The Most Groceries

So, for Christmas I was given a Superstore gift certificate for 100 dollars. Then I noticed that I apparently had to spend it all at once because if I did not, I did not get another certificate that made up the difference. I live directly above a Superstore, so it is nothing for me to just go down what I need at any given time. I don’t have to stock up. I typically spend about twenty bucks on a shopping trip. A hundred dollars? I’m not confident that I’ve ever bought that much at once. But then I figured, I have a web site where I keep track of all PDR-related minutia so when I buy a hundred dollars worth of groceries, I should take a picture of it all.

And That Is What I Did:

So there we go. PDR’s Most Groceries.

Now let’s see how much of it I will actually use before I begin to fear that it is going bad.

On the topic of purchasing things, I did not buy any nails last year. That may seem like an even more unimportant detail than my previous groceries, but here’s the thing: Not buying nails was my New Year’s Resolution for that year! So I did it! Hooray!

I forgot to make a resolution this year.

I guess that is all for today.

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