2011 Ender

Sure, we all know about how the Dark Lord Char’Nagh visits us at New Years Eve now, but imagine how weird that must have been the first time it happened. Here’s a poem about it.

Dark Lord Char’nagh came to mark the year’s end,
his inky, wriggling form eclipsed the sun.
No one knew what his coming did portend,
for this was his first time on Earth: year one.
The humans down below grow quite afraid
at this strange monster writhing o’er their town.
“We must destroy this thing” the wisemen said,
the soldiers made their plans to bring it down.
But none could throw their rocks or spears so high
to reach the giant thing they wanted dead.
They thought their failure meant that they would die,
but Char’Nagh only gave them fleas instead.
Dark Lord Char’Nagh is not something to fear,
just the terror that comes with a new year.

So anyway, 2011 is over. Wasn’t the worst year. Now we’re starting 2012, which is, of course, the end of the world. Lookin’ forward to that!

Actually I thought the whole 2012 end of the world thing was cooler back in, like, 2002. It’s kinda played out now. But I honestly don’t think I could start the year without referencing it here. So I did. That is all.

Secret Upgrade

Regular viewers of this site will notice that absolutely nothing is different. The menu to the right has always been there and the banner at the top is obviously not a smaller and more colorful replacement for an older banner. And there sure aren’t another other changes both cosmetic and functional designed to bring the Book of PDR into the new year all fancy and new. But somehow I still feel like thanking Marq for it.

In other news, while I wrote this I ate a pita bread with peanut butter and banana slices on it and I’m pretty sure that combination should be called a PDRPBBNP in the future. (Obviously that stands for PDR Peanut Butter, Banana ’n Pita. I’m not spelling it out to imply anyone is stupid, but I figure someday aliens will read this and I want them to have proper context.)

December 26th Comics

Okay, first up is a story about a guy who is just a head and fights crime. It’s Hover Head.

That’s just the first page. You have to click if you want any more.

I started that, as I have said elsewhere, before I got the SecGov Robots strip rolling. Up until that point I was reluctant to waste any of my actual story ideas on something that I would be drawing, because I suck. As such, this isn’t as much a story as it is a character piece. But now that I’ve changed my mind about the whole process, I should be able to do an actual story with Hover Head and his friends in the New Year. But not right away. I’ve got other stuff to do first. (It vexes me that I chose Hover Head from the group to be the focus because I figured him being bodiless would make him easier to draw, but instead he turns out to be a blatant advertising of my inability to draw a face the same two times in a row)

Also, I wonder what the Phone Guys are up to today:

Oh. I guess that that is what they are up to. Alright then. I don’t wonder any more.

Oh hey, I said no more SecGov Robots this year, but I had some downtime at work last night, so I MS Painted this into existence:

Because what this strip needs is more new robots. That would be SecGov City’s top reporter and top scientist, whose first names I haven’t deduced yet and whose last names can be determined by their colors. So there you go.

Christmas With Joe Gamolli And SpeedFeet

One day, Joe Gamolli was walking down the street. He did that most days actually. But this was to be a day unlike any other. For one thing, Christmas Day was just two days away. As Joe walked down the street past crowded shops and busy shoppers, he noticed that someone was following him. After […]

A rushed post

Okay, I don’t have to be in work as early as usual today, so I’ve got some time, let’s see what I can post about.

Earlier this month, Loius C. K. put out his most recent comedy special exclusively online skipping the whole television network thing. Even though I can’t even so much afford things really these days he’s only asking five bucks (American, I assume, but didn’t notice), so I figured it was probably possible for me to spend five bucks without it killing me (the jury is still out though). Anyway, I got the special and now I’m talking about it on my website. He remains to entertain me. Any comedy show that begins with pointing out that the audience is a large enough sampling of people that someone there is bound to be dead by the holidays is up my alley. I’m giving it Four out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. It’s not the best of his specials that I have seen, but it is still great. And it is cheap. Keep that in mind anyone wanting some entertainment.


The owl was not there.
But then, who was saying “Hoo”?
And where was the owl?

Apart from that, not much else is going on. As I say, I am soon going to work. I spent much of today trying to work on things I’d like to get done before the New Year rolls around (so it looks like I got more done this year). Mostly I’m trying to finish the Hover Head story I mentioned I’d be starting around this time last year. I did indeed start it in the early bits of 2011, but then my focus shifted more to the SecGov Robots and I let this one drag out. Either way, it shall be done by Monday I am certain, and then I won’t have to worry about it any more. And all of you may continue not caring.

Anyway, not I have to get ready to go to work.