Still Here Apparently

Well, once again the apocalypse has let me down. Now I’m gonna have to pay rent and all that stuff again. Thanks for nothing, End of the World.


Unknowable frog.
You have confounded us all.
How you jump so high?

In other news, I just bought a box of Crayola crayons. Is it my imagination or do they not smell the same as they did when I was younger. I suppose the possibility exists that it has been so long since I’ve bothered to smell crayons that they have changed and I was left unaware. It is also possible that my own body reacts differently to smells than it used to. It is sad that I can’t tell if crayons have changed or if my memory is imperfect or what. Stupid reality being essentially unknowable.

I have noted in the past that my blood seemed to taste better than it does now. The smell of crayons and the taste of my own blood. Is nothing from my childhood sacred?

  1. Maybe the world did end and now you are in a ghost world where crayons smell different and your blood has a different taste.

  2. Padme smelled like crayons. That’s been closer to now than childhood was. Although, now that I think about it, Padme was probably in a box of crayons that were produced at some point during our childhood, so my argument is nullified.

  3. A) I refuse to believe that this is a cool post-apocalypse ghost-times world because I am confident that would be way awesomer. Plus, I noted the blood discrepancy a few years back now.

    B) That Padme with the crayon smell was still quite a long time ago when you think about it.

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