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PETE Pete fancies himself a full-time joker. Born on April Fools Day in 1978, Peter Harold Nancy spent his time in school as a class clown. As such, he didn’t learn a whole lot. These days he drifts from job to job while he spends all his free time with Jeremy and Stan. Lately he has been experiencing a quarter-life crisis of sorts, as he becomes more aware that he’s not really accomplished much in his time. He lives in an apartment where he isn’t supposed to have pets, but keeps his dog, Charcoal, hidden from his overbearing landlord.

JEREMYJeremy Peter Watkins was born in March of 1978 and was raised by a single mother of three. As soon as he was old enough, Jeremy was working to help support his family. A middle child, Jeremy sometimes felt ignored, but got used to it and became a quiet and subdued individual. He met Pete at a party during his high school years where Pete decided to get Jeremy drunk for the first time, which led to a night of rollicking adventure. Since then the Pete, Jeremy and Stan can be found hanging out at pubs most weekends, the other two typically trying to get Jeremy to do stupid and embarrassing things. Jeremy works in an office and lives with his girlfriend Irma.

IRMAIrma Donovan is Jeremy’s girlfriend since 2001. Irma is working as a waitress in a 50s-style diner while attending medical school. Born in 1980, Irma moved around a lot while growing up (her father was military) and as such never made any very close friendships. After settling down to attend university she spent some time working as a waitress in Stan’s restaurant. Aside from becoming a doctor, Irma is also hoping to visit Paraguay someday.

STANStan Bundle is Pete and Jeremy’s other friend. He grew up with Jeremy and, though they weren’t close for some years, they have always known each other. After high school they spent some time working at the same restaurant and it was then that their friendship really blossomed. Stan is now managing that same restaurant and doing quite well for himself. He’s a nice guy who will always help out when he can and is very loyal to his friends. Stan introduced Jeremy to Irma. Stan does not own a phone.

CHESTEROld Chester Clements is Pete’s neighbor. He is secretly planning to overthrow the government and has a weapons stash in his bedroom that would put some police stations to shame. He pays the bills by selling his newspaper, “The Eagle’s Shout” over the Internet. Though he has seen Pete from time to time on the elevator or in the hall, he does not know him and sometimes even wonders if he isn’t a federal agent sent to keep track on him. As such Chester has prepared a bomb on the wall connecting his apartment to Peter’s, just in case.


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