Motorcycle Dream

In the dream I had in my most recent sleep I was pulled over by the police after riding a motorcycle on the beach at night after it had snowed. I have never in my life ridden a motorcycle, but it seemed easy enough in my dream. I was able to ramp off beach-snow with ease. And also the bike didn’t make as much noise as they do in real life. I’d love a dream-motorcycle.

The dream cops let me go as soon as they realized I wasn’t drunk. In fact, one of them recognized me as a teetotaler, which was nice. I’ve always hoped that eventually the cops in the real world would get to recognize me in my night-wanderings and instead of being suspicious, they’d just say “Oh, there’s PDR. That guy is alright.” That would be nice. Anyway, it occurred to me after waking up that I didn’t even get in trouble for not wearing a helmet.

All in all, it was an okay dream.

Feeling PDR

I feel that maybe it is worth noting that this last month or so I have actually been feeling like Patrick D Ryall, which is something that doesn’t happen often enough. That may sound strange, because whatever I, Patrick D Ryall, feel like should be what it feels like to be Patrick D Ryall, but it is not so. I’m feeling PDR in the adjective form.

I have a pretty clear idea of how the ideal PDR is supposed to go, and to be honest, it doesn’t go that way often enough. But that has been improving. Last month I saw a great number of people of whom I don’t see enough, so that was a plus. A combination of the winter being over and just taking circuitous routes has increased the amount of walking I’ve been doing, and walking is a definite must for PDR. During one of those walks I got the attention of the police, another classic PDR result. My monetary situation seems to have slightly improved, which is a definite plus because all that dwelling on money is very much not a PDR action (For that matter spending a decade in a job I can’t even pretend to care about just so I don’t be homeless is very not PDR, but I haven’t quite worked out what to do about that one, yet). Also, my creative output is up. Things like this make for a very PDR PDR.

I should point out that feeling like myself isn’t necessarily the same thing as feeling happy. In fact, the spectrum of PDRness runs the full gamut of highs and lows and these months has been no exception. There have been various minor things like the whole affair with my wallet and credit cards. (and also losing a book on a bus, which certainly seems like something a PDR would do), and some other things I don’t plan to dwell on here on the site (although, actually, I will add that losing my three day weekends is utter ballsack. And not in the good way), but at least for the moment the state of the Nation of PDR is such that at least the youth in the Nation of PDR aren’t rioting in the streets ashamed at our loss of national identity. Or something.

And finally, for those who saw the title of this post and were disappointed by what it turned out to be, I’ll try to see if I can’t make an a guide to groping PDR someday in the future to make up for it.

Mysterious Stranger Man

Okay, my latest encounter with the police has just occurred. It is just a small one, but I did say I’d put them all on here:

So I’d just gotten home from work and decided I’d go grab some groceries from the twenty-four hour Sobeys down the road. But I did not take a direct route, instead opting for a meandering path of walkin’ fun on side streets. I was wearing my mp3 player and dancing around like an idiot to Bowie as I went, and that was when I first noticed a car slowly going by me, which turned out to be a cop car. It went up ahead, then turned around and not-at-all subtly drove by me again, checkin’ me out an talking on the police-talking-machine. That was it, though. Didn’t even stop to ask me where I was going. Which is a shame.

I’ll never know if they were looking for someone in particular or if he was just checking out the mysterious trenchcoated scruffy guy walking around at four in the morning, but I do know that by the time that second pass-by happened, I was grinning like an idiot, which probably made me seem insane. Good times.

In other news: Bruise on my knee, don’t know why.

On the side of the pirates

Okay, so today (or Wednesday anyway. For me this is still my Wednesday waking period, even though it is after midnight) a bunch of websites shut themselves off in protest or whatever. Obviously I didn’t do that for the Book of PDR, for various reasons including the fact I wouldn’t know how. Also including the fact that since nobody much really comes here, so nobody would notice. But the main important super serious reason is this: I’m a radical anti-capitalist who pretty much endorses all forms of copyright infringement and piracy or movies, music, and software. I want it mandatory and taught in preschools until everyone has no money ever. So obviously I’m the exact kind of enemy the SOPA bill wants to destroy. Therefore the reasonable people who want the bill defeated but aren’t actually insane would be better off not associating with me. Right? I’d damage their credibility.

(Actually, I don’t think there’s much copyright infringement on my site. The Canadian Heritage Moments, maybe would count? I’m sure there’s a picture of Batman on here somewhere? But mostly I’ve preferred to keep things PDR-related (probably to our detriment).)

Anyway, that’s not the real reason I’m doing this post. At some point I made a promise to use this side to record all my encounters with police officers, so now I’ve got to do that. Unfortunately, though, this one isn’t me being suspicious in any way. Basically I just got home from work and found a situation in the lobby of my building (it isn’t important the details because it involves people I don’t know) and even though everything seemed to be in hand with 911 already called and such, I didn’t want to leave until I was sure everything worked out so I wound up holding the door for the three cops and two paramedics who showed up. That’s pretty much the extent of it.

But here’s what I took from it: All those cops looked younger than me. What The Chunks Is That About?

Suspicious Activity

I said I would keep mentioning my run-ins with the police on here and I meant it. It gives me something to write about when the only things I really do at any moment are work and be lazy.

So anyway, I was making that walk down the long highway outside of civilization that I have mentioned in the past and a cop car drove by me, slowly enough that I figure I was being watched. He then decided that he would drive off and leave me be. I wasn’t paying attention until the car was going, so I couldn’t tell if it was a policeperson I had dealt with before or not, but in any case a moment after he was gone a coworker drove up and offered me a lift. I accepted and as we continued down the road, we passed a cop car, probably the same one, parked at the side of the road. I am willing to assume he was waiting for me or something. But the thing is, I was in a car now. He will never see me walk by and will probably assume I wandered off into the woods to do some crimes. Oh well. I assume that all government agencies monitor my website anyway, so now the cops will know the truth.


The apocalypse.
A time for friends and fam’ly
to all end up dead.

So, a week or two I read that a Hollywood movie company had bought the rights to make a movie based on the old arcade game Asteroids. That was especially interesting to me because of the time I used to be in the #1 spot on the high scores for that game at an arcade we used to have around here, but I still thought that a movie of it would probably be ridiculous. I have since heard of other properties that companies have actually paid for the opportunity to make movies of, such as Monopoly or Battleship. Now, I just have to say: Hollywood, you are an idiot. I try not to think about how much money you waste producing bad movies year after year because you occasionally make things that I do enjoy, but the idea that studios are competing for properties like this and probably paying a lot of money reminds me that you are really an idiot. I mean, really, if you wanted to make a movie about a guy flying around destroying asteroids, you easily could have done it without the license. The same goes especially for Battleship. You could make hundreds of movies about Battleships dueling in the ocean before having to resort to getting those rights. And I can guarantee that there aren’t hardcore Battleship fans that are a guaranteed audience that you can only bring in with the name brand title. Really, the only possible way these movies could turn out well is if they turn out insanely stupid. That’s the best I can hope for with Asteroids and that is why Hollywood is an idiot.