Super Sunday: The Lightspeed Kid and Otto

The Lightspeed Kid

There is a group called the Weird Assassins. One of them likes to dress up like a cowboy. He always like cowboys as a kid, so when he developed a super power and became an assassin, he figured he might as well be cowboy-themed. It was that easy.

As his name might suggest, the Lightspeed Kid can move pretty fast, though only in short bursts. But he has learned to use these bursts for tricks like drawing his weapons at super speed or even dodging bullets. While that is enough for fighting regular people, and is generally good enough for the cowboy-themed assassin’s business, he has also worked up some tricks for fighting super-powered opponents, like using the momentum from a speed burst to make him jump long distances. All in all, he’s pretty badass and he’s for hire! Do you have more money than you need and someone you want dead? Drop him a line.

Anyway, the way I see it, moving momentarily at super speed would basically be like bullet time, so once I thought it would be a good power for a gun guy.


Otto is a vampire hunter. He does hunt vampires when necessary, but he is really hunting a vampire. In the singular. He is hunting Killshadow.

He also works for a vampire. His employer is the leader of the criminal cartel who Killshadow is working to destroy. He fitted Otto with enchanted metal limbs, made from holy irons that can not only cause harm to a vampire, but can also smash through a brick wall. But Otto is more than random hired muscle. His revenge is driven by the fact that Killshadow killed his brother. This time, it’s personal!

I had a sketch of this guy and didn’t know what he was. For some reason I thought of vampires, because he’d be posted near October (the Halloweeniest month), and I got it into my head that he’d be wearing those things to fight vampires. I decided to let it roll, so there he is.

Anyway, that’s the end of Supervillain Sunday year. I started at the end of November last year, but I think that was still longer than the Superhero Sunday “Year” was. Which, I think is appropriate. For superhero stories to work, the heroes should probably be outnumbered. That way it feels like they’re the underdogs. Even when they’re not.

What’s next for Super Sundays? I ain’t saying yet, but it won’t start for a few weeks anyway. We’ve got other things to deal with first…

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