Joey Jo-Jo Kugelschreiber

So, I’ve just started watching the movie The Informant, which is a couple years old I guess and not even four minutes in yet and I find that the main guy has proclaimed his love of the word Kugelschreiber. I’ve been loving Kugelschreiber for more than a decade. Good to know movies are finally catching up to me.

In other news, I mentioned that I bought some bread a while back. With it, I made some peanut butter and banana sandwiches. It was all good. I don’t plan on making a habit of it, though.

Bread Times In Breadtown

A unicorn walks into a bar and the bartender looks up and says “Why the long face with a horn in it?”

So, the process of booking a flight seems to be done and I’ve had the hotel booked for like a month or something. I’m going back to NYC for a week starting on Halloween. I am pleased about that.


Hi, Outer Spaceman!
Have you come here to teach us?
No? Oh. Well. See ya.

In other news, for the sake of peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches I have purchased a loaf of bread. This may be the first time I’ve bought one of these in my entire adult life. It’s possible maybe back when I lived with Marq or something I bought one or two for him, but in any case I have probably never bought a loaf of bread for myself. Let’s hope the sammiches are worth breaking that streak.

More like May-No-Way-ise

Kiiip and I went out to see Paul this weekend and I shall now comment on that: I thought the movie was pretty good. It does not stand up in my head with Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, but it amused me and that’s what matters.


Suppose the bears come
and we’re all unprepared.
What will we do then?

Here’s a thing: I don’t like mayonnaise. I do love cucumber sandwiches and wraps. I don’t know how to make a cucumber sandwich without mayo. It’s a complicated problem. What else do people use to make sandwiches? Butter? No way. Mustard? I do like mustard, but I don’t think it’d work with cucumber. Just the act of putting the mayo on the bread (or tortilla usually) is unappealing to me and I always end up with bits of it on my fingers. Usually if I get food on my fingers while preparing it, I can like it off, but with mayo it is just annoying.

Why am I ranting about mayonnaise? Because I ate a cucumber wrap while writing this, that’s why. Now the Internet knows.

The Almost Groceries

What could possibly be more important than updating the status of the groceries that I bought last week? Probably plenty. But I’m still going to do it. After one week of those groceries I bought last week, this is what I had left:

Now you know.

Now you all know.