Bits of Stuff

Okay, I can’t really think of anything to talk about today, so I’ll just say what’s going on. Marq has added a dropdown menu to the sidebar there (—> There) that will let one navigate through the various Secret Government Robot story arcs. That will help anyone who actually has cause to look through the stories.

In related news, later this month I plan on adding SecGov updates to Saturdays. I’m currently just ahead of schedule enough to delude myself into thinking that this’ll work. It’ll probably be rough at first, but it will allow me to get through the stories that much quicker. I would be doing a page a day if I could keep up with the pace.


The sun sets on Mars.
The Martians watch with delight.
Nothing else to do.

Anyway, as I said, I don’t have much else to say. I’ve got five minutes until I have to start getting ready for work… Gotta think of something to say… uh… Giant Enormous Face Eats The Train And Dies!

So… That’s what I said. Can’t take it back now. And I gotta go.

The Inanest Thing I’ve Ever Posted

This is gonna be pointless, so don’t bear with me. Yeah, don’t. Just ignore this.

So, two weeks ago, while cutting my fingernails, I missed my left ring fingernail, right? I noticed a few hours later, or even the next day, but I figured “Screw it, I’ll cut it next weekend” and just let it be. By the end of that week I was actually looking forward to cutting my nails again to get it all synched up. So then I did. Fascinating, no? But anyway, I realized later that this is the same finger which I got caught in a machine at work a few years back and had the nail completely pulled out. It took months for it to grow back. So now, in the course of my life, I’ve cut this one specific fingernail probably a half-dozen fewer times than all my other ones. And now this fact is on the Internet! Hooray for technology!


See the golden fog.
See how it rolls over there.
Fooled you! It’s not there.

Yeah, I don’t actually have much to say. I kinda messed up my sleeping habits over the last couple weeks, so now I’m up in the daytime trying to right it. But I’m spending the time trying to get a ton of SecGovs done so I have a nice comfortable buffer. We’ll see how I do.

General Catching Up

What’s new? Not much for PDR. But here’s some things:

This week I finished reading the Aeneid, which is a book I bought like twelve years ago during my failed attempt at going to university. I feel like the “books I’ve yet to read” section of my bookshelf has lost one of its most stalwart pillars. I shall soon move across this shelf in a big sweep, reading all in my path. Or at least I would if the shelf wasn’t constantly calling for reinforcements in the form of new books…

In other news, there’s now a new African country. This, just a few years after I decided to memorize the continent as it was. How the chunks am I supposed to remember where South Sudan is?

I’m pretty sure that those two things are the only interesting things that have happened since the last time I had anything to say. Let’s see… We’re currently in the middle of new seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Louie, so I am all about watching those. And Futurama is on at the moment and, while it occasionally disappoints me, I still haven’t given up on it altogether. So… now my television watching habits are known, as the prophecy foretold…

I got nothing else. Go away.

Next Step: Cloned Wooly Mammoths as Guard Dogs

I read something in the paper the other day about a laser cannon that can be mounted on boats and set enemy boats’ engines on fire. This is to be used as a deterrent for pirates. We are using lasers to fight pirates. We are a step closer to being in a 21st Century of which I can approve.


Darn that Cosmonaut!
He stole my pepper shaker!
I was using that!

I do not have much else worth mentioning today. I’ll just leave you with a thought:If we’re so worried about the polar ice caps melting, why don’t we just surround the arctic with a bunch of refrigerators, open them all up and cool the whole place down! Problem saved!

And then the chopper lands on the tank.

So this weekend I got a new story up and an old story up. The latter, I’m pretty sure, even predated Contains2. I have no idea why it was not already on this site. The former was based entirely around the title, which I thought up at work one time.


Action hero man
shoots the gas tank just two times.
The chopper explodes.

So…. Frogs are pretty cool… so there’s that…

I think that’s it from me today…