Saw Some Movies

Y’know, I sometimes forget to note the minutia of my life on here, which is insane because that is the ostensible reason for this site’s existence. So here I go:

On each of the previous weekends I saw a movie. First was the Hobbit, which I watched with Kip. Secondly, Django Unchained, which I saw with Marq. If these wind up being the only movies I see this year, I will have had a good year in theatres (That scenario is entirely possible, of course, since I can’t afford to see movies. Those ones were paid for by the fine fellows I was with).


It’s Gandalf Unchained!
Coming soon to cinemas!
But your tickets now!

Apparently a local theatre recently had an incident in which a man stood up during a screening of Django and began yelling at the audience calling them sinners and such. According to what I read there were about twenty minutes left at this point. The way I see it, the timing of the outburst makes it much worse for both sides. By this late in the show, the audience really paying attention to the thing. We’re talking the climax here. An interruption at that point is not going to be well received at all. And if the guy wanted to get his message out not to watch the movie, he should have done it much earlier, so that they would have time to get out. Man, I would be so much better at creating a scene in a movie theatre than that guy.

A story about my phone

On Monday I dropped my phone on the way to class. I use my phone to get into my apartment building, so I didn’t notice until I got home. Inconvenient. Luckily the phone was discovered by some folk who bothered to get in touch with the person I had texted most recently: Marq. With his help the people got my phone back to me and all was well.

Reviewing the texts between Marq and the helpful people I learn that when they first contacted Marq and told them they had found a phone, he saw that I it was my number and assumed it was me being a dumbass. This is the correct response, because Marq knows me.

On the back of my phone there is a little cover that goes over the battery. Every time I drop the phone it falls off, so I was not surprised that when I got the phone back it was missing. I rigged up a little duct tape replacement for the cover and was content with that. On my way to class on Tuesday, though, I found the cover untouched on the sidewalk. It wasn’t even covered with leaves or anything. My phone was whole again.

That is my story about my phone.

Manglefinger: The End

You may recall that I had some finger damage a while back. Yesterday was the two week checkup of my finger after the sutures came out on the fifteenth. I’m told that the healing is going quite well. Nobody used the term “superhuman healing factor” but I can read between the lines.

Anyway, I’ve taken some more photos. My purpose here is to document PDR after all. Once again, I advise people who are sensitive to what busted-up-fingers may look like to not click on the links. What more can I do?

So the first photo shows what I got the day the sutures came out. At this point I had gone nine days without being able to clean the finger, which was less than ideal considering that I had injured it in machinery that was, as ought to be expected, not exactly sterile. But apart from just the filth we also have the dead fingernail sewn back into place to promote the growth of its replacement adding to the overall ugliness of the finger. Add to all of this the actual wound, of course. The sutures were taken out because all the cuts were now closed, but the swelling still had the wounds bulging with redness. The verdict? Obviously this is nowhere near as bad as my previous viewing of the finger, which was when the finger-fill that was hanging out of those wounds was being shoved back in so that they could sew it up, but this finger would not win any beauty contests for fingers. And not just because such contests don’t exist*.

The second photo was taken today! Much nicer! The finger has rejoined the rest of its fellows in the routine of regular washing, the dead nail has gone off to wherever it was needed most, and the swelling is down remarkably. At the time off the previous photo it took me four Band-Aids to adequately cover everything. Now I’m down to one. The picture isn’t great, so it can be hard to see the scarring on the underside, but mostly my verdict this time is that this is a finger that looks like a finger.

Anyway, though I thought this was to be the last of my visits, they actually want me go back for yet another look-see in six weeks’ time. Whatever, alright. I will point out, though, that the first time that I lost a fingernail in a machine at work (without the addition of a broken bone, admittedly) I didn’t even go back for one checkup, so all of this feels unnecessary to my untrained eyes. But in the end, I would like to thank the doctors at the QEII who spent some time out of their busy days dealing with my dumb injury and they were all nice as they did it. Thanks, people!

*If, in fact, beauty contests for fingers do exist, please try to make sure I never find out. Because that would be depressingly stupid.

But the post goes on! I wanted to mention, since I brought it up above, the term “Healing factor” annoys me. As a reader of comics and a fan of superheroes, I have come across this term many times in my life and I don’t care for it. I can accept saying that one has an “enhanced healing factor” or, as I did a “superhuman healing factor” but that isn’t the way it is used (As seen in this, frankly not good, Wikipedia page). The ability to heal isn’t a superpower. It’s the degree at which characters like Deadpool or Wolverine do their healing that is actually important, so shouldn’t that degree be a part of the description of their powers?

Oh! And since I’m going off on this tangent about superpowers, I might as well bring up some thoughts on Superman. If Superman were facing a villain who had telekinesis or some equivalent ability, would that villain then be able to use his power to make Superman’s bones move? And if so, would the villain then be able to force Superman’s powerful Kryptonian bones through his powerful Kryptonian flesh? I would assume that the strength of each of these would be similar to that of a human bone and flesh, and we know that a bone can pop through that stuff. Now, I like Superman, so don’t consider this me thinking of ways for villains to hurt him. This is me warning him of the potential threat of villains using his own femur to reverse-stab its way out of his body. Watch out Superman!

Case Closed!

I have resolutions to announce regarding my aforementioned missing wallet. It was indeed found in the theatre where it had been assumed to have been lost. I got a call (as expected, during day-person hours) and was told I could go pick it up.


I am now, once again, in possession of my wallet. So that’s a plus. Unfortunately, I had cancelled my credit cards and my bank card, so now I have to get the replacements for those. But those are the easiest things to replace that were in there anyhow, so it is a small price to pay. As long as I remember to update all my online payment things to the new credit card numbers when I get them. The Internet needs this information.


Something I forgot to mention before, though: Just hours before I lost the wallet, I also lost my sunglasses. This was less significant. Sure, I hate to venture into cursed natural light without my sunglasses…

PDR in natural light by Marq

…but I lose sunglasses at a rate of something like three or four a year. I don’t like to lose them, but I’m hardened to that particular loss.

Still, after I looked for the missing eyewear, the waitress in the restaurant told me she’d keep a look out for them so when I went downtown to get the wallet, I stopped in at that restaurant, it being practically next to the cinema. The same young lady was working there today and she was not only able to return my sunglasses, she had the perplexing story that they were apparently already behind the counter pretty much as soon as I’d left the previous day. It is unknown how that occurred. My current leading theory is that I did not, as originally thought, lose the glasses while sitting, but perhaps near the door as I first removed them upon entering. From there they were perhaps found by some other employee found and put behind the counter even as we ate. Could be true! But we’ll never know!

So anyway, in these two days I have managed to lose a bunch of stuff and then get it back. The moral is: In life, stuff happens, deal with it. This is a common moral in my life.

The Lost Wallet of the Haligonian Peninsula

Okay, so I lost my wallet today. Marq and I had gone to see Cabin in the Woods (my second viewing, it being an excellent film) and as we got up to leave I said “I feel like I’m missing something,” but apparently I did not investigate hard enough because after Marq headed off on his way home I realized I had a new wallet-sized amount of air in my pocket. Sucks for me!

The staff of the theatre have taken my number and will call me if it is found (and I checked the ground between the cinema and the bus stop twice), but I’ve already had to cancel credit cards. This is a hassle and I am right now going to remind myself: When you get the new credit card, PDR, make sure to update all the things, including this site, which are paid for by that card. Do not lose this site.


Wallets hold money.
This is their primary use.
They can also sing.

My wallet (one of the non-singing variety) did not have much money in it, but apart from the aforementioned cards it did have my health card, a id card for work, and a Subway gift card with like 16 bucks on it. I hope it is found.

I lost a wallet once before, years ago, and have a mildly interesting story I might as well put on the Internet: I had found and returned a purse a few weeks earlier and been given a twenty dollar bill as a reward even though I didn’t want to take it. I had pinned that twenty to my bulletin board intent on not spending it. So when my wallet went missing (evidently falling out of my pants while I was skateboarding. This is why I prefer to keep my wallet in my trenchcoat pockets. These have yet to let me down, as my wallet had also been in my pants today. Pants are stupid), I got a call from some nice guy who had found it and I decided to give the very same twenty I had got to this guy. I choose to believe the same bill went on to be passed from person to person as a reward for things to this day, but this is unlikely. But still, it would be nice.