Hey, it’s Adventure Dennis off the Internet

Adventure Dennis Whiteboard Sketch

It is not often that I bother to draw Adventure Dennis by hand, so this sketch I did on Marq’s whiteboard a few months back is clearly of historical significance. I’m told it is gone now, but here is a picture Marq was nice enough to take first for posterity.


All the drunken cows
are making it hard on me
because they hate me.

I have supposedly been trying to bang out a quick crappy novel that I can publish on the Internet over the last couple weeks. I’ve only got a little bit done, but suddenly I’ve been doing all sorts of other things. Funny how procrastination on one thing can actually make me more active on other things.

  1. It wasn’t that long ago, it was on my birthday. You are slipping in your old age.

    • Clearly I was doing my clockulations in dog months. Because I like dogs. C’mon, I shouldn’t have to explain these things. (Also, hypothetically, would it be a good thing or a bad thing if my February felt so long that that seemed like months ago to me?)

      • Bad. So very, very bad.

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