PDR Update: August Already?

Alright. Let’s see what I need to update us all on:

Most significant is the fact that I had to get a new computer after my last laptop failed on me. It was a fairly gradual death at first, getting slower and slower as it went, so I had backed things up fairly recently. I lost about two weeks of research notes and the bookmarks in my browser. That is such a small amount of loss that I can accept it happily, but I’d sure like to be able to hop back on there long enough to get those notes back…

Anyway, the new laptop is nice and fast and has as much space as my external hard drive (I ought to get a new one of those by this point). I already expect that the problems with this one will be focused around the power charging outlet thing. The little prong inside looks worryingly fragile.

I have not quite had time to really organize things on the new computer yet, but it definitely could be a good computer from what I can see, and could have been a much worse loss of information.

Apart from that, the main detail of the last few weeks is that I twisted my ankle. If anyone wants to see a picture of my bruised foot all swollen up so it looks like a big gross baby foot, I have such a thing. In spite of how much time I have already lost to hospitals this year, I was convinced to have this injury examined by medical professionals. It turns out that I did chip a bone, but it also turns out that the medical advice was basically just rest and cold and elevation and all of that is what I would have done without spending hours in hospital waiting rooms. Oh well.

A new entry in the Inanest Post Trilogy!!!

A couple months ago, I crushed my finger in a door and, as a result, I have had a fingernail blacked with blood for several months. Well today it grew out enough that I could tell what was happening: the new healthy nail was growing under the damaged nail. Well, that was only gonna get worse, so I had to devote an hour or so removing the fingernail. Look, these last couple weeks have been such that removing my own fingernail is not the worst time I’ve had. Anyway, with that done, my left middle finger is now without a nail for me to clip. You know what that means! Except nobody knows what that means.

Long ago in that most apocalyptic of years, 2012, I realized that, having once lost a fingernail and waited for it to grow back, I knew which finger had the nail I had clipped the least. There was one thing I could be certain about. But then, just to throw my life into chaos, I lost another fingernail! So now, with the third such occurrence, I am even more at a loss. (Note that the previous lost nails were almost instantaneously lost in machinery, this is the only one I’ve had to methodically remove of my own accord).

So now I just don’t have the scientific data to know which nails I’ve clipped in what kind of order. My whole operation is a shambles. At this point, my best bet will probably be to wait until I’ve lost six more fingernails, and then I’ll be able to tell which I’ve clipped the most. Then I’ll have closure.


It’s Golden Fog time!
Yep, it is that time again.
It sure is that time.

Apart from that, not much to report. Go back about your business. Let me alone. I have no more anecdotes as exciting as that right now.

Oh yeah, I Have An Anecdote.

I suppose that I could get a post out of how I almost died a few weeks back. I’m overstating it, but it is still technically true. I came very close to inhaling a bunch of dust from a bag of dish sanitizer pellets that, according to the package, would be fatal if inhaled. Luckily, I reacted quickly when I saw the cloud of dust coming at me, and stopped mid-breath (a reaction I’ve trained myself on clouds of cigarette smoke and car exhaust), so the dust did not get further than my nostrils. I immediately got myself to fresh air and made sure to not inhale through my nose for a bit. When I went back and . It burned pretty strongly in there for hours, even after I flushed my nose with water.

The package said that if it had gotten into the lungs, it would have messed them up pretty badly, so I was hoping maybe the chemicals would cause permanent damage in the form of destroying my nosehairs. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Woulda been a pretty stupid way to die.

Some Post I Wrote

Did you know that the word “Pie” comes from the Victorian-era phrase “Pan of Interesting Edibles”? Now you know. Feel free to cite this page as proof when you add this fact to Wikipedia.

So how is everybody doing? Well, I hope. Me? I’m alright. The cold I had last week is gone save for some sniffling. My freaking internet is being slow tonight as I try to watch my stories, but whatever. You can’t break an omelet without making some new eggs, am I right?


Panda Detective.
Solving crimes is his main joy,
His one obsession.

And now a list of some foods which produce smells that I enjoy, but I don’t care for the food especially:

  1. Popcorn.
  2. Sausages.

That is all I can think of for now.

Anyway, for posterity I must mention that today was the final checkup of my mangled finger. It was a matter of the doctor looking at it for whole seconds to confirm that, yeah, it looks fine. Not much of a news item, but if I don’t document the minutia of my life on this site, who will? Bronson Pinchot? No, I don’t think he will. It’s up to me.

A Sequel to my Inanest Post Ever

Some time ago I posted a rambling spiel about how I basically knew that of all my fingers I had cut the left ring finger the least because I had once lost it and it had to grow back. But then Manglefinger happened this summer, so now my right middle finger has been going cut-less for a few months and is only just now getting back to groomable length. So now I don’t know which finger has been cut least often. One of the few things I can be sure of in this world has gone away.


Golden fog rolls in.
The old people can see it there.
They talk about it.

Y’know those vehicles from cartoons that are basically big drills that you ride in and go through the ground? Like Shredder had. I think Cobra had some too. Those things are probably pretty good at first, but eventually you’re going to end up with tunnels going to all the places you need to go and the drill is just going to sit in the garage. Think twice before buying one.