The Irishman Cometh

In the interests of obsessively cataloguing every detail of my life onto this site (which I have not been doing well enough lately) I want to report that on Tuesday, I took a night off work so that Marq and I could go to see comedian Dylan Moran as he begins a tour of Canada here in Halifax. I had a good time. Moran’s comedy consists of surreal tangents surrounding world-weary witticisms. In short, it appeals to me very much.

Sadly, though, I feel like the show didn’t sell out the way it deserved to. Looking behind me, I saw an awful lot of empty seats. Kinda made me feel like the city had let him down. I got to thinking, though, I wonder if it would have sold out if the students were still in town.

Now, I hate the students in this city and don’t miss them at all for the summer months, but there’s no denying they are a significant portion of our population here. We should look into finding some way to fill Halifax with a few more people, but ones who aren’t drunken idiots. That’d be welcome.

Anyway, in the unlikely event that someone in Canada finds this post in the next week or so, I suggest trying to get to one of his shows in some other city. In the more likely event that someone stumbles upon this post via a search engine a few years down the line, you’re here because I used the word “Irishman” aren’t you? Yeah, I can tell you are.

A rushed post

Okay, I don’t have to be in work as early as usual today, so I’ve got some time, let’s see what I can post about.

Earlier this month, Loius C. K. put out his most recent comedy special exclusively online skipping the whole television network thing. Even though I can’t even so much afford things really these days he’s only asking five bucks (American, I assume, but didn’t notice), so I figured it was probably possible for me to spend five bucks without it killing me (the jury is still out though). Anyway, I got the special and now I’m talking about it on my website. He remains to entertain me. Any comedy show that begins with pointing out that the audience is a large enough sampling of people that someone there is bound to be dead by the holidays is up my alley. I’m giving it Four out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. It’s not the best of his specials that I have seen, but it is still great. And it is cheap. Keep that in mind anyone wanting some entertainment.


The owl was not there.
But then, who was saying “Hoo”?
And where was the owl?

Apart from that, not much else is going on. As I say, I am soon going to work. I spent much of today trying to work on things I’d like to get done before the New Year rolls around (so it looks like I got more done this year). Mostly I’m trying to finish the Hover Head story I mentioned I’d be starting around this time last year. I did indeed start it in the early bits of 2011, but then my focus shifted more to the SecGov Robots and I let this one drag out. Either way, it shall be done by Monday I am certain, and then I won’t have to worry about it any more. And all of you may continue not caring.

Anyway, not I have to get ready to go to work.

TV isn’t so bad.

As I write this I am just starting to watch the first episode of the latest season of QI. And last weekend began the latest season of the Venture Brothers. All in all television is really pulling its weight right now. I am quite pleased.


Big bears bit Bob Burns.
But Bob Burns bit bears back.
Top of the food chain!

Might as well mention some other television news while I’m on the topic: The latest season of Futurama is either going on now or just ended and either way I have found it relatively weak compared to the Golden Days of Futurama. Louie C.K.’s latest show, appropriately called “Louie” has been painfully funny. I guess that’s pretty much it for shows I’m watching at the moment… But it still enough that those who say television is a wasteland are proven wrong.

Louie C.K.

On Friday Night, I got to see Louis C.K. do his stand up comedy routine at a public staging of that stand up comedy routine. It was very good. Seriously though, if that man is doing a public staging of his stand up comedy routine in your town, I recommend you go see the public staging of his stand up comedy routine.

We showed up late and had to find our seats while some opening act guy was on. No biggie. We still got to see Louis. And he delivered entertainment. I give his show a Five out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. He makes the bleak realities of modern life amusing. What impressed me most is that I’ve watched many appearances of Louis C.K. and specials and whatnot and there was not one joke in this act that I had heard before. Marq says that when he appeared on the radio the morning of the show he said he is constantly updating his material. It shows and I thank him for it. My refusal to watch any clips of him between buying the tickets and the show now seems unnecessary.

A conundrum though, I’ve always pronounced his name like “Louie” because I’m almost positive that that was how it was said back when he used to be on Conan and I know his show was called Lucky Louie. But Marq said the radio was pronouncing the “S” and I saw a commercial for upcoming film The Invention of Lying which seemed to pronounce the “S” as well. I could look it up online, I’m sure, but instead I’m just gonna write about it here. We have yet to watch his recent appearance on Conan’s new show and I am confident that it will help me to learn the correct pronunciation.

Apart from that, I’ve not much else to say. A couple more comics from the Contains2 days have been put up in the comics section and I expect that after I post this I will also take a prose story from the old days and bring it to life on this site. It also occurs to me that there are a few actual videos and animations that I should be salvaging from the Contains2 wreckage as well. The Internet currently doesn’t know how much it is missing.

Stand Up Time.

I have just purchased tickets to see Louis C.K. when he plays Halifax. Now, I’m poor and all that, but I couldn’t miss out on that so soon after finding out that Modest Mouse was coming only after tickets were already sold out.

I have seen stand-up acts in comedy clubs, but this is a much bigger deal. The venue is going to be like seven times bigger than the tiny clubs I’ve seen. Plus: It’s Louis C.K.

That’s gonna be sweet.