Batman Comics.

Sometimes I feel like I am bad at being a comics reader because I don’t read enough Batman. I mean sure, I loved the Batman Animated Series and I have enjoyed probably more Batman movies than I haven’t. Oh, and the Adam West Batman Show is right up my alley as well, but as for comics I had read pitifully little.

Well this week, I got Batman: False Faces a collection of Batman Stories and Batman-related Stories by Brian K. Vaughan author of such wonderful comics as Runaways, Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina. These Batman tales were found by me to be perfectly adequate. I guess I’ll throw them a Three and a Half Out Of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. Nothing epically amazing. I did like that every story in the collection dealt with Batman villains I was familiar with but who is not one of the really big names among Batman villains. Batman really does have a great collection of villains, doesn’t he?

In other news, I managed to get another Adventure Dennis Level done since my last post and I am currently working on the Last Level! Hooray.

I Am Rich

I now have a Visa Platinum Travel card, which I assume means that I am a rich person. Go me. I assure you all that I will use my new found wealth and privilege only for good and probably for buying DVDs and books. Probably.

Hey, I’ve noticed that a lot of the time when I try to type the word “you” I will type the word “toy” which might be because the letters make a similar pattern on a keyboard, but might it not also be because because I see all people who aren’t myself as mere playthings? Interesting.

Hey, I’m totally about to fail at Novel Writing Month. I mean, after all I did say “when” I fail and not “if” I fail in the old post. It is not a good sign that I want to write and totally don’t do it. I can try to lay the blame on how I didn’t care about that story, but the lack of discipline and the short attention span are pretty much the real blame. Also, more legitimately I began to resent the story because it was keeping me from doing a new level of Adventure Dennis or a Hover Head comic. Sigh.

And finally, man, the Super Readers are idiots. And also, what the chunks is with wolves blowing houses down? When and why did someone decide that wolves are good at blowing things over? Honestly?

Weekend of Naps.

For me, this has been a weekend of naps. While this is enjoyable on occasion, I hope I don’t make a habit of it. Still, I had me some good naps.


Love the letter T.
Without it, where would we be?
Also, love your legs.

Amid naps I got a new level of Adventure Dennis up, though. So that’s cool. And I see no reason I won’t find some old Contains2 story and put that up later tonight.

Also, I get the impression that Geocities is supposed to be dead by this point, as I spoke of in the past. I still seem to be able to reach the ol’ AWBC, though. The suspense is literally making me wonder when it is going to die for real.

I Win a Peg.

This weekend I got to visit the merry old land of Winnipeg. It was a great weekend for being there as well. I had been leery because the previous weekend was apparently snowy, but this weekend was pure goodness weatherwise. Just some of the things the weekend gave to me: Experience in navigating corn mazes, a chance to see District 9 in a theatre for cheap, seeing a building with Louis Riel’s name on it and just generally adding to the number of places in this world that I’ve been lucky enough to see. (Oh, and I got to hang out in the company of two cool people). Not bad.

Having spent my weekend with travel, I didn’t get a chance to make a new Adventure Dennis as I might have done. In its place I’ve dug up Abominable Hairman vs. Thompson, a flash cartoon from Contains2 and put it back on the Internet where it belongs.