The Winds of Time Wound All

– A play by Patrick D Ryall.

[ Scene: Bill and Joe walk on to the subway train. ]

Bill: My name is Bill.
Joe: Your name is Bill.
Bill: Take that back!
Joe: No. You’ll have to kill me!
Bill: Fine then. I’ll kill myself.
Joe: No! I’m sorry. I take it back!
Bill: In yo’ face, Biatch!
Joe: No, my name is Joe. Not Biatch.
Bill: That’s it! I’m killing myself!
Joe: No!

[ Bill jumps off the train and waits five minutes for the next train to come and hit him. His corpse flies into the air and lands on a rat. ]

Joe: Oh, if only I could take back what I said. I realize now that I am but a man.

[ Joe’s son Joe Jr. comes in. ]

Joe: I love you son.
Joe Jr.: It’s too late Dad. All the years of your alcoholism make me mistrust you.
Joe: Oh, what a tragic waste my life has been.
Joe Jr.: Yep.

[ End. ]

Patrick D Ryall, the D is for Might
Originally posted on Contains2 Monday 23 September 2002

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