General Catching Up

What’s new? Not much for PDR. But here’s some things:

This week I finished reading the Aeneid, which is a book I bought like twelve years ago during my failed attempt at going to university. I feel like the “books I’ve yet to read” section of my bookshelf has lost one of its most stalwart pillars. I shall soon move across this shelf in a big sweep, reading all in my path. Or at least I would if the shelf wasn’t constantly calling for reinforcements in the form of new books…

In other news, there’s now a new African country. This, just a few years after I decided to memorize the continent as it was. How the chunks am I supposed to remember where South Sudan is?

I’m pretty sure that those two things are the only interesting things that have happened since the last time I had anything to say. Let’s see… We’re currently in the middle of new seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Louie, so I am all about watching those. And Futurama is on at the moment and, while it occasionally disappoints me, I still haven’t given up on it altogether. So… now my television watching habits are known, as the prophecy foretold…

I got nothing else. Go away.

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