A story about my phone

On Monday I dropped my phone on the way to class. I use my phone to get into my apartment building, so I didn’t notice until I got home. Inconvenient. Luckily the phone was discovered by some folk who bothered to get in touch with the person I had texted most recently: Marq. With his help the people got my phone back to me and all was well.

Reviewing the texts between Marq and the helpful people I learn that when they first contacted Marq and told them they had found a phone, he saw that I it was my number and assumed it was me being a dumbass. This is the correct response, because Marq knows me.

On the back of my phone there is a little cover that goes over the battery. Every time I drop the phone it falls off, so I was not surprised that when I got the phone back it was missing. I rigged up a little duct tape replacement for the cover and was content with that. On my way to class on Tuesday, though, I found the cover untouched on the sidewalk. It wasn’t even covered with leaves or anything. My phone was whole again.

That is my story about my phone.

  1. Happy Halloween! I wish we could have another party like that one we had, oh, seven or eight years ago, I guess.

    • The most important aspect of that party was, of course, that it was not held on Halloween. If I should ever find myself independently wealthy one could never tell when a Halloween party might happen.

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