact About Thrensans: Fictional stories told orally is a very important aspect of Thrensan culture. An interesting difference between their stories and humanity’s is that Thrensans don’t have tales about heroes violently defeating enemies. A hero to Thrensans is one who is able to outsmart and, most importantly, outrun dangerous threats. If the villains or monsters of a Thrensan story die, it is because they starve to death after failing to catch the good guys, rather than because the good guys kill them.

Universe: Blue

Super Sunday: Jideph


Jideph are a species of three-legged, two-armed, one-eyed, genderless little creatures that live on a planet in a universe that has not come up in previous Super Sunday posts. It is the universe that is home to the Wallfixer called Plornt, though their homeworld is galaxies away from Plornt’s. Two of these guys were seen during the SecGov story called Meanwhile, Between Some Universes. The idea there was that those two had a device that accidentally allowed them to follow the path Plornt had taken to the Secret Government’s world.

The Jideph homeworld was not seen, but there was mention of the Destruction Wars. It seems that before the wars, there was pretty advanced technology on the planet, and after, not so much. For the record, their mouths are meant to be the little dot below their eye, and they have big expressive eyebrows above the eye.

With the Jideph society still recovering from the massive wars, which happened generations ago, but with memories of their previous globe-spanning society still strong, there is a compulsion to keep a worldwide scale of civilization going. Penk is a package deliverer, one whose job it is to get things from one place to another as quickly as possible, no matter how far away it is. To get into work like this, one must be brave, or reckless anyway. Penk has no close family or friends and nothing to lose, and so is ideal for dangerous travels in a post-war world.

Joik is a collector of literature from before the Destruction Wars. The wars were recent enough that the pre-war era isn’t thought of as some sort of time of myth, but they were so destructive that very little of the written culture survived, so collectors like Joik, who actively search for artifacts and copy their text into new copies, are struggling to bring that culture back. Joik loves the work, but rarely actually likes the literature. As far as Joik is concerned, the new stuff is better because it is more understandable to a modern audience.

Begh lives in the richest area of the planet, which ironically was the poorest area before the wars. Because they were poor, they were less of a target during the war, and more pre-war technology remains intact there than anywhere else on the planet. Begh is a nervous sort, but extremely bright, and works to keep what technology they can in working order, to do things like generate power and purify water. Basically, Begh is indispensable to keeping the species alive.

A Fact About Jideph: Jideph take their nourishment by extending a needle-like appendage through their mouths and piercing their world’s equivalent of fruit to suck out the juices. The needle is designed such that they don’t need to hold onto their food while drinking it, so they can just walk around with a fruit stuck up on their face.

Universe: Outside the Local Multiverse

Skeedoy’s Supporting Cast

The other type of Super Sunday I have done is the expansion of some character’s supporting cast. This week, we’ll do it for a character from the first alien year.

Skeedoy’s Supporting Cast

Skeedoy is a private investigator on the planet Dellwell. He’d be happy sticking to small cases, but they don’t pay enough. Instead, he gets stuck dealing with things that are quite over his head. These are some of the people he has to put up with:


Halch is Graats’s sidekick. Though not a supersoldier like him, Halch is highly trained in combat and has been very useful on his mission to stop evil criminal organizations. But now Graats has gone missing, apparently captured, and Halch has hired Skeedoy to help find him. Though the super soldier has many criminal enemies, Halch thinks that the kidnappers could be the government, trying to Graats to create more supersoldiers. Skeedoy wants to investigate the case, but is not used to having a kid that insists on tagging along.


Mave is a government-sponsored supehero and is also the law enforcement officer who Skeedoy deals with a lot. As far as Mave is concerned, it is ridiculous to think that the government would capture Graats, considering that he is just a supersoldier, and since his creation they have invented real superheroes, with powers beyond being good at fighting. Mave, for example, is living rubber and capable of bouncing around like a ball (and Skeedoy notes that some of the others have good powers instead). But deep down, Mave is nervous, because his superiors have been hiding something, and Mave doesn’t know what it is.


Egate is a criminal that has crossed paths with Skeedoy in the past, and who seems to know something about the case. Egate, who prides himself on only being a thief, nothing more evil than that, recently broke into the headquarters of one of Graats’s enemies, and found documents about his capture that he is willing to sell to Skeedoy. What he has not told Skeedoy is that he also found a serum that they had made from the supersoldier’s blood, that the documents claim is the first step in achieving immortality. That is something Egate wants more than all the stolen riches in the world.


Dsurey is an alien immigrant to planet Dellwell, and even though it gives a bad name to other immigtants, Dsurey hangs out with bad crowds. Working at a gathering hall for the criminal element, Dsurey cleans up after the scum of the world and socializes with them when possible. From time to time, he picks up tips that could be useful to Skeedoy, who pays Dsurey in fresh water, a hard resource to find on Dellwell. But when Dsurey stumbles across the biggest piece of information he’s ever heard of, will the water be worth the risk?