Television Watchin’.

So, I lost my cable channels. I mean, I’ve not been paying for cable for years, but for some reason instead of getting the basic channels one is supposed to get, I was getting an eclectic mix of networks with no rhyme or reason.

I was getting TVTropolis, which was good for getting sitcom reruns, something everybody should enjoy at least now and then. I was getting A&E, and though it was no longer the A&E I remembered from my youth with documentaries and stuff, I watched the occasional crime show or really censored episodes of the Sopranos on occasion. I had Spike, which is a monstrously stupid channel from what I could see, but they had Star Wars on, pretty much nonstop. PBS had some science programs worth watching, but mostly I just watched kids shows like Effing Super Why. Also, there was an informercial channel which could amuse if you were in the right mood and maybe one or two sports channels that I pretty much never watched.

Basically, I was getting enough channels to flip around a little bit before I realized how much television sucked and would move on to something else. But now I only get the three basic Canadian channels or whatever. Now realizing that there is nothing on happens faster than ever before.

I may not watch all that much television, but unlike some I don’t lambast the entire medium. There are things I appreciate about it. In a way even watching it alone seems more like a social activity than watching DVDs or downloading episodes of things. It seems less canned on television somehow. I suppose that is, in part, because of the unfortunate presence of commercials which, though annoying, are at least a sign of companies trying to keep you up to date on their activities. Also, much more positive than commercials, is the fact that you can get breaking news interruptions. If I’m watching a rented movie and the Queen sets herself on fire and then declares war on the Vatican and then has a swordfight with the Pope, I’m gonna miss the whole thing, but if I’m watching most television networks you’d think they’d interrupt programming to say “Holy Shit, check this out!”

When I watch programs online, such as the Daily Show and Colbert, I guess I get the ads (the annoying one of the connections to the outside world) but even then I lack the other thing I like about the medium of television. Sometimes I am definitely in the mood to say “Okay, TV, let’s see what you’ve got for me.” Sometimes I might find something worth watching. An episode of some show I didn’t know existed, or an old one I had forgotten or some movie from the eighties, who knows? As far as I am aware there is no way for me to just “flip around” on the Internet.

I mean, YouTube comes close to that level of flip-aroundedness, but… It has also somehow succeeded in having more garbage than television. Go figure.

Some Fights You Want To See.

Bear versus Dragon = Dragon.

Cannibal Football Player versus Samurai = Samurai.

Carjacker versus Medieval Science-King = Medieval Science-King.

Beekeeper versus Reanimated Corpse Of A Lumberjack = Beekeeper

Dragon versus Giant Made Out Of Trains = Dragon.

Boxer With An Exoskeleton versus Doctor With An Exoskeleton = Doctor With An Exoskeleton.

Dragon versus Doctor With An Exoskeleton = Dragon.

Cannibal Football Player versus Mariachi Doctor = Cannibal Football Player.

Beekeeper versus Goalkeeper = Beekeeper.

Mariachi Doctor versus Doctor With An Exoskeleton = Doctor With An Exoskeleton.

Robot Horse versus Bear = Bear.

Boxer With An Exoskeleton versus Vampire = Boxer With An Exoskeleton.

Bear versus Reanimated Corpse Of A Lumberjack = Reanimated Corpse Of A Lumberjack

Robot Horse verses Cannibal Football Player = Robot Horse.

Samurai versus Humanoid Tree Soldier = Samurai.

Bear versus Medieval Science-King = Medieval Science-King.

Dragon versus Beekeeper = Beekeeper.

(I swear that at least three times this week I thought of things I should write about on here. I forgot those, so here’s this…)

Hey! It’s Adventure Dennis ON THE INTERNET!

Adventure Dennis drawing. Granted, he was on the Internet before, but now he is also available as a torrent on Demonoid. Since that story is about the only complete thing I’ve finished and put online, I thought it would be good to get it out somewhere where someone might actually accidentally read it.

Paradoxically, I hope it doesn’t accidentally lead people to know I exist because then I might feel bad when I don’t make more things…

Updated: I guess it is a full on Adventure Dennis day over here. Inspired by the upload I whipped up a quick drawing of Adventure Dennis himself in a different style which can be seen to the left there.

Furthermore, Marq has given a high-tech upgrade to the Adventure Dennis comic page and it is now like seventy-seven times more awesome than it was when it was just a whole bunch of pictures one after the other. It actually seems way too spiffy to be on this website, but I’ll take it!

And I’ve uploaded two Adventure Dennis desktop wallpapers. One is from back in the Contains2 days and is 1024×768 and another is newer and 1366×768.

Belief Erikson

So over on the YouTubes I was looking at a bunch of videos of galaxies and nebulae and all that stuff, just flowing from one to the other as they linked to each other and using up time of my life just as the aliens designed YouTube to do. Then I happened upon a video […]

Sick Week.

So, last Sunday and Monday I had a sore throat. Tuesday and Wednesday I had a runny nose and sneezing. Thursday was a fever. Friday was a cough. Saturday it all seems to be mostly cleared up I just have to blow my nose now and then. While I am not pleased to have been sick, I have to thank the whole thing for really only throwing one symptom at me at a time. Much more manageable.

Unrelated to that, on Friday I saw something. You know when a dandelion goes all white, in the stage where it’s seeds all go white or whatever that is called (A quick glance at Wikipedia leads me to believe it may be called a parachute ball), well anyway, I saw appeared to be one of these parachute balls rolling around the Superstore parking lot. Like, the seeds weren’t coming off or anything, the whole thing was just rolling. And I don’t even think I’ve seen dandelions spring up yet this year, yet go to seed, so I assume this one has been rolling around since last year. Just chilling. Literally, because of Winter. Annnnyyyway… It… seemed more interesting when I saw it than when I was describing it.

Anyway, I’m working on a Sunday for the second week in a row. That is what I’m blaming my lack of getting things done on today.