Saw Some Movies

Y’know, I sometimes forget to note the minutia of my life on here, which is insane because that is the ostensible reason for this site’s existence. So here I go:

On each of the previous weekends I saw a movie. First was the Hobbit, which I watched with Kip. Secondly, Django Unchained, which I saw with Marq. If these wind up being the only movies I see this year, I will have had a good year in theatres (That scenario is entirely possible, of course, since I can’t afford to see movies. Those ones were paid for by the fine fellows I was with).


It’s Gandalf Unchained!
Coming soon to cinemas!
But your tickets now!

Apparently a local theatre recently had an incident in which a man stood up during a screening of Django and began yelling at the audience calling them sinners and such. According to what I read there were about twenty minutes left at this point. The way I see it, the timing of the outburst makes it much worse for both sides. By this late in the show, the audience really paying attention to the thing. We’re talking the climax here. An interruption at that point is not going to be well received at all. And if the guy wanted to get his message out not to watch the movie, he should have done it much earlier, so that they would have time to get out. Man, I would be so much better at creating a scene in a movie theatre than that guy.

Facts About Mexico.

A Science Lesson From Kip:

Little known fact. Mexico is only place to exist on every planet in very universe in all megaverses. That is why Mexicans are also called aliens.

This Has Been A Science Lesson From Kip

So what did PDR learn in school this week? Well, mostly he has learned how popular scarves are with the ladies these days. Scarfgirls everyplace.

Also, I’ve actually spoken to other students and their attitudes make me sad. “The only thing that matters is that I pass this assignment,” they say. They are concerned about their marks more than they are the material. That’s the exact thing I hate about the way the school system works, isn’t it? What a country.

Anyway, I guess I’m getting the hang of writing essays. It’s all about pretending, really. I may not have anything to say about this article I’m reviewing, but if I pretend I do, I guess that’s good enough. After all, all that matters is that I hand it in and get my grades.

Take my Gilgamesh essay: When I read the Epic of Gilgamesh a few years back I saw Gil’s failure to acheive his dream of immortality as a kind of unhappy ending. Sure, he wised up and accepted it, but in the end he died, so that was that. But during the course of this class I’ve been introduced to another interpretation, that through his suffering, Gilgamesh did manage to acheive a kind of immortality in the form of being remembered through story. Neat, said PDR. But y’know what, I find my original interpretation easier to write about, so I’m now actively arguing against the thing I found so neat. Why? Because what I think doesn’t matter. The marks are what matter, so I guess I’ll go with the essay I can probably do better. An essay I already considered meaningless because other people have discussed the topic better than I could is now also not representative of my actual thoughts on the subject. That’s school writing for ya!

Bit Shot Superhero Peoples

Okay, yesterday saw the first PDR/Kiiip teamup in apparently forever. We saw the Avengers. I will talk about it now.

First I will talk about the fact that we saw it in 3-D. I have never before seen a 3-D movie, but we would have had to wait about two hours to get a proper viewing. Here is my thoughts: 3-D works a lot better than I was expecting it to. I won’t go so far as to say it was a big improvement on the movie or that it was necessary to the enjoyment of the thing, but the technology works better than I expected from what I had pictured after hearing about it all this time. So, I guess, good job to the people whose job it is to carve movies into three dimensions or whatever.

As to the movie itself, I thought it was quite good. I don’t even know what else to say. This is, pretty much, how superhero movies have to be if they’re really going to stick around. And, I can’t say this for sure, but I don’t think any of the other Marvel Studios flicks were set in New York, so having a superhero adventure set there, where they belong, was just correct. I doubt anyone cares, but I’m not going to go into details of the movie here. Just let me be one of the last people on the Internet, probably, to say, “Yeah, that’s a good movie.”

I left the theatre just thinking of all the other Marvel properties that ought to get moviefied and I must say is that if we don’t have a Damage Control movie at least in the works by five years from now, something is definitely wrong.

God Is An Alien

A conversation between Kiiip and myself has recently made me realize that God existed before the Earth, so he is extraterrestrial, and thus an alien. Kiiip amended it to make it clear: He’s an Illegal Alien. God has no legal right to live here on Earth and he is taking our jobs and our women (our virgins, even). And then he had a kid, an anchor baby, to give him a credible claim to humanity. Go figure. We shoulda built a fence.


I see frankensteins.
They’re coming for me. Oh no.
I must run away!

Not much of note just now. Trying to get more things done at once than I’m actually getting done. To make things worse, Marq is again Internetless. I’m going to have to find some superior way of making us millionaires. A quicker way.

At this exact moment I’m weighing the pros and cons of taking a nap. Cons are currently winning, but my eyelids are really filibustering here.

Hey, a few days ago was Groundhog Day. I didn’t consciously know it was coming, but I must have subconsciously, because my dream the night before had Bill Murray in it. So that’s neat.

PDR Sucks

Back when Geocities decided to commit suicide and take all our hard work with it, I lamented the death of my first website, the Adam West Batcave, but I’m just remembering something else that Geocities took too. I had once created a website devoted to telling the world that Patrick D Ryall sucks.

I think I called the site “” and on it I wrote from the point of view of a person who supposedly knew me in school and had an intense distaste for me. I’m pretty sure I only got a few paragraphs of insane ranting done, but I had always planned to get back to it. Unfortunately, as time passed, I forgot about it. It likely would have come back to me at some point, but then I forgot about it when it mattered most, at the end of the Geocities era. When I got everything from the Batcave, I forgot to get to pdrsucks and save what I had done. I could have transferred it to some blog somewhere or something. So now all that is lost. I never linked to the site anywhere, because it wasn’t finished, so I doubt it exists in any cache online anywhere. It is lost to the ages.

I remember I told Kiiip about it as I was doing it, but I never told Marq. In fact, the entire reason I was building a site about how much I suck was because I hoped, someday, it would get into search engines Marq would stumble across it and be amazed. But now that will never happen…

So anyway, Marq, now you know. Maybe my finally telling you this could be considered your birthday gift since I got you zero ones for your actual birthday last weekend?