Bottomless Hippopotamus Returns!!!

If anyone actually visited this site and looked around, they’d see that there has been a “Store” section on here that was completely unused for a long time. Since 2010 or so it has consisted only of the following:

Bottomless Hippopotamus was the Cafepress store associated with Contains2 back when that website existed. We don't currently have a store, but I am keeping the name. It's ours!

It is technically possible we'll do something with the concept of selling things in the future.

Well the future is now! I have begun a shop on Etsy on which I am selling a little printable colouring an activity book called The Many Monsters of Mackestry Manor. I hope to turn that into a series of such books, but hopefully I will have other things on the store as well down the line.

I have opted to keep using the name Bottomless Hippopotamus to maintain a continuity in my attempts to accomplish this. Maybe I only ever sold one or two things on Cafepress (not including the Adventure Dennis mug I still own), but it was still a part of my past that led to this shop here, so the name continues and I can tell myself this is what I’ve been building toward after all these years of failure and stagnation. This is, hopefully, me taking a step in the right direction.

Hey, it’s Adventure Dennis off the Internet

Adventure Dennis Whiteboard Sketch

It is not often that I bother to draw Adventure Dennis by hand, so this sketch I did on Marq’s whiteboard a few months back is clearly of historical significance. I’m told it is gone now, but here is a picture Marq was nice enough to take first for posterity.


All the drunken cows
are making it hard on me
because they hate me.

I have supposedly been trying to bang out a quick crappy novel that I can publish on the Internet over the last couple weeks. I’ve only got a little bit done, but suddenly I’ve been doing all sorts of other things. Funny how procrastination on one thing can actually make me more active on other things.

A Headless Ghost Becomes Office Small Talk.

What we have here is an image utilizing some new fonts. The font used by the first two dudes is based on my own handwriting. The robot’s font was made by Marq. I feel a bit more competent using a unique font instead of just sticking with whatever is included with Windows. The font I used for Adventure Dennis worked fine and stuff like the Phone Guys is stupid enough to not merit a decent font, but it always bugged me when making something like Hover Head.

Another plus with this strip is that it is the first time I drew it on paper and then digitally inked using my tablet. On Hover Head I drew it all for the first time with the tablet and it never really looked all that good. If I had cared enough to add a background for this one it would probably be my most professional-looking comic. But hey, it’s just a test run so suck it. I mean, I drew, inked and colored this thing before giving any thought to what it was about, who these characters were or what they were saying. It took hours to think of that dialogue.

Starting next Monday, I think, I plan to make putting up a comic strip a weekly Monday thing. It will hopefully be cool.

Hey! It’s Adventure Dennis ON THE INTERNET!

Adventure Dennis drawing. Granted, he was on the Internet before, but now he is also available as a torrent on Demonoid. Since that story is about the only complete thing I’ve finished and put online, I thought it would be good to get it out somewhere where someone might actually accidentally read it.

Paradoxically, I hope it doesn’t accidentally lead people to know I exist because then I might feel bad when I don’t make more things…

Updated: I guess it is a full on Adventure Dennis day over here. Inspired by the upload I whipped up a quick drawing of Adventure Dennis himself in a different style which can be seen to the left there.

Furthermore, Marq has given a high-tech upgrade to the Adventure Dennis comic page and it is now like seventy-seven times more awesome than it was when it was just a whole bunch of pictures one after the other. It actually seems way too spiffy to be on this website, but I’ll take it!

And I’ve uploaded two Adventure Dennis desktop wallpapers. One is from back in the Contains2 days and is 1024×768 and another is newer and 1366×768.

2009 Ender.

So, another year is over and the Dark Lord Char’Nagh is handing out guns to those thoughtful enough to leave him sacrifices. Truly a festive time. And in the end, I would say that as years go, 2009 wasn’t all that bad to me. Sure, I didn’t travel as much as I would have liked, but I made it to Winnipeg and that’s a place I’d never been before. And sure I’m still in the same Worthless Job I’ve been in for so long, but at least I continue to abhor it and don’t simply accept the world as it is. So, I’ve got that…

Plus, this is the year I finished Adventure Dennis. Perhaps it isn’t something that should have taken five years to finish, sure, but at least it is done. I have way too many ideas in my head. I start something, then lose focus and lose interest and start something else. It means a lot to me when I actually finish a project and can finally put it behind me and have a little bit more room in my head for all the other things I must focus on. Let’s see if I can’t finish a few projects this coming year as well.

Yeah, this is also the year I was nearly done a book and lost it all when my computer died, but I’ll focus on Adventure Dennis for now.