Technogarble Babblespeak

Because the Book of PDR is not a book, it’s a website, we have to use technology to make it. PDR himself has no grasp on technology, so he makes Marq do it for him. Marq does know about technology. Here’s how he makes the Book of PDR:

  • The Book of PDR is almost entirely built upon the WordPress publishing system. A number of plugins are employed to provide additional functionality, including but not limited to:
    • Akismet stops the spam. There was a time when the amount of spam was abysmal. It’s better now.
    • Auto Post Thumbnail makes a little thumbnail of SecGov Robots comics! Plus, Marq tinkered with it so PDR doesn’t have to do a damn thing for things to work! Was this even working by the end of the comic?
    • Infinite Scroll allows you to stay on the page until it ends. It works on archive and tag pages, as well as the home page (LUNACY—who’s gonna scroll to the beginning?).
    • Smart Archives Reloaded makes the archive page really pretty. Currently not working.
    • BWP Recent Comments makes the latest comments page exist.
    • WPTouch (v1.9.x, a.k.a. the free version) gives us a mobile-ready version to offer to the masses that want to enjoy the PDR-related madness on the go. (WARNING—this plugin + Infinite Scroll means if you turn off the mobile version and want to turn it back on, you’re going to have to be quick about it; heading to a static page helps.) Currently not working right?
    • Google Reader also provides a simple mobile reader if you need it. Hasn’t worked in a while.
    • Twitter Tools for, well, Twitter integration. Tweet’s up? Currently handled by IFTTT.
    • Technology sucks. The winds of time wound all.
  • The Theme of PDR v2.0 was built by Marq Edward Gould, using NotePad+, FileZilla, and Paint.NET.
  • The Theme of PDR is made with HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. It should validate, at least in theory. It was cobbled together from a few various sources:
  • Because of the bleeding-edge technology used for The Book of PDR, it’s best you view the site in a modern browser. Should you find yourself unable to upgrade your browser due to your work, try Google Chrome Frame.
  • Secret Government Robots comic pages (as well as a few other images around the site) are optimized using OptiPNG.