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The PDRCast
Our inaugural attempt at a podcast series, here Mike is joined by a special guest each episode and the two each speak about a piece of media or culture that they find interesting in some way.

  • Episode One (2019-05-27): PDR talks about the Wire and Mike talks about Rage 2. For related reading, here is an article about Game of Thrones that we touch upon.
  • Episode Two (2019-09-22): PDR talks about Marge Simpson in Playboy and Mike talks about Beat Saber. For related reading, here is the article from which PDR learned about his topic.
  • Episode Three (2019-10-19): Mike talks about the video games Marvel’s Spider-Man and Control and PDR talks about the comics character Nelvanna of the Northern Lights.
  • Episode Four (2019-11-19): It’s an all video-game episode as Mike talks about the video games Control again and PDR talks about Quest for Glory.
  • Episode Five (2020-01-12): Mike does a Top Five Games Thing for 2019 and PDR muses on the song The Weight by the band The Band.

PDR Might Not Make It Through This One
In this occasional five minute audio thing, PDR, alone, rambles aimlessly about his mortality for an unfairly short amount of time.