Super Sunday: Wallfixers 6


Last week I finished up with the Efmon Family, so why not go back to the other buffer I was doing this year for this week? You can’t stop me. These are the Order of Wallfixers are the good guy space wizards.


There is an awful lot of freedom for those alien wizards in the Wallfixers. Once a being with suitable power is trained in the use of their power and they swear to use them to protect the multiverse, they’re free to go (To date nobody has sworn that oath and then gone on to break it by acting in their own self interests. After all, their training shows them pretty clearly what goes wrong when multiversal forces are monkeyed with, and it isn’t pretty). Some Wallfixers settle down somewhere they think they can do good works, others travel the multiverse looking for any trouble that may crop up. JuAb is more into preventative measures. Rather than patching up dimensional tears after they’ve happened, JuAb investigates evil types who have the technological knowhow to pierce universal barriers and, if it seems like they’re up to know good, JuAb will make its presence known. And JuAb isn’t diplomatic about it either. JuAb doesn’t offer warnings, JuAb hits them like a one-reptilebirdthing SWAT Team.


Nyrveek is one of the elder generation of Wallfixers. She is very powerful and has located and, in her long years of service trained many younger members. But even an old alien wizard like she does not know the secrets of the founding of the Order of Wallfixers. As she gets older (several centuries old by human standards), she sees the multiverse around her in generally good shape (and her students are keeping an eye on it), so she has decided to look into the questions of the origins of her group. She now spends most of her time visiting the oldest alien laboratories and libraries looking for any clue to where the group originated.

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