The Story of the Class I Dropped

Okay, so I’m back in school again. I haven’t had all my new classes, but yesterday I had one that I signed up for without knowing exactly what it was. Then I fled. I mean, it looked like a really interesting class, mostly about adapting stories from one medium to another I guess, but it looked really hard. I could probably have enjoyed it if it were the only class I was taking in a year, but as it stands, I chickened out and ran away. I did enjoy the one day of the class I took. Were I rich enough to sit in on classes without having to worry about the whole workload, I’d be all over it, but I ain’t. Even the professor seemed really cool, so much so that I actually feel bad about dropping his class, but I didn’t go back to school to challenge myself. I want easy classes and plenty of ’em.

I replaced it with a class about the history of pirates that, is probably not going to be super-duper-easy, but it will probably be easier than that class.


Dead kittens are fun.
You need not ever feed them
and you can kick them.

In other news, I had a dream last night. It was like this: It was your general post-apocalyptic zombie-style setup, but instead of zombies, it was a world where statues had come to life and started attacking people. Since, I assume, there are fewer statues on Earth than there would be human corpses, getting attacked wasn’t too frequent, but when they came they were tough to fight because statues are harder to smash than zombie skulls. As is frequent with dreams, I don’t remember too much, but there was an ostrich statue among the horde.

Also, there was this other side-plot about a girl who lived in a high-tech pod thing. She had no idea what the pod was about, and seemed pretty unaware of the statuepocalypse in general. She was discovered by some survivor boy and they were hanging out. He tried to call someone on a cell-phone and it seemed like that person got hit by a space laser. The girl was intrigued and actually tried calling herself on the phone (a stupid idea), but before the space laser came down to kill them, some big thing in space (spaceship? moon? I don’t know?) moved itself in front of it to take the hit. I never found out what the deal was with this and how it connected to the comparatively more sensible statue attack plot.

Anyway, that’s it for now.

Super Sunday: Mouthlaser and the Orbzoid


Ty Taylor accidentally drank a secret formula. It was a secret formula intended to work as computer fuel, which means people aren’t supposed to drink it. To keep Ty from dying, vomiting was induced. Ty ended up vomiting for a long time, and when he ran out of vomit, something strange happened: Ty started vomiting lasers. Eventually Ty felt better, but could still vomit lasers at will. Still, he lost his job and had to pay the company for the computer fuel that he ruined.

Unemployed and able to shoot mouth lasers, Ty did what anybody would do in that situation: he sewed a costume and started picking fights with crime. So far, that’s working out for him. Good for Ty.

The story behind the creation of Mouthlaser is simple: shooting lasers from one’s mouth has been Kip’s choice for favorite super power for years. I have to admit that if I were ever to do anything with the character, I bet I could do a better job with the costume. For now, though, this works.

The Orbzoid

It is unclear what exactly the Orbzoid is, though it is known to be of alien origin. It was a Summer day when a large orb crashed to Earth and crawled out of the resulting crater. The orb was given the name “Orbzoid” by during a frenzy whipped up by a twenty-four hour news cycle, and it was clearly intelligent. Its motives, however, could not be discerned. For days it wandered the world, apparently at random. On one occasion it smashed through the window of a hospital and roamed the halls for hours. Reporters lost sight of it for weeks as it submerged itself in the ocean waters. More recently, though, the Orbzoid has apparently constructed a body for itself. It has also begun interacting with humanity, though it still remains mysterious. The Orbzoid has appeared at the scenes of crimes and prevented violence, and also stopped several buildings from being destroyed by fires, so humanity is accepting it as a hero. Still, the unknowable orb has been seen digging large, apparently useless holes strange locations, and moving parked cars in the middle of the night. Humanity can only hope that if the Orbzoid’s motives ever become clear, they will be benevolent.

The Orbzoid came to me in a dream, the design and the name, at least (and it happened only a short time after I decided I had to stop using the suffix -oid in character names). You can’t tell because of my drawing style (aka crappy-style), but the big Head Orb is supposed to be floating a few inches above the weird triangle shoulder thing, disconnected physically from the rest of the body, but still somehow connected. It’s weird, but that’s what he’s for.

Some Updating…

Okay, so today’s SecGov page wraps up the most recent story. During the course of that story I lost my script and just winged it for the rest of the scheduled 22 pages, so the pacing suffered, but whatever, it is done. With that story done, though, a lot of the little plot threads I had tried to build are now at the surface. I’m going to now probably focus on single pages for a while, because they’re a lot easier. Hopefully I’ll be able to delve into something more substantial soon.

In other news I had a dream the other night in which I was the new Prime Minister of Russia and I began my career by going house to house to ask what people thought their three least favorite things about the country was. I got to about five houses before waking up. Being Prime Minister of Russia seems hard.


I woke up today absolutely convinced that I had a pet lobster that lived in my fridge. I knew I was coming out of a dream, but for a moment I was certain that that part was based in fact. Dreams are weird, man.

Some Dreams

A few nights back I had a dream wherein I found out that walking around shirtless with a baseball bat and a moustache got me crazy amounts respect and fear from the populace. Also, I learned to ride a unicycle.

Last night I dreamt I was the sole passenger on a bus across Canada. I had two laptops set up and was getting a bunch of work done until some annoying guy I went to high school with (but who doesn’t exist in real life) got on and wouldn’t stop talking to me. He was trying to convince me to go to the class reunion, even though we were both on a bus riding away from the city it would be in.

Not my weirdest dreams, but still good.