I forgot to go to Ecum Secum

Google tells me that the phrase “I forgot to go to Ecum Secum” did not appear on the Internet yet. Well it does now. And it is half accurate to me. I’ve never been to Ecum Secum, but I’ve never had a reason to go so I can’t really claim to have forgotten to go.

Say… Perhaps the phrase does not appear online because if someone does have a reason to go to Ecum Secum they are physically incapable of forgetting to go. Maybe this is some kind of oddity in the human mind that nobody has been brave and handsome enough to discover until I came along. In the future this knowledge could result in some sort of treatment for amnesia patients probably. Once we’ve realized why it is impossible to forget to go to Ecum Secum we’ll probably know much more about how to recover other memories. Right?

Sorry. I just like saying Ecum Secum sometimes…

Ape Who?

I do a lot of crossword puzzles at work (it keeps the mind off of how much of my life is being wasted) and a few weeks ago I came across a puzzler. The clue was “Fictional Character in the Marvel Comics Universe.” Now this is the sort of thing I ought to know. I may not know much when it all comes down to it, but this? This is my niche. But I didn’t get it. It was three letters and the middle one was “P”. The only thing that could fit would be Ape. And while there is a character named Ape (this Morlock in a toque who, if I remember correctly was a shapeshifter) there’s no way in heck he’s making it into a crossword. Especially one made for the South Shore of Nova Scotia’s Out and About section. But last night I saw the answers. It was “Ape”. What the chunks? Honestly?

Ah well. Good for Ape, I guess. Too bad I’m pretty sure he’s dead in the comics. But c’est la vie.


It’s a big bullet.
Shot from the world’s biggest gun.
It can break your soul.

Watched the Strangers With Candy movie yesterday. I had seen some people on the Internet complaining about it, but I liked it. People on the Internet complain too much. And we’ve been watching downloads of Duckman lately too. There’s a show that deserves to be on DVD.

Reoun an rtehr. Abg bein tkin afhbk ah, tba ggmibm, atihn inuin. R aybiyn fhgahiun jghb’jo. Uhubn nhbybuanhb. But what can you do?

And that’s it for now.

Poor Wet Italian Bastards.

It is really very nice outside today. Way better here than in Italy, I bet. It’s probably raining in Italy. Those poor Italian bastards. Soaked to the bone and crying because they accidentally locked themselves out of the house.

In Nova Scotia, grocery stores are not supposed to be open on Sundays, see. But lately they’ve been going through loopholes that let smaller stores open and even more lately the bigger stores have been opening parts of their stores. I don’t know if the Superstore by me is going to be open, but if it is, I’m going to complain that the cannibalism section isn’t open. If they say they don’t have a cannibalism section, I’ll call them racist. That’s why I support Sunday shopping.

Actually, I probably won’t even check if the Superstore is open tomorrow. I’ll probably sleep instead.