Stand Up Time.

I have just purchased tickets to see Louis C.K. when he plays Halifax. Now, I’m poor and all that, but I couldn’t miss out on that so soon after finding out that Modest Mouse was coming only after tickets were already sold out.

I have seen stand-up acts in comedy clubs, but this is a much bigger deal. The venue is going to be like seven times bigger than the tiny clubs I’ve seen. Plus: It’s Louis C.K.

That’s gonna be sweet.

  1. Well…

    … since the phrase ‘Awesome Possum’ is an inside joke between my childhood best friend and I, I’m willing to give this video a shot.

  2. Super fantastic! He’s got an animated bit that I love about his father and it involves robot wizards. Awesome that you’re going to see him.

  3. I didn’t pick that video as any kind of example of his best work, so I’m lucky I got one that has an inside joke for you, Tucker. Go me.

    And Allison, it is awesome that I will be seeing him and that you’ll be seeing Modest Mouse. Awesome. But now I need to find out where I can see this thing with Wizards…

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