Oh Chute

I wrote an exam tonight. Only three left. I’m sure I’ve already said this, but I don’t like exams. They’re my least favorite part of school, and they’re all I gots left. One thing, though, I think that my chronic procrastination during the school year has made me a little better of whipping together an essay on the spot during an exam. I’m not saying I did particularly well (I need more than an hour to write a decent essay), but I did better than I might have without a year of procrastinatory practice.

Anyway, a new thing to add to my list of things I’d do if I were rich: Take classes at university and just not show up to the exams because I don’t even care because I’m rich.


The king has been born.
Long live the king! Three years pass:
The king is a jerk.

In other news, I have watched Game of Thrones. I watched it. Are you happy now society? I said I’d watch it and I did. Now I only have about a million other super hit shows that I am supposed to catch up on.

In other other news, it is snowing outside. What the chunks! Stop that!

In still other other news, my apartment building has this chute by the elevator down which we are to dump garbage bags. Recyclables and compost and stuff goes down to the basement, but garbage bags go down the chute. It is pretty conventient. But as of Monday that chute will no longer be in use. The garbage has to go down to the basement too. It’s not really that inconvenient, I still don’t have to worry about “garbage day” like some chump homeowner, but I will miss the chute.

Break’s Broken

So it’s back to school tomorrow. I feel like this is going to be a very busy couple of months. I guess that if dumbass stupid moron kids can do it every year, someone awesome and coolsmart like me should do alright, though. Right? This is jest, of course, but I did kinda get through my first semester with a feeling that I can half-ass it and still do alright. Here’s hoping this second semester doesn’t shatter that illusion. Anyway, hopefully I won’t be too distracted from the site during that time.


Spaceships are not real.
It’s all a Communist lie.
There ain’t no spaceships.

Also, we’ve got our first real stickaround snowfall in the city for this Winter. So now I’ll be trudgin’ through that on my way to school. Just great. Just great.

Also, I need to mention this: My Internet is getting so slow. I have no idea why, but for months it’s been getting slower and slower and now it’s just painful. I don’t know who I’m supposed to punch to fix it, so if anyone knows, just fill me in.

Camels for all!

Okay, so, over on the Secret Government Robots I am starting a four page story today. Here’s the thing, though. This story was actually made a long time ago, like, before I started doing the 22-page stories that have become the norm. I’ve had a couple pages that were similarly done at work with MS Paint on boring nights, but this story was made before any of them. I was saving it in case I ever needed to whip out a few pages because of missed deadlines or whatever, but that time hasn’t come yet. Instead I am using it up because it works in the current spot of the story, and I just got sick of having it around. So, anyway, this is my justification for how simple it is, at any rate.


I won a camel.
You also won a camel.
We all win camels.

Anyway, they’re doing a preventative spray for bedbugs in my building today, which is okay, I guess, I mean, I haven’t had bedbugs yet and I think I’d prefer to stay that way. But it also means I have to be awake at the wrong time of day, and spend four hours out of the apartment where there is sunlight and people, some of my least favorite things. And to make matters worse, I thought it was yesterday that this was happening. I spent four hours outside in the daytime yesterday and now I have to do it again today? There is no justice in the world.

Apple Pie Cake

I have purchased and partially eaten something called an “apple pie cake”. I am sad to report that it is not as good as one might hope from something by that name. Ah well, at least now I can say I tried it. In fact, I think I just did.

Nothing much else to say today, except that we’ve reached the part of the year when my apartment gets uncomfortably hot and it causes me to lose sleep. This will likely cause me to post more stupid, fog-brained thoughts on my website. In fact, I think I just did.

Only Fair

Listen, if I’ve got to put up with people who say things like “I don’t like drinking water because it has no taste”, then it is only fair that I get to complain about sunlight. This is non-negotiable.