Super Sunday: Doom Punch and Claire Lincoln

Doom Punch

There is a group called the Weird Assassins. One of them, however reluctantly, is Doom Punch, also known as Rick Ramsay.

Rick was never really a good man, but he wasn’t a wholly bad one either. He’d had his troubles with the police, but the crime that he was sent to prison for, a double homicide, was one that he had not been guilty of. He’d just been the wrong color in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was convicted and sentenced to life behind bars. Whether it was a lucky break or not is impossible to say, but the warden of the prison was the type to conduct strange occult experiments. Seeking a volunteer, the warden offered Rick preferential treatment if he agreed to be his test subject.

Long story short: Rick wound up with a magic hand replacing his own that could kill at a touch. Instead of being nicer to Rick, the warden attempted to have him killed, so Rick escaped. Living in a world with superheroes, Rick made the understandable jump to trying to make a living as a bounty hunter. But it is not easy for a wanted man with a death-touch to keep on the straight and narrow path. He needed money, and eventually realized that killing could be the easiest way to earn a living. In the end, he’d become not only a killer, but a killer much worse than the one he’d originally been accused of being.

Claire Lincoln

Claire is a member of the same demon-plagued family we met with her cousin Natalie Lincoln. To reiterate: a demon cursed this family line so they would be attacked by all sorts of monsters and mystics, but rather than die off, the clan has grown especially skilled at fighting supernatural forces.

In her lifetime of fending off those forces, Claire has picked up some intense fighting skills, along with a particularly study bo staff made of strange mystical wood. That sort of thing is common in her family, which is why so many of them wind up either as monster hunters or paranormal investigators or other similar occupations. But Claire has always wanted to be a teacher. That seemed like an impossible dream for someone who is at constant risk of being attacked by weird enemies, the kids would be in danger at all times. But what if the kids were already in danger? Recently Claire has been given the opportunity to teach and train a class of children who are, like her, likely targets for mystical foes. The children of wizards and demons and mad scientists need to get educated somewhere, and why shouldn’t Claire be the one who teaches them? Claire is very interested in taking the job, but she can’t help but wonder who the secret individual bankrolling this strange school could be.

Stories about a class made of weird kids with powers and stuff are practically overdone. So I wanted to do it too, obviously!

Super Sunday: The Lightspeed Kid and Otto

The Lightspeed Kid

There is a group called the Weird Assassins. One of them likes to dress up like a cowboy. He always like cowboys as a kid, so when he developed a super power and became an assassin, he figured he might as well be cowboy-themed. It was that easy.

As his name might suggest, the Lightspeed Kid can move pretty fast, though only in short bursts. But he has learned to use these bursts for tricks like drawing his weapons at super speed or even dodging bullets. While that is enough for fighting regular people, and is generally good enough for the cowboy-themed assassin’s business, he has also worked up some tricks for fighting super-powered opponents, like using the momentum from a speed burst to make him jump long distances. All in all, he’s pretty badass and he’s for hire! Do you have more money than you need and someone you want dead? Drop him a line.

Anyway, the way I see it, moving momentarily at super speed would basically be like bullet time, so once I thought it would be a good power for a gun guy.


Otto is a vampire hunter. He does hunt vampires when necessary, but he is really hunting a vampire. In the singular. He is hunting Killshadow.

He also works for a vampire. His employer is the leader of the criminal cartel who Killshadow is working to destroy. He fitted Otto with enchanted metal limbs, made from holy irons that can not only cause harm to a vampire, but can also smash through a brick wall. But Otto is more than random hired muscle. His revenge is driven by the fact that Killshadow killed his brother. This time, it’s personal!

I had a sketch of this guy and didn’t know what he was. For some reason I thought of vampires, because he’d be posted near October (the Halloweeniest month), and I got it into my head that he’d be wearing those things to fight vampires. I decided to let it roll, so there he is.

Anyway, that’s the end of Supervillain Sunday year. I started at the end of November last year, but I think that was still longer than the Superhero Sunday “Year” was. Which, I think is appropriate. For superhero stories to work, the heroes should probably be outnumbered. That way it feels like they’re the underdogs. Even when they’re not.

What’s next for Super Sundays? I ain’t saying yet, but it won’t start for a few weeks anyway. We’ve got other things to deal with first…

Super Sunday: Axkiller McGee and Hypnogre

I have enough villains sketched and colored to get me all the way through what remains of Supervillain Sunday year! Let’s get going:

Axkiller McGee

There is a group called the Weird Assassins. When a young girl discovered she had the ability to make any kind of ax, from battleaxes to hatchets, appear in her hand at will, she knew she could find a way to make that into a life. Luckily a love of money and a belief that human lives were not worth all that much meant that she could find work among the Weird Assassins, being hired to take on the strangest assassin cases in the business. Unlike many of the Weird Assassins, Axkiller McGee enjoys being a bit theatrical and will try to make her hits in as public a forum as she can while still expecting to get away. That kind of risk-taking has made her a frequent combatant against superheroes, which would normally be a no-no for an assassin, but her success rate means she is still able to find work.

I admit, after I drew this character it took me forever to come up with a name. Once I wrote down “Axkiller McGee” I knew I needed to take a break for a while. So I did. Anyway, I said when I made Killercat that I would probably do more Weird Assassins, and I knew this was a sketch that would fit into that loose-knit collection of killers for hire.


The portal between Ogretropolis and this strange world called “Earth” is too small for an ogre to get through. But humans seem to be the perfect size for such dimensional travels. Hypnogre is an ogre hypnotist who has taken to controlling the minds of humans and forcing them to do his bidding, smuggling things to and from Earth to create a thriving criminal trade empire.

Full disclosure: Marq came up with the name “Hypnogre” after I complained to him that all the “best” ogre names (ie. Electrogre, Technogre, Necrogre, etc.) were all taken according to Google. The fact that an ogre hypnotist fit so well within my existing creations just proved it was meant to be.

Super Sunday: Exomek and Killercat


The Chief Conquerist of the Dobraxu Expansion Army, the diminutive alien Marjantar may not seem like much of a threat, but inside the high-tech Exomek vehicle, Marjantar becomes a near-unstoppable threat on whatever world they may be trying to conquer. But near-unstoppable is not unstoppable, as Marjantar has learned time and again in their efforts to conquer Zunoltia, where the Astro-Hero is ever there to defend against such threats.

With the loyalty of dozens of fellow Dobraxu soldiers, also using vehicles similar to the Exomek, Marjantar repeatedly attepts to make moves against Zunoltia. A failure of this magnitude could hurt Manjantar’s standing in the army, so they must try again and again, each time with more desperation.

I don’t think I have much to comment on for this one. I knew I wanted to give a villain to the Astro-Hero, so when I drew an alien invader, it seemed like a good fit. And, just to be complete, let us say that inside that vehicle there, behind the controls, Marjantar has a snake-like lower body, coiled around some more controls.


There is a group called the Weird Assassins. If you’ve got a problem with someone who isn’t just a normal joe, you need an assassin who isn’t a normal assassin. That’s where the Weird Assassins come in. For a price these strange individuals will help you bring down anyone, no matter what.

Killercat is one of the Weird Assassins. Lewis Ridder has enhanced agility and reflexes as a result of cosmic energy released by a superhero fight in the middle of a city when he was young. He resents superhumans for what they did, though he has managed to find a way to make it pay off for him. Offering his services as a Weird Assassin helps Lewis put his children through school, keep food on the table, and he gets to end the occasional superhuman in the process.

This is another character who existed as a sketch in my files, nameless and storyless, so I decided to make up some stuff. The phrase “Weird Assassins” came to me and I figured I should work with that. After all, as normal as a guy in a cat suit being hired to kill people would be in the context of superhero comics, that’s some weird stuff man. Anyway, all too often a superhuman assassin in comics would be a killing-obsessed angry person with no life, so I though I’d do something otherwise here. I can expect I’ll probably end up doing more Weird Assassins over the course of the year.