A Moment In Canadian Moments.

This here is my least favorite of the Canadian Heritage Minute things. That last line is just so stilted and unnatural that it sucks any joy from me that might have been gained from Canada’s helping the world get its human rights on. I mean, I understand that they are trying to stress that John Humphrey is Canadian, but the way the lady said “Isn’t that the CANADIAN who actually wrote the declaration of human rights?” just makes me cringe. People don’t talk like that. Realistically she’d say “Say, isn’t that the guy who wrote the declaration of human rights?” specifying his nationality makes it sound like she’s impressed a Canadian can write anything at all. It’s like “Isn’t that the gorilla who can do sign language?” or “Isn’t that the bear that can ride a bicycle?”

And the best thing about these little pieces of propaganda is the lines that get stuck in your brain and you carry them with you throughout the rest of your life. That line is the only one in this Minute that fulfills that requirement and it sucks. Poor John P. Humphrey.

Anyway, for that reason this Canadian Heritage Minute gets only One out of Six Pieces of PDR’s Reviewing System Cake. That is all.

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