I am currently working on getting a Comics section up and running. Have patience or something because of my mental limitations.

Featured Comics

Adventure Dennis

Hover Head

Little Choy

Phone Guys Call Again

Secret Government Robots

Other Comics

Bus Stop Crush

Ernie McIdiot

Jenny Everywhere


Space Army

Starship Renewal

Contains2 Collaborative Comics

Solo strips

And this is the repository for whatever comics I have left. They can come from any time and place. Many were on Contains2, some I just found on my computer or old drawing files and some I’ve made since the Book of PDR started. They are presented to you in the form of an unsorted mass! Hooray!

Billy the Amazing Three Eyed Boy and Joe

What cows think

Man dances as family is ruthlessly slaughtered


Ghost and kid

Johnny Nelson

Hide in plain sight

Political comic

Skeleton Shakespeare

What Timmy Monroe is thankful for

Zaron the Genie

knock knock frog

Dinosaurs and Druppatos

Monster in city

I told you I was a werewolf

Beat up the freak

Robots in space

Avenge the spectre

Can't get into the club

Dragon and Knight

Sword in a stone

Dr. Greenclothes

Monster eater

First contact with aliens

Send it outta the park

Frog Boxing

Upset the TimeLion

Submarine field trip

Ventriloquists and aliens

hilarious joke


Pile of Spoons

Wise Alien Master


Powerfellow says butts.