2010 Ender

And suddenly another year is gone. Too fast to be properly appreciated and the new one will likely wind up the same way. Everyone be sure to light a candle so that the Dark Lord Char’Nagh can see properly as he makes his rounds this year-end.

I feel that 2010 was a pretty decent year. Granted, I may just be feeling that way because the last few weeks have been pretty nice and the rest of the year was just mediocre. I mean, I’m poorer than ever and I didn’t get to do any travelling whatsoever in 2010, but hey, at least I didn’t have a computer die on me like in stupid 2009. I’m getting comic strips done at a rate that I’ve probably not met since the death of Contains2.

2011 however is going to be the year for the Book of PDR and its related endeavours. I will make this true. So bring it on!

True Grit and Fake Comments

Today saw Kiiip and I joining forces for the first time in months to watch the movie True Grit. It was a solid flick. Somewhat less quirky and ambiguous than typical your Coen Brothers affair, but not without its charms. I am underselling it, I think. It’s really good. Certainly I liked last year’s A Serious Man better, but those brothers have yet to disappoint me. If anybody out there is thinking “I want to see a good Western” they have one they can go to. I’ve not seen the original attempt at making a movie of True Grit, so I can’t compare, but I’ll give this one like Four and a Half Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake.


Powerful hamster,
why do you do this to me?
Please just let me go.

And finally, the spammers are hitting my site harder than ever this week. Over 600 comments over the last two days alone and it still seems like any time I check there are more to go. Probably even as I write this very sentence the spam robots are hard at work creating bizarre compliments that they think will trick me into going to their sites. I will not be fooled! But I will have to delete a bunch of spams.

Haha! I just checked and here is the comment the robots have just added to this Monday’s comics post:

“I want to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this post. I am hoping the same top-quality article from you in the upcoming as well. In fact your creative writing abilities has inspired me to start my own blog now. Truly the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. Your write up is a fine example of it. “

Could they lay it on thicker? Geez.

How The Tradition Of Marriage Began.

Way way back in the Bronze Age there was a bunch of people who lived on this island called Hamrock. One of them was Carmen. Carmen was a sad little girl. She spent every day moping around her house and sighing as loud as she could. Carmen didn’t know it, but her house was haunted […]

Hey Kids, Comics! December 27, 2010!

Well, first and foremost, we’ve got the Phone Guys.

Just strange this week, I guess. But that is okay, because I have more to give:

I know I said that Secret Government Robots was going to be a monthly strip, but I figure I should at least cram one more into 2010 so that, at the very least, we can get to know some more of the cast.

So now we have seen the Secret VP and his assistant Ephraim, who is pretty much the sanest robot in the entire organization. Once the stable of characters is fleshed out enough, I may try to do an actual story.

But this week, even that is not enough! I’ve had a half-finished Hover Head strip on my computer for some time so I figured that it was time to get it done and finished.

This is the last of my run of Hover Head strips, though. I’d planned at least six more, but now that I’ve got a new font and the ability to hand-draw layouts before I computerfy them, I am going to halt production. Hover Head and his inability to quip properly will return in the form of complete stories, roughly 22 pages like proper comics. Expect the first story as soon as I can get it completed.

And there is more! I had to delve into the old Contains2 archives for something this week and I stumbled upon a comic that I’d put up there but had neglected to bring here. I now remedy this. It employs some manner of play on words!

Weather related smalltalk, I guess.

Today was a good day. On the topic of today, the weather is quite nice by PDR standards. I’d heard all these predictions that we’d be having the snowiest year in a figurative forever, but so far I don’t think we’ve had enough cumulative snowfall to hide the corpse of that hobo you would have accidentally hit when your car skidded off the road because of all the snow. There’s people out there who like to experience their holidays with snow, and sure I’d be happy for them if they had it, but I’ll personally take the bleak rainy overcast days we’ve got. I suspect it would be more popular if it wasn’t so dark, cloudy, and chilly but since I am, y’know, a creature of the night, the darkness is no problem for me. In fact since I currently do not own sunglasses, it is ideal. I wouldn’t mind a few less bone-chilling breezes, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. I mean, since there was no snow, you didn’t hit the hobo, so you don’t even need to hide his corpse! See how much better that is?

On the less cool side of this weather: the other day there was a total lunar eclipse, right? Some people even tried to make it extra cool by pointing that it landed on the equinox and that rarely happens apparently. It’s all well and good to enjoy that, but I don’t care ’bout no equinoxes, I just like eclipses. It was not visible, though, because of all those clouds that gave me the darkness earlier. Hey clouds! At night it is already dark. I don’t need you to save me from the sun at night.