Canadian Medicine Can Be Free.

Half of this Canadian Propaganda Commercial is about a child freezing to death! Canada!

This one depicts a town that has too many sick people and not enough space to save them, right? So they all work together to make a hospital that provides its services for free. That’s nice. Although this Heritage Minute has none of the extreme quotability that I love for things for, it is about one of my favorite things about Canada, the free healthcare. That’s important in a country where kids freeze to death on a regular basis.

I also like the two guys who point out that since they’re the best builders in town, they can build a hospital. Of this, I approve. These aren’t two guys saying “we can build this hospital cheaper than anyone else in town,” because that would be insane. Who would want to live in a society where hospitals, or anything for that matter, was built by the people who can do it the cheapest? But anyway, I think I’m going to try to turn “We built the best barn, so we’ll build the hospital!” into something I can work into discussions. Hey, if I can fit “Oh Sire, until the end of time” into everyday conversation on a regular basis, I can do this.

But because that quote is not yet at the forefront of our culture, I can only give this one Three out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. It’s a rare case where I actually like the thing the Heritage Minute is about more than I like the Heritage Minute itself.

May Thirtieth Comics

I’m too busy for making new comics this week, so I’ve only got the Phone Guys to fall back on, but I wasn’t willing to let that be all there was, so I invested five minutes and risked my sanity by digging up something from the Contains2 archive. I believe this used to be on a secret page, but now it is here for all to see:

And here’s that Phone Guys

Latest Computron Problem

Today my computer got a virus. It was pretty minor affair compared to the last virus attack I had to put up with. The virus cleverly tried telling me that I had viruses and that I should download something to fight them. No doubt if I had I’d be in worse shape than I am now. But I recognized that since last time I’ve been paying for the full AVG-anti-virus software and that it should be enough to take care of anything. So I ran that scan in safe mode and it took care of things.

Of course doing that took a bunch of time I’d have preferred to spend on other things. Computer viruses are stupid.

Still Here Apparently

Well, once again the apocalypse has let me down. Now I’m gonna have to pay rent and all that stuff again. Thanks for nothing, End of the World.


Unknowable frog.
You have confounded us all.
How you jump so high?

In other news, I just bought a box of Crayola crayons. Is it my imagination or do they not smell the same as they did when I was younger. I suppose the possibility exists that it has been so long since I’ve bothered to smell crayons that they have changed and I was left unaware. It is also possible that my own body reacts differently to smells than it used to. It is sad that I can’t tell if crayons have changed or if my memory is imperfect or what. Stupid reality being essentially unknowable.

I have noted in the past that my blood seemed to taste better than it does now. The smell of crayons and the taste of my own blood. Is nothing from my childhood sacred?