Bread Times In Breadtown

A unicorn walks into a bar and the bartender looks up and says “Why the long face with a horn in it?”

So, the process of booking a flight seems to be done and I’ve had the hotel booked for like a month or something. I’m going back to NYC for a week starting on Halloween. I am pleased about that.


Hi, Outer Spaceman!
Have you come here to teach us?
No? Oh. Well. See ya.

In other news, for the sake of peanut-butter-and-banana sandwiches I have purchased a loaf of bread. This may be the first time I’ve bought one of these in my entire adult life. It’s possible maybe back when I lived with Marq or something I bought one or two for him, but in any case I have probably never bought a loaf of bread for myself. Let’s hope the sammiches are worth breaking that streak.

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