2017 Ender

The year of 2016 is coming to a close and the Dark Lord Char’Nagh is here to demolish what came before and hopefully replace it with something better. Hail the Darkness of Char’Nagh!

“This is definitely the year that Secret Government Robots will be ending,” I wrote last year. Oops. I am afraid that after the monetary issues that started my year, I fell out of the habit of doing the comic, and never really got back into it. It’s been a rough year in many ways and I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked. The only real upside, if it can be called that, is that it seems like it has been a rough year for a lot of people, so if nothing else, I am kind of in the zeitgeist. That counts for something, right? Right?

Anyway, I’m going to hopefully get SecGov done for real this year. I’ve actually got about fifty pages pencilled that I “just” need to scan, ink, color, and letter. But that fifty is, I estimate, only about half of what is left. But once I start getting them online, they’ll all follow. Otherwise, what creative energies I did expend in 2016 have been on projects that don’t really have any immediate payoff (as well as the creation of a host of alien species that nobody but me has any interest in). Ideally, in 2017 I will get SecGov done so that, if nothing else, I can feel less guilty when I work on other things. I’ve said it before, but it is a good thing I don’t have an audience craving this stuff or I’d feel even more pressure.


Potatoes for sale!
Get your fresh potatoes here!
But them, you morons!

In other news, the little add-on thing that was putting my Twitter posts onto this site seems to have ceased to function and I have no idea how to replace it. Without those little blurbs, this site seems to have even less content than I can condone. I guess I will have to start to try doing little post here now and then too. Geez. So much work.

Anyway, 2017. Let’s go.

Important PDR Update

Lately I’ve gotten into an unfortunate habit here on the Book of PDR. I’m doing the weekly comic/sketch posts and, usually, the twice-weekly SecGov posts, but I’ve not done much in the way of general posts where I talk about what’s going on or what I’m up to or whatever. Well, no more! Here is the important update you’ve all been waiting for:

PDR Nipple Update June 2014

PDR's nipple, keepin' it real

PDR’s nipple is doing well. It is trying to find a nice balance of doing as much with the Summer as possible, but also work and stuff. If nothing else, PDR’s nipple is getting some reading and movie/television watching done, which was not as possible during the school year. Still, Summer seems to be going by quickly, and there’s still so much to do…

Punch All Persons

Hey, why not talk about the spam? I used to complain about the spam in my comments all the time and I don’t want people wondering what happened to that plot thread. So here’s the deal: Back in the day I was manually fighting the spam myself, deleting the comments as they came in. When it got to be hundreds a day, I was goin’ nuts. But then Marq, my man behind the scenes, hooked me up with Akismet, some sort of program thing especially designed for the dealing-with of spam! How convenient.

So anyway, it seems to be working super well. As of the moment I am writing this, it is telling me that it has “protected (my) site from 22,643 spam comments already.” And the really impressive thing, to me anyway, is that the spam is slowing down. The robots behind it all are finally getting the point that I didn’t want them doing it on my web site. Isn’t technology grand? And also ungrand since it caused the problem in the first place?


I smell the ganja.
It’s wafting through the window
from some other realm.

Is that how “ganja” is spelled? My spellcheck seems to think so, but I’m no expert on the reefers and my spellcheck has steered me wrong in the past. It doesn’t even recognize the word “spellcheck”.

In other news, Marq is working harder than ever on the site. He’s got buttons and banners coming and going. Basically, just accept any changes you see over the next while for what they are, the hard work of one of the people on the site, but not the other.

PDR Sells Out!

Well, we have a space for advertising on the Book of PDR now. Over in the sidebar, under the menu, I’m sure you can see it. I had resisted doing such a thing because it is sort of ridiculous, but now I’ve done it anyway. Isn’t that a great story? It sure is. The bottom line is that it would be cool to make any amount of money, no matter how small, from this website, seeing as it is one of the main things I enjoy in life. It may be a long while before you actually see any ad there, though, since I don’t get a lot of hits to this site and people probably prefer to advertise in places that do.


In a world of pie.
One man must learn about love
And eat all the pie.

Here’s a terrible idea for a video game: The alien bad guys are summoning their armies through a Star Portal Machine that you destroy in the first level. After that you just have to kill the hordes that have already made it through, so there is constantly fewer dudes. As the levels go on they just keep getting easier and easier because there isn’t many bad guys left. The final level is just you leading an army against the one alien left who is just scared and hiding. It’ll be easy, but think of the sense of power you’d get. You’d be like, a really terrible guy!

Bits of Stuff

Okay, I can’t really think of anything to talk about today, so I’ll just say what’s going on. Marq has added a dropdown menu to the sidebar there (—> There) that will let one navigate through the various Secret Government Robot story arcs. That will help anyone who actually has cause to look through the stories.

In related news, later this month I plan on adding SecGov updates to Saturdays. I’m currently just ahead of schedule enough to delude myself into thinking that this’ll work. It’ll probably be rough at first, but it will allow me to get through the stories that much quicker. I would be doing a page a day if I could keep up with the pace.


The sun sets on Mars.
The Martians watch with delight.
Nothing else to do.

Anyway, as I said, I don’t have much else to say. I’ve got five minutes until I have to start getting ready for work… Gotta think of something to say… uh… Giant Enormous Face Eats The Train And Dies!

So… That’s what I said. Can’t take it back now. And I gotta go.