The healing can now begin

Okay, since it is about the only thing I’ve got to talk about, here is the latest in Manglefinger news:

Today was the day I had to go in and get my sutures taken out (the ones that come out anyway), and I showed up way early because I expected I’d have a long wait, but I didn’t! I got in and out quickly and am now sutureless (except the ones that are still there).

The primary victory of today, though, is the fact I have finally reached the stage where I am allowed to clean and dress the wound myself. At last I can wash my damn right hand, which I have not done properly for over a week. It has been irritating. The (still kinda nasty looking) wound is now covered only by adhesive strips and I can get in there whenever I want to clean it. So nice.

I have to go back into the hospital AGAIN in two weeks for one last checkup. I’m confident I will use that trip as well for another excuse for a post.


What is a walrus?
why won’t anyone tell me?
I am so confused.

(That haiku is, for the most part, unrelated to my injury.)

Do you think that vikings would have developed nuclear weapons if they hadn’t been wiped out by the coming of the white man? This is my history question of the day. I need thousand word essays to answer this.

  1. Now this is Wikipedia so I don’t know how true this walrus info may be. I was going to theorize that Vikings would create a pulse bomb that would end all things technological but you wanted thousand word essays. Screw that noise.

  2. Thousand word essays are inanimate objects, they won’t be able to answer you.

  3. Okay, but nobody questions the idea that vikings were wiped out by the coming of the white man?

    • No arguments here. Vikings were totally wiped out by the albinos.

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