Hey! It’s Adventure Dennis ON THE INTERNET!

Adventure Dennis drawing. Granted, he was on the Internet before, but now he is also available as a torrent on Demonoid. Since that story is about the only complete thing I’ve finished and put online, I thought it would be good to get it out somewhere where someone might actually accidentally read it.

Paradoxically, I hope it doesn’t accidentally lead people to know I exist because then I might feel bad when I don’t make more things…

Updated: I guess it is a full on Adventure Dennis day over here. Inspired by the upload I whipped up a quick drawing of Adventure Dennis himself in a different style which can be seen to the left there.

Furthermore, Marq has given a high-tech upgrade to the Adventure Dennis comic page and it is now like seventy-seven times more awesome than it was when it was just a whole bunch of pictures one after the other. It actually seems way too spiffy to be on this website, but I’ll take it!

And I’ve uploaded two Adventure Dennis desktop wallpapers. One is from back in the Contains2 days and is 1024×768 and another is newer and 1366×768.

  1. Now tell Marq to resurrect Contains2. You could call it “Contains3”, even.

  2. Hey, it’s Tucker on the Internet. I was thinking you’d disappeared.

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