Con Men

So, today we hit the Hal-Con I mentioned a few posts back. I’d be lying if I didn’t say we were a touch disappointed. As hard as it is for me just to be in a place with that many people, the location seemed rather small and crowded. And while I’m sure there must have been stuff there that would have interested me, none of it was going on while we were there. I suspect that plenty of people did enjoy it more, though. It seemed like it anyway. I’m hoping that the event was successful and that we’ve got the thing poised to become an annual event. Especially if they can get a bigger venue next year.

Frankly, I had more fun while we were sitting at the Dairy Queen across the street and identifying what costumes people walking past were wearing. I can now say I’ve seen a man in a Cookie Monster costume on a motorcycle. Another plus of the day: I saw a guy in a Dr. McNinja costume. Dear guy in a Dr. McNinja costume: You made me happy.

It is currently not decided if we will be trying again tomorrow. If we do, I’ll let you know. If we don’t I might also let you know. Thus, these last few sentences are pretty unnecessary.

Also, I’d like to take a moment to complain about something I’ve seen on the Internet but today was the first time I heard about it in person: Using the term “genre” to refer to things like fantasy and science fiction. Like a website will say it has the latest news on “genre fiction” and it means it covers comics and sci-fi shows and just in general nerdy stuff. It’s downright stupid to me. Fantasy and sci-fi are genres, certainly, but to refer to them as “genre” first of all doesn’t specify what genre they are and secondly doesn’t acknowledge all the genres that those things aren’t. I am sure I have absolutely no chance of stopping this from continuing, but I can swear right here that I’m never going to play along! NEVA SURRENDA!!!

I, once again, fail to be good at using computers.

Okay so, three nights in a row now my wireless internet connection has been off when I get home from work and I need to unplug the router for a few seconds to rebootify it. This, I say, is less than ideal. If it were to happen while I were here I could easily remedy it, but when I am away my computer has important computations to do and I am not there to fix it those computations don’t get done.

I wonder if this means I have to buy a new wireless router or if the problem is of some other nature.

It sucks being pretty much clueless about technology.

A Headless Ghost Becomes Office Small Talk.

What we have here is an image utilizing some new fonts. The font used by the first two dudes is based on my own handwriting. The robot’s font was made by Marq. I feel a bit more competent using a unique font instead of just sticking with whatever is included with Windows. The font I used for Adventure Dennis worked fine and stuff like the Phone Guys is stupid enough to not merit a decent font, but it always bugged me when making something like Hover Head.

Another plus with this strip is that it is the first time I drew it on paper and then digitally inked using my tablet. On Hover Head I drew it all for the first time with the tablet and it never really looked all that good. If I had cared enough to add a background for this one it would probably be my most professional-looking comic. But hey, it’s just a test run so suck it. I mean, I drew, inked and colored this thing before giving any thought to what it was about, who these characters were or what they were saying. It took hours to think of that dialogue.

Starting next Monday, I think, I plan to make putting up a comic strip a weekly Monday thing. It will hopefully be cool.

Terabyte This

Okay, what if, hypothetically, I went out and added one hundred and fifty dollars to my already high credit card debt to purchase an external 1TB hard drive for my laptop? Would this make me irresponsible or just unreasonably optimistic that it will aid me in someday making the money back? Probably the first one.

Now suppose, hypothetically, that this was not a hypothetical situation, but was actually how I spent my afternoon and that I am even now transferring files onto it. This is the true hypothetical situation.

But hey, I almost payed ten dollars more for a different brand just because it was called Seagate and that is the name of the prison where Luke Cage got super powers. But then I realized I shouldn’t do that. But that would have been stupid of me. So I didn’t do that.

Late For Yoga!

I just saw two people running up the street carrying yoga mats. What kind of society are we living in where people need to rush to a relaxing thing like yoga. Shame on everybody.

Anyway, since I haven’t really got much else to say, now is as good a time as any to mention that Kiiip, Marq and Yours Truly are planning on going to a Science Fiction Convention later this month. I don’t know if this is something that has been happening every year and I just never noticed or if this is the first time we’ve had one in Halifax since my childhood. Either way I will be at this one, and I will be too poor to afford anything. But I might see Chekov. So that’s pretty awesome.