Thirty-Eight, more like Pretty Great?

On the 18th back there I turned 38. I’d be lying if I didn’t say 37 was my least favourite year of my thirties so far. But now it is over and I’m on a trajectory toward less sucky future. So let’s roll with that. On top of everything, Secret Government Robots is done, so I can be more productive on other things and not feel bad about neglecting that. So let’s get productive!


Thirty-Eight Years Old.
Now is the PDR year.
Let’s be PDR.

One thing I am working have just done and may do again later in the year is stories in the “creepypasta” style, but using elements from my works. For example, I just put up a story called “The Ants Are Acting Strange” which hints at an evil ant conspiracy of some kind, but which will seem a lot less weird to someone who is familiar with the Ant Cult that appeared occasionally in Secret Government Robots. I will put such stories (CreePDRstas?) here on the site, for completeness sake, but I also intend to put them out in the wild internets to confuse those who happen to encounter them. This first story I put up on Reddit.

I will try to post updates about life more often this year, so it isn’t just Phone Guys going up each week and nothing else, but I will also try to have comic strips or stories going up as well. I’ve got a good feeling about 38. (And having said that, I assume I will be hit by a bus before anybody reads this post.)

PDR Update: Moved

It should be noted that I have completed the process of moving to my new apartment. I’ve still got a lot of organizing to do (I thought I didn’t own a lot, but actually I own a lot), but I have stopped paying rent and handed over the keys to my previous apartment, so I’m pretty sure that suggests I don’t live there anymore.


It was fifteen years.
I lived in that apartment.
Not a single ghost.

Let’s hope I meet a nice friendly ghost here.

I am running behind on every possible thing I put on this site (Phone Guys, SecGov, Superman Thoughts), but I will try to get back on track as ASAP as possible.

PDR Update: End of Aliens Month

Hey, it’s PDR! The PDR from now, in 2017, not the PDR from 2016 who scheduled all those posts this month. 2016 PDR left November 30th blank with a note that told me-now-PDR to put a PDR Update here.

Well, the main thing on my plate right now is some seemingly expensive car repairs. It seems my shift motor has corroded. That’s punching my wallet right in the nuts, that’s for sure. Apart from that, things are as they have been all year for me. 2017 has not been a great year for me, but neither has it been for the world at large, so at least I’m not alone in that.


My finances remain poor.
Not been a great year.

It’s not all been a bad year, though. I’ve been listening to the Superman radio show from the 40s as I drive, and during the serial “Is There Another Superman” there was a scene in which Batman and Robin were investigating and Robin got kinda bored, noticed it was snowing out, and sung a few bars of “White Christmas” only for Batman to reply: “I’ll Christmas you unless you pipe down” so now I know the best Batman line that has ever been written.

So anyway, we now go back to not having a new Super Sunday post every day. The site will probably feel pretty empty. I do still miss my Twitter posts manifesting here. That was nice.

2017 Ender

The year of 2016 is coming to a close and the Dark Lord Char’Nagh is here to demolish what came before and hopefully replace it with something better. Hail the Darkness of Char’Nagh!

“This is definitely the year that Secret Government Robots will be ending,” I wrote last year. Oops. I am afraid that after the monetary issues that started my year, I fell out of the habit of doing the comic, and never really got back into it. It’s been a rough year in many ways and I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked. The only real upside, if it can be called that, is that it seems like it has been a rough year for a lot of people, so if nothing else, I am kind of in the zeitgeist. That counts for something, right? Right?

Anyway, I’m going to hopefully get SecGov done for real this year. I’ve actually got about fifty pages pencilled that I “just” need to scan, ink, color, and letter. But that fifty is, I estimate, only about half of what is left. But once I start getting them online, they’ll all follow. Otherwise, what creative energies I did expend in 2016 have been on projects that don’t really have any immediate payoff (as well as the creation of a host of alien species that nobody but me has any interest in). Ideally, in 2017 I will get SecGov done so that, if nothing else, I can feel less guilty when I work on other things. I’ve said it before, but it is a good thing I don’t have an audience craving this stuff or I’d feel even more pressure.


Potatoes for sale!
Get your fresh potatoes here!
But them, you morons!

In other news, the little add-on thing that was putting my Twitter posts onto this site seems to have ceased to function and I have no idea how to replace it. Without those little blurbs, this site seems to have even less content than I can condone. I guess I will have to start to try doing little post here now and then too. Geez. So much work.

Anyway, 2017. Let’s go.

A new entry in the Inanest Post Trilogy!!!

A couple months ago, I crushed my finger in a door and, as a result, I have had a fingernail blacked with blood for several months. Well today it grew out enough that I could tell what was happening: the new healthy nail was growing under the damaged nail. Well, that was only gonna get worse, so I had to devote an hour or so removing the fingernail. Look, these last couple weeks have been such that removing my own fingernail is not the worst time I’ve had. Anyway, with that done, my left middle finger is now without a nail for me to clip. You know what that means! Except nobody knows what that means.

Long ago in that most apocalyptic of years, 2012, I realized that, having once lost a fingernail and waited for it to grow back, I knew which finger had the nail I had clipped the least. There was one thing I could be certain about. But then, just to throw my life into chaos, I lost another fingernail! So now, with the third such occurrence, I am even more at a loss. (Note that the previous lost nails were almost instantaneously lost in machinery, this is the only one I’ve had to methodically remove of my own accord).

So now I just don’t have the scientific data to know which nails I’ve clipped in what kind of order. My whole operation is a shambles. At this point, my best bet will probably be to wait until I’ve lost six more fingernails, and then I’ll be able to tell which I’ve clipped the most. Then I’ll have closure.


It’s Golden Fog time!
Yep, it is that time again.
It sure is that time.

Apart from that, not much to report. Go back about your business. Let me alone. I have no more anecdotes as exciting as that right now.