How the Crossbow was Invented

Millenia ago, in the time we now refer to as the Bronze Age (at the time, they called it the Age of Bronze) there was a mighty king: Horatio of Bahdeyedia. Horatio ascended to the throne of Bahdeyedia at the age of fourteen after his father, the King was sold to a supervillain. It did […]

Louie C.K.

On Friday Night, I got to see Louis C.K. do his stand up comedy routine at a public staging of that stand up comedy routine. It was very good. Seriously though, if that man is doing a public staging of his stand up comedy routine in your town, I recommend you go see the public staging of his stand up comedy routine.

We showed up late and had to find our seats while some opening act guy was on. No biggie. We still got to see Louis. And he delivered entertainment. I give his show a Five out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. He makes the bleak realities of modern life amusing. What impressed me most is that I’ve watched many appearances of Louis C.K. and specials and whatnot and there was not one joke in this act that I had heard before. Marq says that when he appeared on the radio the morning of the show he said he is constantly updating his material. It shows and I thank him for it. My refusal to watch any clips of him between buying the tickets and the show now seems unnecessary.

A conundrum though, I’ve always pronounced his name like “Louie” because I’m almost positive that that was how it was said back when he used to be on Conan and I know his show was called Lucky Louie. But Marq said the radio was pronouncing the “S” and I saw a commercial for upcoming film The Invention of Lying which seemed to pronounce the “S” as well. I could look it up online, I’m sure, but instead I’m just gonna write about it here. We have yet to watch his recent appearance on Conan’s new show and I am confident that it will help me to learn the correct pronunciation.

Apart from that, I’ve not much else to say. A couple more comics from the Contains2 days have been put up in the comics section and I expect that after I post this I will also take a prose story from the old days and bring it to life on this site. It also occurs to me that there are a few actual videos and animations that I should be salvaging from the Contains2 wreckage as well. The Internet currently doesn’t know how much it is missing.

The Ice Level.

I have just uploaded the latest chapter of Adventure Dennis. It is worth noting that that rounds out my average to one level for every year since I started making Adventure Dennis. That is, of course, pathetic. I am hoping to actually finish the thing off over the next few months, so maybe I will be able to get that average up to 1.5 a year. Hooray!


In these troubled times,
There will come a unique man.
He will eat a moon.

In other news, I have been reading the Iliad and it is taking me FOREVER. I mean, getting through Don Quixote actually took most of a year, I think, so the two months I have been at the Iliad are paltry in comparison, but for the last year I had been working through about a book a week. It might help if I read at home instead of just at free moments at work and on buses and what not, but I have the Internet at home. Productivity just ain’t gonna happen.

Also, ducks should have a species of fish that helps them out. That would be real teamwork.

That’s all.

Content Dammit Content.

So I did up that Hover Head comic strip there as a continuation of my learning to use the hand drawing table thing. I am also learning much about coloring them. Granted Hover Head it about as easy to draw as a superhero could be and my coloring style is quite simplistic as well, but I like it.

Also, I have just posted a story I wrote for Contains2 way back. I will probably continue moving my writings from Contains2 over here, since I’d like to have them online somewhere and the fixing of Contains2 is probably still years away from happening. I began going through “Money, Guns and Mustard” with the intent of fixing it so it was consistently written in one tense, but I just couldn’t decide on whether past or present worked better so I am leaving it as the poorly-written piece of nonsense it was created to be and should be.

All in all I’m working towards making the Book of PDR actually have content on it. A novel idea.

Money, Guns and Mustard

Joey ran from the scene as quick as he could. Sirens were already blaring and getting nearer. As Joey pumped his arms (gun in the left, money in the right) he made a conscious effort to clear his mind and think of nothing but escape. He’d try to figure out what had gone wrong when […]