Motorcycle Dream

In the dream I had in my most recent sleep I was pulled over by the police after riding a motorcycle on the beach at night after it had snowed. I have never in my life ridden a motorcycle, but it seemed easy enough in my dream. I was able to ramp off beach-snow with ease. And also the bike didn’t make as much noise as they do in real life. I’d love a dream-motorcycle.

The dream cops let me go as soon as they realized I wasn’t drunk. In fact, one of them recognized me as a teetotaler, which was nice. I’ve always hoped that eventually the cops in the real world would get to recognize me in my night-wanderings and instead of being suspicious, they’d just say “Oh, there’s PDR. That guy is alright.” That would be nice. Anyway, it occurred to me after waking up that I didn’t even get in trouble for not wearing a helmet.

All in all, it was an okay dream.

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