Here’s a listing of prose stuff I have writtened:

Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles:

Continuing the adventures of Adam the Beekeeper, Gladys Blue, and Jason Dante from Secret Government Robots: Adam: The Beekeeper Chronicles

It Happened In The Bronze Age:

Living in the world can be confusing. One might wonder how things came to be the way they are. This series of historical stories will explain everything: Bronze Age Tales

Shotgun Professor:

A serial telling the story of a collection of scientists in a world where a war with Australia has fundamentally changed society.

Sam Dennis:

A serial telling the story of a collection of young boy who gets left in the woods after his family is sacrificed to supernatural beings.

Jhad O’Leary Tales:

A series of tales about some guy in the future.

Robexor Tales:

A series of tales about a pissed-offed robot:


Stories written to emulate the “creepypasta” genre, but with elements from PDR’s fictional universes.

Those Who Can Not Smell:

Other Stories:

Not every tale is so easily pigeonholed. Here are those who simply cannot be defined.