Who is Matthew C. Kriner?

Okay, so I was just clearing the spam away from my site here and I noticed two comments in a row with the same name. I hesitated just for a second because I thought it might be a real person, but it was just more of the same “I love your site” comments with a link to some spam site about new gadgets or penis growth stuff. I deleted them.

The name was Matthew C. Kriner. Usually the posts have just random gibberish for a name, so a repeating name was interesting enough for me to Google it. There are hundreds of pages where similar comments have been made on other blogs and stuff using the same name. Why would the spammers reuse this name?

I suppose it is possible that there are many reused Spam Names and I have just never noticed, but I am going to start paying more attention, just in case there is some sort of story here.

Maybe Matthew C. Kriner is the king of Spam or something…

I forgot to go to Ecum Secum

Google tells me that the phrase “I forgot to go to Ecum Secum” did not appear on the Internet yet. Well it does now. And it is half accurate to me. I’ve never been to Ecum Secum, but I’ve never had a reason to go so I can’t really claim to have forgotten to go.

Say… Perhaps the phrase does not appear online because if someone does have a reason to go to Ecum Secum they are physically incapable of forgetting to go. Maybe this is some kind of oddity in the human mind that nobody has been brave and handsome enough to discover until I came along. In the future this knowledge could result in some sort of treatment for amnesia patients probably. Once we’ve realized why it is impossible to forget to go to Ecum Secum we’ll probably know much more about how to recover other memories. Right?

Sorry. I just like saying Ecum Secum sometimes…

The Reason Clovers are Considered Good Luck

A long time ago, in the Bronze Age, there was a Leprechaun called Leafy Higginbottom. Like most Leprechauns he was a German who immigrated to Ireland and was transformed into a magic little gnome guy by the Evil Wizard Blargh and was forced to live in a Leprechaun internment camp. Unlike most Leprechauns, Leafy had […]

TV isn’t so bad.

As I write this I am just starting to watch the first episode of the latest season of QI. And last weekend began the latest season of the Venture Brothers. All in all television is really pulling its weight right now. I am quite pleased.


Big bears bit Bob Burns.
But Bob Burns bit bears back.
Top of the food chain!

Might as well mention some other television news while I’m on the topic: The latest season of Futurama is either going on now or just ended and either way I have found it relatively weak compared to the Golden Days of Futurama. Louie C.K.’s latest show, appropriately called “Louie” has been painfully funny. I guess that’s pretty much it for shows I’m watching at the moment… But it still enough that those who say television is a wasteland are proven wrong.

A Moment In Canadian Moments.

This here is my least favorite of the Canadian Heritage Minute things. That last line is just so stilted and unnatural that it sucks any joy from me that might have been gained from Canada’s helping the world get its human rights on. I mean, I understand that they are trying to stress that John Humphrey is Canadian, but the way the lady said “Isn’t that the CANADIAN who actually wrote the declaration of human rights?” just makes me cringe. People don’t talk like that. Realistically she’d say “Say, isn’t that the guy who wrote the declaration of human rights?” specifying his nationality makes it sound like she’s impressed a Canadian can write anything at all. It’s like “Isn’t that the gorilla who can do sign language?” or “Isn’t that the bear that can ride a bicycle?”

And the best thing about these little pieces of propaganda is the lines that get stuck in your brain and you carry them with you throughout the rest of your life. That line is the only one in this Minute that fulfills that requirement and it sucks. Poor John P. Humphrey.

Anyway, for that reason this Canadian Heritage Minute gets only One out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. That is all.