Musical Interlude

There’s some song that’s all like “All you little pigs doin’ kung fu flips better run, better run, up jump tha boogie” but those might not really be the words but I don’t care. Anyway, I heard it a couple times. It was in Fright Night and then I heard it on the radio. That’s the whole story. I just wanted my version of the lyrics on the Internet.


People need more time
or they’ll never get it done.
They can’t move that fast.

Speaking of songs I botch the lyrics to, I’m pretty sure that Return to Innocence by Enigma has become the song I sing most often in the shower, replacing Runaway by Del Shannon (though I technically sing the Me First and the Gimme Gimmes version tempo-wise). The difference is that I know the words to Runaway, but with my new song I just try to do the chanting. Now you all know more about my showering times. Your Welcome!

  1. Great. Now I’ll have Return to Innocence stuck in my head all day. Ah, well. I’ve had a lot worse stuck in my head before.

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