Musical Interlude

There’s some song that’s all like “All you little pigs doin’ kung fu flips better run, better run, up jump tha boogie” but those might not really be the words but I don’t care. Anyway, I heard it a couple times. It was in Fright Night and then I heard it on the radio. That’s the whole story. I just wanted my version of the lyrics on the Internet.


People need more time
or they’ll never get it done.
They can’t move that fast.

Speaking of songs I botch the lyrics to, I’m pretty sure that Return to Innocence by Enigma has become the song I sing most often in the shower, replacing Runaway by Del Shannon (though I technically sing the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes version tempo-wise). The difference is that I know the words to Runaway, but with my new song I just try to do the chanting. Now you all know more about my showering times. Your Welcome!

America Lost, Vampires Found

So, for two weekends in a row I have tried to see Captain America in movie form, but it has not worked out. And now it doesn’t seem to be playing on my side of town. I would not be surprised if the movie isn’t even around next weekend, so I may have missed my chance. Alas.

However, Kiiip and I did go see Fright Night tonight. I enjoyed it enough that I’ll give this movie Three and a Half Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. I like to see vampires treated as threats individually instead of as being chumps mowed down en masse by an Action Hero like Blade or Buffy (though I like both Blade and Buffy, those are the examples I’m giving here). While this movie is still more action movie than horror movie, that’s what I expected from it, so that was okay. David Tennant was in here. I like that. There could have been more of him, but all in all, if you’re willing to enjoy this kind of movie, this is the kind of movie I think you’ll enjoy.

It is worth noting that apart from the two of us, there were four other people in the theatre. This breaks the low-times record previously set at six when Marq and I saw Tenacious D. Granted we went to an afternoon showing because Kiiip loves making me wake up early and this is kind of a night-time movie, but it still can’t be good to have six people in a theatre on any showing on an opening weekend.

Potentially Maybe

There was an article in the paper not last night but the one before that described something as “possibly suspicious.” What the chunks does that mean? How can something be suspicious, possibly? That’s what suspicious is! Consarnit!

Anyway, it annoyed me, so I wrote about it, but I haven’t much to say just now. As you were.