The Spammers Are Still Bad

I’ve often thought of spam as one of the worst things about the Internet. There’s the fact that a lot of it is done as an attempt to scame people, of course, so I don’t like that. But there’s also the fact that there’s just so much of it. Most of it is, I assume, automated by programs that run without human intervention. So there’s just spam comments and emails being created and either blocked by spam filters or deleted or ignored probably thousands a second or some other more impressive number I can’t imagine. How much energy does that eat up? I assume it’s as bad as NFTs and crap like that. The very fact that we need to have spam filters is a bad, like the internet equivalent of sunscreen protecting us from UV rays, except spam was created by people who are fine with making the world worse. It all saddens me.

I used to have a lot of problem with spam on the site, but judging by last post in my spam tag being from 2012, I thought it was less of a direct issue for the Book of PDR. That has changed. The spammers have dragged me back into their electronic underworld of internet evil.

About a week ago, someone apparently hacked into my website provider thing and used my account to create 500 new email addresses. I assume this was all done by bots and the emails began to pump out spam emails. I knew nothing of this. I am meant to get an email when someone who isn’t me logs into the account, but it didn’t happen. Also, supposedly I was sent an email by the company’s security people saying there was suspicious activity, but I received no such thing. I have to assume the spammers have ways around such things. I learned of all this when suddenly I was not allowed to send emails (though thankfully I can still receive them) and I tried to log into the control panel and I was locked out of that as well. Only when I got through to the support people did I learn what had happened.

So anyway, they let me back into the control panel and I did indeed find that someone had indeed created 500 email addresses using my domains (they were just named by numbers, which means there was a “” in there, which amused me slightly). Anyway, it took me FIVE HOURS but I did delete all those bastards.

I did eventually determine that there were some logins from Oslo that I did not get an email about. I got an email when I logged in on my phone, and when Marq logged into help me, but not these Oslo occurrences. I doubt the spammers are actually from Oslo, I assume their bots just use it as a base or whatever, but now I have to hate Oslo for at least one calendar year. Sorry, Oslo.

As of this writing I do not have the ability to send email back yet. I hope that is changed soon, but I am aware this could all be worse. I love my website and I hate to see it’s fragile stability threatened by jerks.

I’m Just Like Twitter

I feel that I should note for posterity that Donald Trump is also banned from this website. I mean, I don’t have the knowledge of how to actually ban anyone, but he’s unwelcome here at any rate.

The Final Little Choy of 2020

Hey everyone! It’s Little Choy! And, if the number in the file name is to be believed, it’s the 50th Little Choys comic I’ve put on this website. With this milestone and the ten year’s of continuous Phone Guys earlier this month, this has been a banner year for exceedingly dumb comics on the Book of PDR.

But, of course, these fifty Little Choy comics are not nearly all of them. I drew these in textbooks and on school desks as a teenager. I drew them on random scraps of paper. Back when I doodled more regularly, this was a regular go-to for me. But now I do it so rarely, and only when I feel like I need something easy to put on this site. Honestly, I feel like fifty Little Choys is probably a good place to stop. Unless I feel compelled to do so naturally, I think I’ve got enough Choys on here to make my point.

What point is that? I dunno. I guess I think it’s funny when a person says something inane and then a weird little floating thing insults them. But those insults aren’t as randomly chosen as Choy’s victims. I’ve come to know Little Choy very well and it’s clear that Choy doesn’t insult your appearance, or your class, or anything like that. Choy only wants you to know that you are stupid and your life is meaningless. That’s what Little Choy wants you to know. That you suck.

The BUZZ around here

Hey look, a new form of content has begun on the Book of PDR. It’s Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles. This is going to continue the story of Adam, the Beekeeper who played a minor but pivotal role in Secret Government Robots, as well as some of the other cast members from that comic. But now they’re in prose! Neat!

Specifically, I’m going to do chapters for this as drabbles, the type of story which is exactly one hundred words long. Easy to read, right? Everyone wins. I figure I’ll do a hundred chapters of it, then see where I feel like going from there.

Hey, SecGov is Over

I noticed that the last page of Secret Government Robots has finally flopped up onto the site. That webcomic is now entirely done. Neat.

Gonna have to change the design of the site around now, I suppose. And also, get more things going up.