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Okay, so today (or Wednesday anyway. For me this is still my Wednesday waking period, even though it is after midnight) a bunch of websites shut themselves off in protest or whatever. Obviously I didn’t do that for the Book of PDR, for various reasons including the fact I wouldn’t know how. Also including the fact that since nobody much really comes here, so nobody would notice. But the main important super serious reason is this: I’m a radical anti-capitalist who pretty much endorses all forms of copyright infringement and piracy or movies, music, and software. I want it mandatory and taught in preschools until everyone has no money ever. So obviously I’m the exact kind of enemy the SOPA bill wants to destroy. Therefore the reasonable people who want the bill defeated but aren’t actually insane would be better off not associating with me. Right? I’d damage their credibility.

(Actually, I don’t think there’s much copyright infringement on my site. The Canadian Heritage Moments, maybe would count? I’m sure there’s a picture of Batman on here somewhere? But mostly I’ve preferred to keep things PDR-related (probably to our detriment).)

Anyway, that’s not the real reason I’m doing this post. At some point I made a promise to use this side to record all my encounters with police officers, so now I’ve got to do that. Unfortunately, though, this one isn’t me being suspicious in any way. Basically I just got home from work and found a situation in the lobby of my building (it isn’t important the details because it involves people I don’t know) and even though everything seemed to be in hand with 911 already called and such, I didn’t want to leave until I was sure everything worked out so I wound up holding the door for the three cops and two paramedics who showed up. That’s pretty much the extent of it.

But here’s what I took from it: All those cops looked younger than me. What The Chunks Is That About?

  1. Actually, I don’t think there’s much copyright infringement on my site.

    Well, the thing about the SOPA bill is that it wouldn’t just matter what was on your site. The onus would be on you to prove that nobody you linked to had copyrighted material on their site. That’s madness.

    (Notwithstanding that it’s an America bill and so wouldn’t directly apply to you, of course.)

    • It would certainly apply to me in that if it got through, the Internet would suffer so badly I’d probably lose interest pretty quick and just forget I even had a site, probably.

  2. The cops are always under heavy scrutiny so they have to hire a lot of babies to do the job. I’m guessing those were the baby cops and it’s hard to get mad at a cute little baby cop.

    • Has anyone done a movie about baby cops yet? Because if not, I am totally willing to write a screenplay about a world-weary infant who turns to alcoholism after he is forced to shoot an inner city youth when a simply traffic stop turns bad.

      • I’d totally watch that.

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