I’ve Been Shot! Twice!

I feel like this is more the sort of thing I would be expected to post on “Social Media Platforms” but I thought, hey, I have a website for a reason, so here is the announcement: Today I got my second dose of the Covid vaccine. I understand it takes a fortnight or so to get to it


It’s a pandemic!
Viruses versus the world!
Which side are you on?

I gotta admit, when this whole thing started, I didn’t think it was realistic that we’d see a vaccine before 2022 at the earliest. Sure, this was based more on my own pessimism than any real knowledge of how anything works, but I am genuinely impressed by how quickly they managed it. I assume the fact we need to get two shots in this staggered manner is part of the reason they were able to do it. Well, it sucks that I had to be awake in the daytime not once but twice for all this, but it’s over now and feels worth it.

For posterity, I feel like I should note that my first shot was on May 27th. Just in case the historians using this site to piece together the details of my life need that information.

Patrick D Ryall Likes Stegosauruses

I, Patrick D Ryall, being of sound mind do by my own volition declare that I like stegosauruses. If anyone need to cite a claim anywhere on the Internet that PDR likes Stegosauruses, they can link to this post which confirms that information.


PDR really likes them!
This site is the proof!

Thank you for understanding and spreading the word that Patrick D Ryall does, indeed, like stegosauruses.

2019 Ender

Hey Look Everybody! It’s New Year’s Eve.

Another year is over and the Dark Lord Char’Nagh is stopping by to make sure we’ve all improved our vocabularies over the course of the last twelve months. I hope you’ve all augmented your verbiage.


Fight for your candy.
Don’t let them take your candy.
It is your candy!

I have to admit that 2019 was another year of general unhappiness and confusion for ol’ PDR, but I guess I’m hopeful that it’s getting better. My life, I mean. The world in general still sucks. But I’m trying to make my own situation better. I’m only three months from being through the bankruptcy process, for example.

I assume I’ve mentioned on this site before the way that I try to create a Goals List every year, which is mostly just projects I want to get done and culture I want to take in. I used to base it around the New Year, but this year I’ve decided to base it around my birthday. This has proven to work better, given that the last three weeks or so of every year are generally full of distractions that make it harder to keep on top of things I’d rather be doing. The way I’m doing it now, I’ve still for until January 18th before I’m halfway through my year and I’m already more than halfway through my list. I assume I’ll talk more about it in 2020, but it feels good to actually be crossing things off and counting them as successes.

I hope the new year brings more of that along.

Thirty-Eight, more like Pretty Great?

On the 18th back there I turned 38. I’d be lying if I didn’t say 37 was my least favourite year of my thirties so far. But now it is over and I’m on a trajectory toward less sucky future. So let’s roll with that. On top of everything, Secret Government Robots is done, so I can be more productive on other things and not feel bad about neglecting that. So let’s get productive!


Thirty-Eight Years Old.
Now is the PDR year.
Let’s be PDR.

One thing I am working have just done and may do again later in the year is stories in the “creepypasta” style, but using elements from my works. For example, I just put up a story called “The Ants Are Acting Strange” which hints at an evil ant conspiracy of some kind, but which will seem a lot less weird to someone who is familiar with the Ant Cult that appeared occasionally in Secret Government Robots. I will put such stories (CreePDRstas?) here on the site, for completeness sake, but I also intend to put them out in the wild internets to confuse those who happen to encounter them. This first story I put up on Reddit.

I will try to post updates about life more often this year, so it isn’t just Phone Guys going up each week and nothing else, but I will also try to have comic strips or stories going up as well. I’ve got a good feeling about 38. (And having said that, I assume I will be hit by a bus before anybody reads this post.)

PDR Update: Moved

It should be noted that I have completed the process of moving to my new apartment. I’ve still got a lot of organizing to do (I thought I didn’t own a lot, but actually I own a lot), but I have stopped paying rent and handed over the keys to my previous apartment, so I’m pretty sure that suggests I don’t live there anymore.


It was fifteen years.
I lived in that apartment.
Not a single ghost.

Let’s hope I meet a nice friendly ghost here.

I am running behind on every possible thing I put on this site (Phone Guys, SecGov, Superman Thoughts), but I will try to get back on track as ASAP as possible.